Unconditional Security

Time To Ease And Grace: 3 Minutes 18 Seconds …  But Who’s Counting? 

Believe in your inherent wellbeing and you will experience unconditional security. Let yourself feel deep-seated ease right now, at this moment. Breathe deeply, and feel content right now, right where you are. Release any energy of striving. Feel unconditionally satisfied right now, at this moment. Allow your wellbeing to expand throughout every cell and fiber of your being.

Declare: I am content. I am at ease. I am thriving with every breath in, and with every exhalation. I feel so fulfilled.

Now expand that feeling of wellbeing throughout your energy field, into the room … into what you see … hear … speak … and do.

As you embrace the Truth of your wellbeing, you expand your ability to receive more satisfaction, more fulfillment, more ease. Unwanted limitations will naturally drop away. And you rest, knowing that within you, there is always a powerful, unshakeable core. This is True, regardless of current or past conditions. When external circumstances stretch you, think of it as your opportunity to claim even greater aspects of yourself. Think of it as an opportunity to grow in creative mastery!

Remember who you truly are! When you embrace the breadth and depth of your creative abilities, you’ll know the peace and “can-do, can-have” certainty that is worthy of you!

This is Elari Onawa, sending you love!

You’ve got this!

NOTE: As with all guided meditative experiences, listen when you can be fully present to the audio.

Background Music: Garden Lullaby by Gary Stadler






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