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I see something very interesting in the work I do. Often in life experience, something happens that you don’t like, and instead of believing what-you-really-want into existence,  or seeing all that is going well, you start focusing more, and more on the annoying, unwanted stuff. Have you ever had that experience? It goes something like this.

Let’s say that you’re longing for an expansive, heart-warming relationship, or more money, or more fulfillment. You may start to imagine what it would be like, and you start to feel excited and hopeful. And then you notice it’s not here yet! Then what comes … is one of those “going down the rabbit hole” moments! You start to ask, why isn’t it here yet?  It should be here by now. If it was meant to be, it’d be here by now! And from this line of thinking, what often comes next is; I must be doing something wrong. What am I doing wrong? Oh-oh, and from there what must come to you… is evidence of what you are doing “wrong”.  Ask, and it is given.

Here’s another interesting scenario. Many experiences are flowing really well for you. You’re enjoying an easy flow of well-being, life is really, really good! Then you notice something you don’t like. This can happen a lot if you watch the nightly “news”.  But, let’s just say that you experience discomfort, maybe pain or a kink in your neck or someone says something to you that you don’t like. In the scheme of things, these are small occurrences.  Yet they become bigger if we continue to focus on them, complain about them and tell a story about them. And the more pronounced these annoying occurrences become, the more we’ll notice what’s wrong, and the more of the “icky stuff” we attract. Again, what you focus upon, expands in your experience.

So here is one of many easy-breezy solutions!

Step 1: Let go of the concept of what’s right or wrong. That just brings all kinds of baggage, you don’t need.  Instead, try on what do I really want to experience? What do I really, truly want to experience? 

Step 2: Embrace that! Let yourself go there… have FUN with that! And by all means, focus on all of the wonderful aspects of your life that are going well! Allow yourself to see everything that you’ve mastered, all of the amazing experiences you’ve enjoyed, the beauty that’s all around you.

When we turn toward all that is well and thriving, and there is an infinite supply of that everywhere present…the Universe must deliver more beauty, more well-being and more feelings of  Love and Divine Perfection!

What do you really want to experience? Embrace that! Allow it to come…

walk in beauty, 



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