Truth and Faith Part II

In the first part of this series, we explored the difference between truth and story. We saw that the meaning we give to the events in our lives, produces how we experience life. Our happiness, well-being, and what we’re capable of creating come from these interpretations. If you missed the first part in the series, you can find that here .

Now let’s play! Let’s go a bit deeper, as this is where faith comes in!

Our predominate way of interpreting life stems from our core beliefs. Our core beliefs are where we place our faith, as we interpret ourselves, and the world. We are essentially saying I have faith that life is ______ or I am _______.  All of our choices, and actions flow from where we place our faith.

Do you tend to place your faith in love and beauty, or in fear and overcoming, for example? Do you have faith in a loving, supportive Universe, or do you have faith in a tougher kind of reality, where you must be ever vigilant, “or else”?
The answers determine the nature of the stories you tell yourself.

Before I move into why we make meaning, I’m going to pause, so you can take full advantage of the colossal opportunity here. What would you like to shift, or expand in your experience? Answer this question~where do you want to place your faith? This will determine the results you produce. Here are some examples to get you started.


I have faith in an abundant, nurturing Universe, and I see this wherever I look.

I have faith in Me! I am amazing!

I believe in my ability to grow quickly and easily!

I now choose to see the Truth of the matter!

I am now choosing to be a Masterful Manifester!

I place my faith in beauty and goodness; this is my truth.

It’s easy!

and so on…

Try these on. Speak them aloud, or create your own. And as you do, notice how you feel, and what opens up for you. Now, what do you want to do with what you’ve discovered?

Here’s to playing in the sandbox of time and space!

P.S. In part III we’ll explore why we make meaning, and whether or not we should try to stop, as some philosophies suggest. The answers may delight you!

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