What is the Way of The Tree?

The Sacred TreeDeeply rooted in the soil of  Mother Earth the Sacred Tree draws it’s nourishment from the minerals and the moisture that is beneath the surface. So too do men and women feed the spirit, from “what is beneath the surface”. This has been lost in your  (mankind’s) quest for  perfection. For many in this time, there is a need to prove oneself , as if you are not already enough!  This creates much strife in your people, in your societies.

This need for always wanting more, rather than appreciating what you already have, keeps you in a perpetual state of longing. Never satisfied, you live in a world that feels like there is something missing.

 Yet when you pause to see, you realize there is actually nothing missing. You have all that you need right here, right now.

What is needed is a radical shift in how you see the world.  When one lets go of seeing the world through the eyes of what is wrong, you are able to see what is truly there. And in this vision quest, you find the gifts of life, rather than the fixing of it.

Consider for a moment, all of the things in your life that you take for granted. Yet if they were to disappear, you would find yourself quite uncomfortable.  Most who read this message,  live in climate controlled dwellings, and have plenty of food to eat, and clean water to drink. And although many in this time of “busyness” live from the illusion that they don’t have enough time, you actually have far more freedom than your ancestors.  You do not need to go hunt and kill your food. You buy it from the market and in restaurants. Your garbage is collected, water flows into your homes. Simple conveniences go unnoticed and unappreciated for the most part in your culture of always striving for more.

 So it is not the actual “lack of  time” that creates stress and unrest. But rather, the  perception, that requires adjustment. When you live from a place of plenty of time, money or space, for example, you live in peace and well-being, knowing  that all is truly well.

 For it is!

This is the way of The Tree, to be connected with the grace and beauty, the sacred in the everyday!  When one is far from their true nature, which is indeed perfection, it is then … that they suffer feeling disconnected, longing for something more.

So you ask what you might share and I tell you this. If one wants to shift anything in  their life, they must first believe in their ability to do so. Which is why of course, you Elari  are writing the book. That my friend is the foundation for all. And so I say to you,  and all you read this message, to begin with that. (Elari: This is a reference to the book I am writing about the Power of Belief. I’ll share more about that soon!)

So ask yourself this and give yourself a moment to consider and choose you answer! 

What do you want to believe about yourself and your life today?

Shall you choose to come from a place of plenty, or one that is lacking?

Will you choose to live seeing the gifts of life or what needs to be fixed?

Where you come from is where you will end up!


Yours in ease and grace!

The Wisdom Tree

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