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Without Limits:

A Very Special Automatic Writing Series for Experienced Automatic Writers!

Monday Evenings August 11th, 18th, 25th & Sept. 8th 2014 (7 PM to 9 PM)

The following recordings are made available for your personal use. Sessions in this series are recorded f someone is not able to attend.  There may also be additional resources added here from time to time, so you may want to bookmark (make a favorite) this page, so you can return to it easily.

You are in Divine Mind and it is within you! And so the answers you seek are available to you when you silence your mind, and listen with an open heart. As you quiet your mind, and detach from expectations about how the answers will appear, or what the answer may look like… you will see that there is an entire Universe within you… waiting to be revealed! The answers you receive from Automatic (Sacred) Writing do not come from thought or former knowledge. They are given to you.

Breathe deeply and smile as you relax completely. Clear your mind, clear your field, clear your body. See that what you receive is for your highest benefit, and for the highest benefit of all concerned, and so it shall be.


Elari & Alex

Session II: Monday August 18th

Welcome and What was Learned from Your Practice

Length: 31:08

Meditation, preparing “The Space”


Length: 11:33

Experiences from First Automatic Writing Exercise

Length: 36:37

Practice and Closing

Length: 18:04

~ Powerful Questions to Ponder in Automatic Writing ~ 

Important Note: Please Read

The best way to use these question is to see that they are part of a theme, or area of interest that could have a beautiful impact on your life, if understood and applied. The series of questions are designed to help you go deeper into the topic, as if you are having a powerful conversation with a trusted adviser. So  read the first question in the series, then pause. Allow the answer to come and write what you receive. Then when the answer feels complete, read the next question within the same topic. Again step out of the question and into the answer.

Write what comes to you without evaluating the answers you are given. I recommend reviewing the answers, only after you’ve gone through all of the questions in a particular topic. To get the most out of the answer, consider the answers slowly and with consideration. Think about how the answers can help you in your life. What difference would you see if you were to integrate what you’ve learned? What might that look like?

As you read through the answers, you may have other questions related to that particular topic. write them down and come back to those questions after you’ve had an opportunity to be with the answers you’ve already received. If you think about it, you could devote an entire lifetime to fully understanding any one of these questions, let alone the entire topic. So this is not about racing through the topic areas of questions, but following what calls to you, and making good use of it … so it has the impact your guides and You truly desire!

Above all, have fun!

Brain Usage

What percentage of my brain am I currently using?
What would be possible if I were able to increase that by ____ %.
If I wanted to increase my brain usage, how could I best do that?
When will the next leap in human evolution occur as it relates to brain usage?
What will be the impact? What skills and abilities will these future humans have that we currently don’t have access to?

Fairy Realm

Tell me about sprites and fairies. What is their purpose? How do they interact with people? If I were to ask for a deeper relationship with a fairy and/or a spirite, what would be in my best interest? Is their someone I’ve worked with before or someone I haven’t met before who would like to play with me in this lifetime?


What will the world be like 200 years from now? How will the economies shift? What new advancements will evolve? In what ways will human consciousness expand? What accomplishments will have taken place ?


Why did I choose my current gender for this lifetime? How has that impacted my way of seeing myself? life? What would be helpful for me to understand about gender differences?

Inter-Dimensional Exploration

What dimensions are available? How is our dimension connected to the other dimensions? Tell me about the dimension I am living in now. What other dimensions have I experienced as a soul?
Life on Other Planets

Is there life on other planets, and if so tell me about a planet that is similar to earth. How is it the same? How is is different? Tell me about life on another planet that is very different from earth. What lifeforms exist there? How do they communicate? Are they aware of our presence and if so how? Have I had lifetimes on other planets? If so, tell me about one that would assist me in this lifetime.

The Best Philosophy for Living My Most Fulfilling Life

Which philosophy is best suited for my most fulfilling life? What are the core concepts that would be most useful for me ? How can I best integrate these core teaching into my life so they make a difference for me now? What could open up for me after applying these core teachings for 1 year? 3 years 10 years? What do I need to release in order to embrace these core teachings ?

The Truth About Time

What exactly is time? What is its purpose? How does my current concept of time impact my experience of life? What current understanding, if shifted, would improve my relationship with time? How will people perceive time 100 years from now on this planet, and how will that impact their life?

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