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How To Be Confident & Unstoppable

For Bigger, More Fulfilling Results

Can You Relate To This?    

 Do you have a strong desire to create something new or special in your life, but you feel that something is holding you back?

life purpose

Maybe you’ve had some stops and starts or taken a big leap and invested a lot of time and money in online programs or seminars, but you didn’t get the results you really wanted. Now, you’re left wondering if your dream is “meant to be” or whether or not you’re on the “right path”.

You want to reach your potential, get the most out of life and show up consistently in a powerful way in the areas of your life that matter to you.

and/or …

life purpose You’re Ready For Greater Self-Confidence That’s Built on Your True Power and Core Truths And You Want to Discover Some Really Amazing Things About Yourself too!

Don’t give up on your heartfelt dreams and desires! You have them for a reason, and they are telling something really important.

Instead, get the essential skills and support needed, so you can have what you want in a fun and powerful way, and in the process, become who you are meant to be!

BrianYour ability to see what really matters to you, and to live from that understanding in confidence, is what brings out the best in you. It’s the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Elari shows you how to unlock your true potential.

-BRIAN TRACY, Author The Way to Wealth Solana Beach, CA

 Bigger Confidence … Better Results

The Unstoppable Confidence 5-week Group Coaching Program

For Bigger, More Fulfilling Results

At the end of this 5-week program, you will feel confident and unshakable in your ability to more gracefully align with your desired life experiences. You’ll feel clear and have a level of certainty and faith in yourself that makes you unstoppable.

What would unshakable confidence do for you?

What would change for you that’s not possible right now?

This program is about you showing up as the unstoppable confident YOU.

This is so important to master because until we have True Inner Confidence, we’ll continue to deal with all the things that stop or slow us down from having what we really want in life (in the fulfilling way we want them). This is true for everyone and confidence is an essential life skill if you want bigger, more fulfilling life experiences and want to reach more of your potential.

Ultimate experiences, love, success, and fulfillment in whatever way you define them …  do not come from collecting more information, trying harder, or using a one-size-fits-all formula.

These resources may give you some good insights, but they rarely lead to lasting transformation.

Getting bigger, more satisfying results is about:

      • Getting Clear
      • Owning who you are
      • Having the right type of support and …
      • Showing up as the awesome, confident YOU even when you’re entering new territory.

    With the right training and tools, you can be unstoppable, regardless of current conditions, the past, or other people’s opinions. Imagine the freedom in that!

That’s what makes the difference and that’s why I’ve created this powerful 5-week coaching and training program
. I’ve seen too many people wasting their time, money and energy on things that are not going to get them where they want to go. After 15 years as a life coach and author, I can tell you with complete confidence that this program works!

At the End of This Highly-Supportive 5-week Group Coaching Program, You Will:

Believe in yourselfBe Showing up with Greater Vitality, Enthusiasm, and Confidence Regardless of Outside Conditions or Other People’s Opinions

Believe in yourselfKnow How to Make Powerful Choices That Are Aligned With Your True North/Your Ultimate Desired Life Experiences so …

Believe in yourselfYou Have Complete Trust in Your Direction and Decisions.

Believe in yourselfYou’ll No Longer Be Stopped by Self-doubt, Second-guessing, and Analysis-paralysis. Instead …

Believe in yourselfYou’ll Be Confidently Moving Forward in A Direction and In A Way That Feels Amazing To YOU!

What would that do for you?

You have to start with YOU in order to feel powerful and unshakable. And this program shows you exactly how to do that!

Diana Tressler“Today I experienced a delightful unraveling  of an old clump of stuck, limiting energy that was causing self-sabotage. I reclaimed my freedom and inner power!  I felt so supported too. Elari, thank you for the work you do! ”

– DIANA T. Virginia Beach, VA

Thank You“If you want to have a bigger impact, feel truly confident and get more from life,  here’s your resource. Say yes; you’ll be glad you did!”

– CHERYL BLOSSOM, Director The Institute for Inspired Living, Author of 7 Days to a New You: Transform Your Life with Meditation and Visualization, Reno, NV

karen_speights_webI see that possibilities are unlimited. I loved the support, and am so clear now. I really appreciated the shared experiences too! This was such a powerful program and I would recommend it to anyone!”

– KAREN SPEIGHTS Virginia Beach, VA

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been teaching and coaching Self-Discovery, Self-Empowerment, and Life On Purpose programs since 2003.  I’m also the author of Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything, over 135 programs, eBooks and 1,352 blog posts and articles and counting. I help people live from their higher potential and create what they really want in life in a soul-nourishing way.

I created this program because  I wanted to bring the benefits of working with a seasoned master coach to a group of people, and still preserve the powerful aspects of personal support, that makes transformation possible!  I’ve seen so many people benefit from coaching. It produces better results and faster than any other method of personal development. That’s why I use the tools I do.

