You Have Been Elected President of Awesome

Presidential election impactThe results of the presidential election are in, and no matter the outcome, here are a few very important things we know for sure.

– You are still YOU! Thank goodness for that, right?

The earth is still revolving around the sun at a speed of about 18.5 miles per second. This too is a good thing!

– There’s never been a better time to stand up and celebrate your ability to create whatever you want to experience in life. Well, this is actually true every day, but I thought it was worth mentioning again and …

You are incredibly, indelibly awesome! This is true, in fact you’ve been elected President of Awesomeness by none other than your soul. I’m just here to point that out.

There’s a reason why you chose to come into this physical experience, and it wasn’t because you wanted to elect the “right person for president”. Sure, it’s important to exercise your right to vote, but here’s something even more important to be present to each and every day.

You get to choose what you stand for, and you get to choose what you want to create and experience in this wonderful life of yours, and this is true no matter who’s in the White House!

When we look at the process of electing a leader in the U.S., it’s worth remembering that everyone brings his or her own level of awareness to the process. This includes the candidates, those who comment or report on the candidates, those who consult with the candidates, those behind the scenes trying desperately to control the candidates … as well as those who cast their votes or choose not to. So, as much as we like to think the election is about the candidates and “who wins” the election process is not really about that. We each individually experience the election, or anything for that matter, through the filters, beliefs, and stories we bring to the experience. This is where we create!

overcoming fear, freedom from fear, confidence, life coach, believe in yourselfDo we stand in Truth and respect each individual’s right to choose, according to her or his own beliefs … or do we instead blame, coax, fear, or make wrong?

At the most fundamental of all levels, we each have the ability to choose, each and every day, how we will direct our attention, and what we will stand for. We can choose understanding, appreciation and possibility, just as easily as we can choose confusion, blame and fear. As with the “world news” — how you feel and what you’re able to create for yourself — depends upon the channel you tune into. Your life experiences depend upon the platform from which you lead.

The candidates and even the process is not the path to your wellbeing — you are!

I understand that this might be hard to hear right now, but where you find happiness, empowerment, possibility, enthusiasm, love —  it’s all within you, regardless of outside conditions. And that is truly awesome. It means you have the power! You get to choose how your life unfolds! You get to choose how you feel!

Choose to be president of your own awesomeness. Allow yourself to celebrate the contributions everyone, and I do mean everyone, has brought to your life. And cultivate how you want to feel, and who you want to be, without thinking someone else is responsible for how you feel, or what you are capable of  creating! No one can do that for you, but you! This is true for me too, even when I sometimes want to forget that!

Where other people stand, doesn’t have to effect you, and the Truth is no one in the White House can do what so many people want them to do for them, and that is — create their reality. Thankfully that is for each individual to choose, to claim and to own.

This is my invitation to you, regardless of where you lean politically, to move beyond your current vantage-point, so you can truly appreciate what it is that you want to create for yourself and your life.

Choose to be president of awesome, find it wherever you are, and there won’t be anything you can’t be, do or create!

All is well!

Much Love,


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