The Art & Gift of Whole Body Listening

If you feel drawn to a deeper awareness of life, and a greater understanding of your place within the sandbox of time and space,  you’re in the right place …  and it’s time to listen with your whole body.

Listening is not limited to the ears alone. We have multidimensional senses that include feeling, intuitive sensing, instinctual physical communiques …  multidimensional messages … and direct consciousness. All of these gifts work together to support our natural evolution and joyful growth. 

Yet we often think that the ears are the sole source of support, and this in turn, limits our ability to receive with the full spectrum of awareness available to us! Listen to find out more and to experience and embody Whole Body Listening.  Please note there is a meditation within this recording, so you’ll want to be in a quiet comfortable location, where you are able to close your eyes and be in a meditative state.


RUNTIME: 11 Minutes 51 Seconds

Your friend and partner in divine discoveries, 


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