Unstoppable Confidence: A 5-week Group Coaching Program

For Bigger, More Fulfilling Results

Here’s How This Works & What You Get With This Highly-Supportive Program …  5 High-Impact Group Coaching And Training Sessions We’ll meet via teleconference live for five weekly 2-hour Sessions. In these powerful sessions, you’ll learn how to be confident and unstoppable regardless of outside conditions or other people’s opinions. Confidence is a skill and a way-of-being that you can learn. You’ll also discover some really amazing things about yourself as we move through each group coaching session.  And because we are meeting on a live call, you can get your questions answered on the spot. Calls will be recorded in the event you can’t make one of the sessions. (Value $1,175)Your Weekly Guidebooks. Each of the 5 Group Coaching Sessions comes with a Transformative Guidebook you’ll download prior to each call.  You’ll be experiencing some amazing breakthroughs in these 5-weekly coaching sessions, and these powerful Guides support that process. Also, the Call Recordings and Resources can be downloaded to become part of your personal library that you can use long after you’ve completed this program.  (Value: $179)1 60-minute Private Coaching Session. You’ll get a high-impact 1:1 personal coaching session with me when you join this program.  This hardly ever happens in a group coaching offering. But I’m adding this because this level of support is what makes the difference in you getting the results you want and need. So, in your private session, we’ll assess where you are and what’s needed for you to confidently line up with bigger, better results in a consistent, feel-good wayAnd if you’re looking for greater clarity or need an extra boost or breakthrough in an area that’s challenging you, this is a powerful opportunity to find that with personal support from a seasoned coach. We’ll meet on the phone, and we’ll schedule your private session during weeks 2 – 4 of the live program. I’m offering this as part of your program, because of my commitment to you having the unstoppable confidence that you deserve. You have things you want to do and experience and I’m here to help you have them! (Value: Priceless)Email Support You’ll get Powerful Email Support throughout your 5-week program. First, you’ll get perfectly-timed guidance and support to help you stay on track. And second, if you have a question you’d like addressed, but you don’t want to ask it in a group session, you can use email support for personal email coaching.  You’ll receive a reply to messages within 24 hours and usually on the same day during business hours M-F. (Value: $297)Empowering, Customized Micro-Practices You’ll also receive Fun Customized-To-You Micro-Practices that you’ll be using between your group coaching calls. Even though these are designed to be fun and easy to use, they are a powerful and essential part of this program. Your Micro-practices allow you to easily create empowering habits that anchor a new way-of-being,  so you can consistently show up as the awesome, confident YOU even as you’re growing into new territory. (Value $235)

You’ll also receive The Ultimate Money Mindset Online Training Program (worth $625). I offer this because money is wrapped around just about everything we do.  And too often people let money define who they can be, or what they can do. And if you already have a good relationship with money, it’ll be even greater and more expanded!  If you want to live a life of joy and purpose, you’ll want to have a powerful relationship with money. You’ll definitely discover more freedom and ease in this important area.

The 5-week Unstoppable Confidence Program is not a group of pre-recorded videos where you have to figure things out for yourself. This is a high-impact, highly-supportive group coaching, and training program with amazing support. So, if you’ve considered coaching but thought it might be a bigger investment than you could currently make, or wanted to test it out, this is your opportunity to get some amazing support, so you can get bigger, more fulfilling results in any area of your life.

Total Program Value: $2,746

But Your Investment Is …OPTION 1: 2-PAYMENTS OF $235 

OPTION 2: FULL PAY: $397 (Save Over $70)

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Even More Than I Hoped For

This program was even more than I hoped for. Not only do I see myself in a truer confident light, but I was also given powerful tools for living from my new vantage point. Elari is a talented writer, coach and mentor and especially gifted at bringing unique awareness to each individual even in a group setting. I finished the program with enthusiasm and appreciation for the person I am. For those on a similar journey, I highly recommend the experience of this program. I give it a rating of a sky full of stars!

–  KAREN EZELL, Awesome Being,  Omaha, NE

Unstoppable Confidence: A 5-week Group Coaching Program

For Bigger, More Fulfilling Results


Believe in yourselfCreate Self-Confidence That’s Built on Your True Power and Core Truths

Believe in yourselfDiscover and Own How Amazing You Are and  Watch How Quickly You Connect with Your Dreams and Desires in Bigger, More Rewarding Ways

Believe in yourself Quickly Move From Procrastination, Worry, Over-analyzing or Self-doubt Into Ease And True Self-Confidence

Believe in yourself

Release the Fear of Rejection, Getting Stopped by Other People’s Opinions, The Need For Outside Approval … or Feeling Like No Matter How Much You Do … It’s Never Enough

Believe in yourself You will know exactly how to Easily Navigate Life Challenges with Confidence & Self-Kindness


You’re going to discover some really amazing things about yourself along the way that will last a lifetime!

