Truth and Faith Part III

self awarenessIn the first two parts of the series on truth and faith, we explored the difference between truth and stories. We saw that the meaning we give to the events in our lives determines how we experience life. Our happiness, well-being, and what we’re capable of creating, come from these interpretations. Then in part two, you went deeper to see where you predominately place your faith. Your thought habits and experiences flow from your core beliefs, that is – what you believe about yourself and the world. For example, are you seeing the world expecting the best, or trying to avoid worst-case scenarios? Do you expect to have more than enough or not enough?

In my book, Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything, I share at length about the power of how we see ourselves and the world. It’s the vantage-point we cultivate and nurture that determines who we become, and how we experience the world around us. So now what?

Let’s explore why we create meaning, and what that makes available to us. This answers the questions we posed at the beginning of this series- why do we make meaning or stories, and should we stop, as some traditions suggest.  As you embrace the depth and breadth of your creative abilities, you may see that it is in fact, the meaning you make, or the beliefs that you cultivate that shape your personality, and your human experience. Let that sink in.

Meaning and beliefs are essential to the human experience. You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have the freedom to choose what you want to believe about yourself or the world around you. Your ability to see things, as you choose, is essential to being an individualized expression of the Divine. So to answer the question why do we make meaning… it is our nature to do so. We are wired for that.

Why? Because you learn from this powerful ability, you can play with it, grow and create from it, feel joy or pain from it. You and I are consciousness itself. And we get to experience life, through our ability to observe and create meaning! It is integral to our individuality and is a beautiful, priceless gift. Without it, we would not be individuals.

As with any gift, the value we receive from it is determined by what we do with it. We only experience separation or pain, when we forget that we are the ones creating,  through the meaning, we assign to our experiences. Can we assign no meaning? Absolutely! That is a choice as well, and spending time in the open spaciousness of “no meaning”… allows us to experience another dimension of ourselves that few people experience… pure, peaceful consciousnesses. And we are also artists, eternal explorers playing in the sandbox of time and space. Our life experiences are what we create. We can compose a beautiful masterpiece each day, or we can create noise. As we weave together the open spaces of unconditioned observation with soul-nourishing choices and preferences, we create a beautiful masterpiece.
Embrace your life. Live from a clear and beautiful space, and then choose the vantage point that truly resonates with you! This is an essential step into self-awareness and creative mastery. It is also where freedom and joy reside.

Much Love,


Elari Onawa

If you’d like to explore this further, let me know.

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