Truth and Faith Part I

In my book “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!“, I write at length about the power of faith, especially in yourself. I also discuss how to discern Truth from the interesting stories that we sometimes tell ourselves.

Think of something that’s happened in your life that doesn’t feel good when you think about it.

Now think of an event that feels amazing!

In both cases, there is a story there. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not empowering you. It may also be hindering your sense of aliveness, and your freedom to experience what you truly want in life. While the memories that feel good, have an empowering story around them. And so they are creating joy for you!

Everyone has stories; they are the meaning we attach to the events that occur in our lives! The events themselves have no meaning, that is … until we apply an interpretation. It’s the explanations we create that cloud the Truth. The Truth is what actually happened, just the facts of the matter. The story is what we make the facts mean. If we create a disempowering story, we cripple ourselves with meaning that does not serve our happiness or our growth. Yet an empowering vantage point allows us to learn, and experience grace in our lives, regardless of what’s happening around us!
It’s these stories that build-up, or erode the faith we have in ourselves, in humanity, and in life itself!

Imagine for example, that you are downsized at work or leave and suddenly find yourself without a job. If you’ve been overly-identified with that position, you might experience an identity crisis.Copy (2) of gameoflife And if you make that transition mean that you did something wrong, or weren’t good enough, you will carry that story with you. And that will affect how you see yourself, and everything you attempt to create going forward. That is, unless you see the Truth, or change the story.

That was an example of what many people would see as a big life event. Now let’s look at one that seems smaller in comparison, but can have an equally important impact on our well-being.

Imagine you’re having a conversation with someone you care for. In the middle of the conversation, they do something that seems odd to you. Perhaps they start to laugh, or abruptly end the conversation and leave, without an explanation. What would you make that mean? How would you feel after the encounter? The answer illustrates how you automatically interpret the world around you. Please don’t make that mean anything. Just notice it, so you can see what’s happening. In this way, you can see the impact, and choose if you want to shift the way you’re seeing yourself, or the world.

The meaning we experience is 100% within our control. And that IS a very good thing indeed. We are not victims, but powerful creators! Once we acknowledge this and embrace it, we place ourselves firmly in the driver’s seat of our lives. We’ve taken the steering wheel, and can now determine the direction, as well as the quality of the journey. Just as we did when we learned to drive a car or ride a bike. This requires presence and gentle alertness. From this heightened state of awareness, we can turn ourselves, and our lives in ANY direction we choose.
As you observe the meaning you wrap around your life events, ask yourself; is this what I really want to create? If not, smile and let it go. Congratulations, you’ve remembered who you are…the creator, the One who gets to choose! Then breathe deeply, and relax completely. Notice the shift in your energy. As you smile, ask yourself; is there a more empowering way for me to see this? Then cultivate THAT! Believe in that! Choose to have Faith in yourself, and your abilities, and you can create anything.

Smile. Have fun, as you Play in the Sandbox of Time and Space!


In the next post, we’ll go a bit deeper to see where faith comes in! Then in the third part, we’ll explore why are we predisposed to story making in the first place, and then we’ll see if we can stop creating meaning, and answer; should we even try?  The answers may delight you!

Would you like a deeper understanding of your life purpose? Do you want support expanding your concept of what’s possible? I’m here to help! Schedule an appointment or see availability here. 

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