Yes, Shift Happens!

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As I’m getting ready for Shift Happens  in August,  I’m celebrating some of the things I absolutely love about the programs I do with my partner Alex. That is the special place we get to create, it is a place of ease and grace that allows everyone who gathers, to come out of their daily routines for a while, so they be nurtured on every level. It’s like Soul Food!

It is in these powerful places, where we can ponder, grow and then embrace life anew. And what’s available in doing that?

It is from this clear and open space, that we get to step into true power and possibility!

When we look within and also gather with others in a powerful way, we get to see who we really are, and that makes all the difference!

What a ride!

–> If you’d like to find out more about Shift Happens, check it out here: soldout

In the meantime, what is something you’d really like to shift or expand quickly and easily?

Can you let yourself play with the possibility that when you step into a special place of ease and grace … that everything and anything could shift in an ultra-awesome way?

To the Magic of Ease & Grace!


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