Time Management May Not Be What You’re Looking For

In this message, we’re going to explore why “time management” might not be the answer you’re looking for.

You’ll also discover:

  •  what you really need to do in order to feel powerful and on-purpose in your relationship with time
  • why time, happiness and your energy level are so interconnected and 
  • a soul-nurturing exercise to help you gain greater clarity about your priorities and what you need to do to line up with them in a fulfilling way.

So let’s jump in!

Our Different Ways Of Relating  To Time

When was the last time you felt rushed? Have you ever worried because you thought you might miss an important deadline or appointment?  If so, what was going through your mind in those moments? How did your body feel?

If you’re like most people, you don’t like how you feel and act when you’re feeling rushed, or pressured from a lack-of-time. This makes perfect sense, because if we’re in that space of “not enough time”, we don’t feel in control, and we’re actually disconnecting from our higher, wiser guidance at that moment. Scarcity will do that to us!  Until we shift into a better perspective, we’re not going to show up as our Best Selves. And if we are not our Best Selves,  life gets complicated and messy and we create unnecessary stress.

But  “having all the time in the world”  isn’t necessarily a powerful choice either. Here’s why.  If we don’t value the time we have, we will not use it in an enthusiastic, on-purpose way. We squander what we don’t value. And if the attitude of “I’ll get around to it later” prevails, we may continue to push potentially rewarding experiences into the future, until “someday”.

Have you ever felt frustrated, because you didn’t accomplish something that really mattered to you … even though you had “all the time in the world” to do it?  Well,  most people have bumped up against that too, including me!  So, we can see that we don’t want to undervalue time either —because that delays opportunities for expanded fulfillment, adventure, purpose, and accomplishment. Ouch!

The good news is that there’s something you can do about all of this, and we’re going to talk about it right now. Let’s start by releasing the idea that we can actually “manage time.” Yes, there are tools that we can use to help us focus better and be more organized.  But, it’s not time that we are actually managing.  Time is a unit of measure,  and we all have 24 hours in a day.

It is how we use the time we have that truly matters!

It’s the choices we make about what we will do with the time we have that we want to manage. And we don’t want to just manage it, we want to be in the driver’s seat boldly leading the way from our higher, spunky perspective!

When we make clear, committed choices, from our higher and wiser perspective, we give ourselves a direction and energy starts to move in that satisfying direction. When this happens, we open new doors and bring opportunities for higher levels of play. We will naturally want to take action because we feel inspired to do so! Momentum can build!  When we live from who we truly are, we expand into new possibilities and adventures that give us meaning and purpose. When we value our time and give ourselves the space we need to make clear, committed choices, from the higher aspects of ourselves … we don’t need to feel driven by something outside ourselves or motivate (push) ourselves to do things. Instead, we are the ones driving at the pace we desire. And when we come from the higher aspects of ourselves, time doesn’t use us.

We use the time from a clear space of rewarding possibilities.

So, if you are struggling with time in any way, instead of trying to fix the symptoms of procrastination, boredom, uncertainty or feeling pressured by the lack of time … look instead to the underlying cause, the source. In this way, you can be a wizard in how you focus and manifest what really matters to you.

Being your Higher and Wiser Self and being on-purpose frees you to choose and act on the choices that feed your spirit!

It’s not about time, it’s about who you are being!

Are you investing your time in a way that deeply satisfies you?

Are you embracing and prioritizing your true desires? 

Do you feel a sense of direction and positive purpose? 

Using time management tools, without a soul-nurturing foundation, will provide little value in expanding the overall quality of our lives. It’s like weaving your future with the drab threads of “shoulds and have-tos” … instead of the brilliant threads of enthusiasm and joy.

HINT: Use the brilliants threads of I would love to … 

The energy and ultimate experiences are very different— when we choose what we want to do, not because of time, but because of how we are using the time we have.

Your moment-to-moment choices matter. Using time in the way you really want to use it (being on-purpose) is what increases happiness and the quality of our lives!

The present moment is the birthplace of new possibilities! We are always making choices. And we can always make new, or more fulfilling choices, based on what we’re observing, and what we’ve learned about ourselves and life.

What you’re experiencing comes from your own consciousness. Your consciousness is your awareness and understanding of your own attitudes, needs, feelings, and behaviors. From a Higher-Self/ Higher-Observer space, you can see your own perspectives about how you are designing your days and then choose with higher awareness and purpose. This is why I do the life “on purpose” and Self-discovery programs and coaching that I do. This is where a powerful Life-On-Purpose coach, like yours truly (hint-hint) can make all the difference for you! I can help you transcend your current mindset, connect with the higher aspects of yourself, and create fun and powerful strategies, so you can have more of what you really want in a fun and easier way!

The Sweet Spot

Living on-purpose (from your Higher, Wiser Self) is where all the powerful action and juice are!  And when you embody how awesome you already are, what once felt insurmountable is now small and easy. You become bigger than any perceived problem or limitation. You can have a lot more fun, and powerfully navigate life in a smooth and fulfilling way! Yay! If this is calling you, you can request a free 40-minute discovery session with me here.

Let’s get started by looking at some questions that can help you get even more clear about how you want to invest your precious time.  If you are in a position to do so, close your eyes and take two to three deep, slow, gentle breaths in and out. Imagine that you are seated in a comfortable room.  You are merging with the higher aspects of yourself. You are connecting to Higher Self perspectives and a level of clarity and wisdom that is not usually experienced in common hours.  When you’re ready, answer these questions from this powerful vantage point.

Soul Clarity Exercise:border-width: 4px; border-color: light gray; border-style: ridge; margin: 10px;

1. What feelings, ways-of-being or experiences do you want to expand in your daily life?

2. Why do these choices matter to you? Is there something that matters most right now?

3. What do you need to release in order to easily have that?

4.  What would allow you to have that in a fun and fulfilling way?

Congratulations, a new, powerful seed has been planted! Now allow these new choices, these new seeds to grow into full expression!

What do you want to do to keep these powerful choices alive?

Pause, and make a clear and powerful choose about what matters to you! And if you’d like additional guidance or support, I’m here for you.

You can learn more about going to the next level here. 

Here’s to you!

Much love,


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