Your Higher Purpose

A Conversation with Your Higher Self

Your Answers To:  What is my purpose? What am I here to learn?  How can I make my life easier?  

Your Life Purpose[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou are an eternal explorer and a powerful creator. So you are naturally wired to expand, create, and grow as you play in the sanbox of time and space.

Every experience is an opportunity to learn more about who you truly are. Every experience has within it a precious gift!
And as your awareness of the eternal part of you expands, you’re able to claim more of these powerful gifts that you’re here to express in this lifetime!

It’s only natural that we reach important intersections or turning points in our lives, as we grow. These intersections are great opportunities to evaluate where we’ve been, and what we want to explore and create next… free from the limitations of the past, so we can be fully Self-expressed as we venture forth on our journey!

This a perfectly natural part of the cycle of our growth and development, and is absolutely inevitable, given who we are, as eternal creators!

So you are not broken, you are evolving! There’s nothing that needs to be fixed about You, even if you sometimes hear the voice of the inner critic, telling you otherwise! In fact “fixing yourself” can lead you down a path of endless frustration, because from that perspective, you will always find something to fix! There’s a far more empowering way to grow and expand, and it starts with getting in touch with who you really are!

If you’re feeling a whisper of discontent, or desire greater clarity, peace or playfulness in your life, perfect! You’re ready to expand in new ways, congratulations!

In your Soul Purpose phone session, I connect with your Higher Self, so you can see what is pertinent to your growth and development now.  From this vantage point, I help you see opportunities for expansion, and the steps you may want to explore to release areas of struggle, old habits and to let go of the inner critic!  Circumstances that may appear limiting now, will make sense inside this expanded vantage point. And you’ll see what’s needed, so you can move powerfully forward!

You’ll see your current life lessons from an expanded perspective, and connect with the deep desires you really want to explore next! I will guide you, so you can begin to see the vastness and beauty of who you truly are.

You will emerge with a deep clarity of purpose!

Follow Your Inner CompassThis simple, yet powerful purpose becomes your True North, guiding you, like a faithful compass in your daily life …. so you’re able to choose powerfully, from the vantage point of your Higher truth, what really matters to you , rather than the old inherited programs, “have tos” or “shoulds”.

This is your invitation to YOU, and a greater sense of confidence, joy and wellbeing in your daily life!

The 2 -Hour Soul Purpose Session $325

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I look forward to working with you!

Walk in Beauty,


Elari Onawa

Be sure to add me to your Safe Sender’s list so you get my emails about your session. And if you have any questions, just let me know! You can Contact Me Here or call me at (757.373.1408)!  

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