JoeP2Working with you was an amazing experience with deep insight and wisdom! I get something powerful every time I work with you! I know have greater confidence, ease and flow in my life. Thank you very much! I would recommend your programs to anyone.

 – JOE PETTWAY Norfolk, VA

ChelsiThis was an exciting program. I learned my value, and I know who I am and what I stand for! I went from being closed to fully open, released the fear, and am now full Self-expressed! I am thankful for the extraordinary guidance that you gave me on my journey to joy!

– Deneen Forsythe, Virginia Beach, VA

BrianHere is a superb resource for anyone who wants to create with enthusiasm and true power. 

-JOHN ASSARAF, Author of The NY Bestseller The Street Kid’s Guide to Having It All, Appeared in  The Secret


❤️ Who is this program for? 

  • Anyone Who’s Ready To Experience Their Potential In A Bigger, More Fulfilling Way
  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches, People Looking for a Powerful Relationship, Professionals Who Want to Move Up in an Authentic Way, Executives
  • People with Inspiring Ideas Who Want to Confidently Bring Them To Life, Authors, Heart-Centered Sales Professionals, Consultants and those Transitioning into New Life Circumstances
  • Women and Men Who Want to Make A Bigger Impact or Fulfill A Goal in an Important Life Area, but Have Felt Stopped or Hindered In The Past
  • NLP Practitioners, Healers, and Those Who Work with People Who Want To Be Free of Self-Doubt, Fear of Rejection or Procrastination.
  • Anyone Who’s Committed Having More Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment in Their Life
  • This highly-supportive program is designed for people who want to get the most out of life and show up consistently in a powerful way.

❤️ Do I need any special equiment to particpate?

You’ll need a phone (cell phone or LAN line) for your weekly sessions, and some type of device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPad or computer to download your weekly Guides and access your email. We keep this simple, so the technology supports your experience. It doesn’t get it the way and you don’t have to download or figure out any additional software or conferencing platforms.

❤️ When are the Live Group Coaching & Training Calls?

Wednesdays (1-3 pm EST) February 20 & 27, March 6, 13 & 20  If you can’t make a particular call, no worries! These session calls will be recorded, so you can listen to them at any time.  Session recordings will be available within 24 hours of the live session, and usually sooner. You’ll also get an email when the call is available for download and listening.  You can also send me an email with your questions prior to the call and I will weave them into the Q & A section, and I’ll also send you a personal reply!

❤️ What happens after I register? 

When you click on the register button, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout area. Once you complete your registration, you’ll get an email from me immediately confirming your spot in the program, along with all of the important program details. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder just in case it got caught in there. If you still don’t see it, contact us from this website or call 1- 757-632-0926 for support.

❤️ Is there a Guarantee?

Yes, we have an “I Love This Program” Guarantee.  I know that when you show up, stay open and let the program work for you …  you’ll have more confidence, be unstoppable and you’ll also feel amazing!  You can find the details below.

I Feel So Alive and Focused Now

What a great program!  I feel so alive and focused now and my enthusiasm is back! I don’t second-guess myself anymore; I just choose and let the good stuff happen. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much for making this available!

–  Joan Marie Detroit, Michigan

Are You Ready For Unshakable Confidence?

Then register today. You’re worth it!

 If you feel a YES, then take action now, before you lose that powerful choice to “busyness” or disempowering mental chatter that often says no, when our hearts are telling us yes!



OPTION 2: FULL PAY: $397 (Save Over $70)

simple and secure checkout

Here’s to the Unstoppable Confident YOU!

Check your Inbox after you register. You’ll receive an email confirmation with details and important information about your program. Be sure to add the elarionawa.com domain to your safe senders list, so you receive your program details too. If you have any question about the event Contact Me or Call 1.757.632.0926

]Satisfaction GuaranteeYou Also Have My “I LOVE THIS PROGRAM” Guarantee. 

I’m confident that when you join the Unstoppable Confidence 5-week Group Coaching Program For Bigger, More fulfilling Results, you’re going to be thrilled!  Your part is to participate and let the program work for you. If, after participating in the program, you decide the program isn’t what you wanted, I will gladly refund your money. However, you will have to show me that you’ve done the fun, empowering work. I make this a condition because I’m standing for you to get what you want. I also know that when you show up, stay open and do the empowering practices, you’ll have more confidence, be unstoppable …  and you’ll feel amazing!

Don’t let unanswered questions keep you from experiencing your best year yet!

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