What Fear Means and What to Do About It

overcoming fear, freedom from fear, confidence, life coach, believe in yourselfWe’ve all felt fear at one point or another…not because we’re weak…but because it serves a powerful purpose.

As with all emotions, it can be a powerful advisor. But if we don’t understand what it’s telling us, we’ll either fight it or flee from it. Either way, we’ll be stuck with it.

So what is fear?

Fundamentally, it’s a built-in alert system, telling us to pause, take a deep breath, and consider what we’re creating through our current vantage point. Unless we’re on safari, chances are we’re not being chased by a tiger. We’re scaring ourselves!

Almost every time you feel fear, it’s because you’re entertaining a belief that’s disempowering you. Awesome, now you’re awake! The fear reminds you, hey you’ve forgotten who you truly are, a powerful creator. Wake up, snap out of it! Have fun, go play!

Fear also reminds us to use our powerful skills of believing — to embrace our awesomeness! You can take a deep breath, smile and clear your mind! Get centered. Then ask yourself; what do I really want to create here? Let it settle in. When you’ve got something that feels uplifting and light, love/believe that into existence!

So, what do you do when it doesn’t feel this simple?

If you’ve been wrestling with fear or doubt for a while, see what it’s really costing you. Until you see the true impact, you’re unlikely to move beyond what’s keeping you stuck.  Ask yourself how long you want to stay there, or if you’re ready to move to the next level of your desired life experiences.  If so, it may be time to enlist the help of a powerful coach, who like me, works at the ontological level, the level of first cause, the level of consciousness. Find someone who will teach you along the way too. In this way you have the tools you need to create what you want, as you continue to grow and evolve.

And guess what? We’re all wired to grow and evolve, no matter what level of awareness we’ve reached. Even the masters continue to evolve. We are after all, Eternal Beings.

youareawesomeLearning how to transform or create powerfully is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself!

How do we transform unwanted habits and create powerfully?

We can begin by understanding the need to go beyond the conceptual level, the level of knowing about something. This is where I find most people stop because this is where the majority of our educational systems have taught us to hang out. We’re comfortable there, and actually think we’re learning, not realizing we’ve only embraced step one.  Knowing about something doesn’t give us the depth needed, nor the desire and motivation for everyday application. Yet, when we actually learn how to integrate what we learn into our everyday way-of-being — we thrive, we grow! This is where the help of a transformational coach or program leader is priceless.

As you observe fear or any emotional response, remember to stand by your commitment to believe in yourself. When you do, you’re declaring yes to the freedom and experiences you most want to enjoy! You’re saying yes to loving yourself, your life, and your heartfelt dreams and desires without limits or conditions. Yay!

Let the magic happen!

Much Love,


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