Why do we forget?

I get this question a lot, especially around the end of January.  This question —why do I forget or lose sight of my goals  — usually comes when awareness of the desired resolution, goal or habit change disappears. So, I thought I’d share a powerful perspective about it.

For this answer to be of the most benefit for you, I’m going to answer, not from a physically-oriented perspective, because that only points to the effect. I’m going to give you something far more powerful, an answer from the first cause.

We are spiritual beings first and foremost, which means that everything begins in our consciousness, in our awareness. As spiritual beings in human form, we sometimes identify so much with our physical manifestations that we forget, who we truly are at our core. We also sometimes forget where creating really happens! This impacts us in many other ways than forgetting goals.  As a side note, worry, fear, disappointment, among others,  are also related to forgetting “who we truly are”.

In the case, of remembering or forgetting something new or wanted, it’s important to understand that your brain is not a filing cabinet. It is a powerful transmitter and receiver. The mind is not localized physically in the way that most people believe it to be.

This means that what we remember is often tied to the routines, practices and the systems we use or don’t use to build awareness of a new desire, rather than through conscious intention

We can certainly create reminders in our environment that will help us remember, like post-it notes, for example. But, remembering goes deeper than that. As I mentioned in the recent webinar training Living Your Purpose And Joy, if we want ease in creating what truly matters on a consistent basis, we have to start by seeing ourselves for who we truly are, and then build from there. Otherwise, we’ll be working around the unwanted condition from the perspective that actually created it, in the first place!

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking (consciousness/awareness ) that created them” – Albert Einstein

To remember and to consistently create well, you must have a feel-good system and the skills that enable you to create from the power that is within you! This power allows you to rise above what is, so you don’t have to get stuck in anything you don’t want to experience.

And it is not about trying harder, working more or willpower either. Also, forgetting is not a character flaw, or caused by aging, unless, of course, you believe that’s true!

So, if you tend to make yourself wrong when at first you don’t succeed, or think you just have to try harder, please give yourself a get-out-of-jail free card.

Love yourself and start expanding how you are seeing yourself, that is where your power is!  You are far more than what you can see with your physical eyes.

You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness, your security, or your peace-of-mind to have more of what you truly want!

Anything IS possible when you come from who you truly are!

You are powerful!

Much Love,


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