What Calls You Forth?


I just experienced an epic road trip with my beloved partner Alex. We traveled through more than ten states from Virginia to Arkansas to the upper Midwest and back, taking different routes, allowing ourselves to be fully in the moment!  As we traveled, we explored new places, visited friends and family, sampled local fare, did some speaking (of course), and immersed ourselves in all of it! And as we did, we couldn’t help but notice that we were surrounded by art of every kind, from the Mediterranean tile-work and fountains at Unity Village, to the Andy Warhol and Jamie Wyeth exhibits at the Museum of American Art in Arkansas. I saw beautiful parks, streams, mountains,  and inspiring graffiti on my morning walks. We marveled at masterful glass-work, metal sculptures, woodwork and handmade guitars in Tamarack West Virginia. I also sampled essential oils, soaps, herbs, whimsical drawings, lotion candles, and a reenactment of a Medieval joust at a Renaissance Festival in Missouri.

We experienced culinary delights in every region, from Brother Sebastian’s monastic-inspired steakhouse in Omaha Nebraska, to Vinny Vanucchi’s old-world Italian in Galena, Illinois, and let’s not forget Penny’s Diner in the Allegheny Mountains of Virginia. The art of Mother Earth and Father Sky shined forth in the wide-open spaces and rolling hills of Iowa, and the surprising tribute to the authors, poets and playwrights at a rest stop near the Iowa Writers Workshop, a graduate-level creative writing program at the University of Iowa that has spawned over 40 Pulitzers in the last seventy years. Art is everywhere, as is our desire to be fully and freely self-expressed.

We are born to create! It shows up everywhere, in our homes, in the food we eat, in what we plant,  what we say, and in what we build. It’s everywhere… this desire for fuller, freer Soul-Expression!!

As I visited friends and relatives, I couldn’t help but notice how we use our living spaces as canvases too.  You express something unique and beautiful about yourself in how you choose to create your living space. It is your “home”, after all.  So it is in this area that you can discover a lot about how you currently see yourself and the world.

And it is in the moments, when we take ourselves out of our everyday routines, that we become more aware of the habits we settle into. When we change things up and explore new places, we have an opportunity to see from a very different perspective…as we travel and then come back home again.

Imagine you are seeing your living space with new eyes. As you look around you, what do you see? What does your living space tell you about what you currently value? What works for you…what doesn’t? And as you explore new spaces, what calls you forth? What do you want to create next.? What are you ready to release?   

I invite you to explore what is calling you forth… to see something about yourself and what you desire through the eyes of the powerful adventurer you truly are!


  • I am a powerful spiritual being playing in the sandbox of time and space!
  • I allow myself to see what is calling me forth; I  know what lights me up!
  • I say yes to my heartfelt dreams and desires, and I free my soul!
  • Life is good!

Enjoy your journey! 


P.S. If you’re being called to a greater sense of fulfillment and soul adventure, I invite you to join me for “Just Believe: Claim Your Awesomeness!” If you haven’t already registered, it will take your level of personal fulfillment, and creative mastery, to a whole new level! Beautiful, simple and powerful! Missed this? Sign up to get news about upcoming events here!

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