You’ve Got The Power!

In this week’s message, you’ll discover everyday examples for shining your powerful light in small, yet mighty ways. When you share in these “small” ways, you’ll also find that you can feel happier and more on purpose within minutes. That’s right … minutes! And you’ll get clarity about what you where you most want to invest your powerful energy.  Let’s jump in!

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You’ve Got The Power

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. I’m also the author of Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything! My mission is to create a more peaceful and loving world by showing awesome people like you how to create more happiness and purpose from the heart and soul of who you truly are. I do this through my books, programs, coaching, and messages like this one.

Welcome to messages for creating more of your version of awesome. Welcome to this week’s message You’ve Got The Power!

So, what does that means exactly; you’ve got the power? What power and what do you want to do with it? 

Let’s start with a clear definition of power because there are a lot of ways that word is used.

Power is energy; it’s the ability to move, to accomplish and to influence.

To be clear, power is not about forcing, because force uses coercion and pressure to advance one’s will. While power is about building potential and mastery.

So, like all valuable resources, how you choose to use your power matters a lot. And so does owning your power by getting present to it and using it with purpose. How you direct, cultivate and use your energy, or your ability to move and influence will determine what you create, and how you experience life. The way you use your power determines how you feel, what you attract and expand in your daily life experiences, and how you show up for yourself and those you care about.

This also means that we get to choose, as individuals, if we want to use our power to be people of positive influence, or if we want to create more suffering and pain in the world. This applies to how we direct our energy toward ourselves and others, and we get to choose moment-by-precious -moment.

If you choose to use your power for a positive influence you will contribute to the world around you in a much bigger way than you might imagine.

For example, you have the power to uplift someone who’s struggling by sharing an encouraging word or a sincere compliment. You can use your power in a positive way by acknowledging an act of kindness.

You even have the power to spread happiness and enthusiasm.

You have the power to transform problems into empowering solutions by shifting your perspective or asking better questions. You have the power to turn challenges into life-altering wisdom. Your words and how you respond can create lasting value for yourself and those you are playing with in the sandbox of time and space!

You have the power to believe in your heartfelt dreams and desires and you also have the power to dismiss them. You get to choose, moment-by-precious-moment how you will direct your power.

You have the ability to build hope when you or someone you love is feeling down. And you can shine the light of kindness into lives that are filled with indifference.

You can model a better way-of-being by how you show up.

You have the power to stand for something heartwarming and noble.

You have the power to be at your best, to feel fulfilled and successful on your own terms.

You even have the power to understand someone when they feel that no one else gets them. And you can even use your power to turn complaints into fulfilling possibilities.

You have the power to be a person of positive influence!

You can use your power to make a constructive difference for yourself and in your community today. Start where you are, big or small, you can make a positive difference as soon as you decide to use the power of your words and intentions … in a way that inspires and empowers you, yourself and others!

There are things you know you can do. There are things you truly want to do. So, choose today, to feed a positive purpose. Do this, and you will feel more alive, you’ll feel happier and more successful than you might imagine possible.

Why? Because you are being YOU because you are shining your light in a way that truly fulfills you!

So, today, I invite you to use your power in a way that lights you up and spreads your beautiful light into the world.

Here’s an exercise you can do right after watching this video to get super-clear about how you want to share your power.

Here’s how it works. Take out a notebook or journal and set a timer for four minutes. Keep writing without censoring anything. You are allowing your higher guidance to inspire you with positive possibilities. So, let them flow. In the step that follows, you’ll choose what you want to embrace today and in the week or weeks ahead to make a difference in your own unique way.

1. How do I want to share my power today? Asked another way, what can I do to be a person of positive influence?

You can use any or all of the examples I shared with you to get you started. Again, write as quickly as you can, without censoring anything. Keep writing until your four-minute timer rings. And if you feel like you want to keep going, of course, do so. Have fun!

2. Which of these ways-of-being have the most energy around them for me personally?

Select those that you truly want to share.

Now you are being a person of positive influence in a way that truly matters to you! You are sharing your power in a positive way.

Have fun as you shine your light in the week ahead. And, of course, feel free to share what’s opening up for you by clicking on the send message button on my website.

If you’ve discovered something powerful here, share this message with others!

Thanks for connecting and I’ll see you next week!

Much Love, 


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