When I Met My Spirit Guide

BulletOrangeA Life-Changing Night BulletOrange

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you, but when I met my Spirit Guide, it was life-changing for me, on so many levels. Many years ago I was shocked, and I mean that in more ways than one, when I was jolted out of a sound sleep. I was sitting there in my bed, wondering what had just happened. A surge of energy, that felt like electricity, was surging through my entire body. And I knew, as I was getting present to the surroundings in my bedroom, that someone had just touched me on my neck. And no one else was in the house with me, so what just happened? I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just received my wake up call.

As I looked up, I saw a Native American man in dress, from many ages ago. And I could see him, just like I can look around my office and see my computer, or the cup of coffee sitting in front of me. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t fathom from where.

Yet despite all of that, my logical mind wanted to dismiss this experience. I heard myself telling him; “you’re not real”. He smiled and replied, “yes, I am”. As my logical mind considered this, I closed my eyes; laid back down, and replied; “if you’re real, then prove it.” I had the distinct impression that he was smiling at me, as I drifted back to sleep.

Now I may have never thought about that experience again, except something unexplainable happened when I woke up the next morning. The first thing I saw, sitting on my left shoulder, was a feather. And after searching for a logical explanation, I realized … there wasn’t one.

A miracle had just happened, something I could not explain.

BulletBlue2What I Learned BulletBlue2

I have learned and witnessed, so much since that night, far too much to go into in a single post. I did learn that I am Onawa, which you guessed it, is the reason I changed my name, although that was to happen years later. Most people don’t do that, and I’m not suggesting that you do. But for me, the experience has been so profound since that night, that I took on my soul name, as a statement to my commitment to its ideal, Onawa; meaning wide awake.

What this has meant for me, is access to a broader, deeper way of looking at life, and a level of faith, and support that nourishes me, and brings so much grace and ease into my daily experiences. Yes, I am challenged at times, but my life is now a reflection of what I truly value. The old way of thinking, the trap of missing the richness, and beauty of life through “false busyness”, that is a thing of the past for me. And I know, without any doubt, that life is so much more, than what we can see with our physical eyes.

I have a sense of well-being and support, that is always present for me, even when things appear not to be “working” on the physical side of life. Because I now has access to the deeper “whys”. So the standards of success I once used, to assess my worthiness, are gone. I smile at what once caused me pain. And there is freedom from the illusion of “have to’s” and “should’s”.

Each of us is on a unique path, yet we also share similar experiences, as powerful spiritual beings in human clothes.

I invite you to discover what is True for You.

If you’d like to learn more about the beauty of who you are, and the deeper purpose of your life, then I invite you to celebrate with us near the ocean. We’ll be staying together in a beautiful home, and all your food, lodging and program is covered in your registration.

Aligning With Your Highest PotentialYou can find out more here  about the Retreat.

There’s a lot of excitement building with the group that has already registered for “The Meet Your Spirit Guides Retreat” in Virginia Beach,  and we’ve also received questions from a few of you. So  my partner Alex and I will be hosting a call to answer questions, and share more about the possibilities that open up for you … when you create a powerful connection with your Spirit Guides.

We’ll be on the phone Tuesday, April 1, 2014  from 8:30-9:30 PM to share these exciting possibilities with you, and to answer your questions!

DIAL IN  Tuesday, 4/1  at 8:30 PM: 1-267-507-0240

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You’ll be so glad you did!

Much Love,


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