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Hi, I’m Elari Onawa and welcome to Thrive: Your Ultimate Money Mindset Training Program! I help people, who want to find deeper Elari Onawameaning and purpose, who want to create more of what truly matters to them …  discover more fun, purpose, and success, in a way that lights them up!  I do that through powerful coaching, mentoring and training programs like this one!

I decided to offer this particular program because money is wrapped around just about everything we do.  Far too often, people let their ideas about money define who they can be, or what they can do.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that way! To live a life of joy and purpose, we need  to have a good relationship with money. We need to be at peace with it, and use it, in a way that suits our individual  preferences, and heartfelt dreams and desires!  Money in and of itself is neutral, but the meaning we place on it, can strip us of joy, and be the “go-to excuse” for not living a fully soul-expressed life.

If you’ve ever felt stopped or blocked by a money conversation, you’re not alone, and you are now in the perfect place! Breathe deeply and smile. It’s time to have a breakthrough.

It’s time to thrive!

Thank you for saying yes to thriving in a more expanded, and fulfilling way.  You deserve to have all the good you imagine, and so much more!

You are powerful, and it’s time to claim it!


life purpose coachingInstructions for Downloading These Files:

RIGHT-CLICK on the Download Link for the audio files and program guide. Choose “Save Link or File As”  or “Download Linked File” to save the file to your computer. You may also LEFT-CLICK  or TAP the download link to save the audio file to your cellphone, iPad or tablet, depending on your operating system.

Although you can listen to the audio right from this page, I recommend saving these training materials to your personal device, so you can make it part of your Personal Library of Awesomeness!

Your Agreements:

By accessing this training center and clicking on any pages or downloads,

You agree to

1. Have FuN!
2. Stay open,  and let the material and experiences work for your greatest benefit.
3. Not forward or reproduce the program materials. They are for your personal use.


To get the most out of this program … 

you’ll want to listen to the modules in the order presented, and in a quiet location, when you can be fully present. Each session builds on, and expands on the last one. The estimated time to complete each of these short, yet powerful audio sessions is included here for your convenience. They are guidelines. If you feel like taking more time to explore or want to listen again before moving on, do so.   Also, if you want to share your experience with me about this training, I’d love to hear from you. You can send me a message here.

Much love,


Hmmm... maybe it does grow on trees!
Hmmm... maybe it does grow on trees!

Here are Your Program Materials!


Thrive Your Ultimate Money Mindset Workbook

Download it Here!

Money is one of the most emotionally charged subjects facing most people today. Why? Because money is so tightly woven into the fabric of our lives, and it’s linked to almost everything we do. So, if we’re not at peace and powerful in this relationship, it will have a big impact on our ability to enjoy life in the most fulfilling way possible.  

There are some exercises in this training that ask you to use a notebook or journal. The better option is to print off the companion guide (the link  above) and use the space provided. If you don’t have access to a printer, a notebook or journal will work as well.

Session 1: Exploring What Is and Creating a Powerful Relationship with Money

Length: 38 Minutes 47 Seconds

In this first section, you’ll be exploring the concept of money, what it is and how thinking about it differently and expand your ability to master it!


Session 2: What’s Really Behind Your Ability to Attract, Earn, Spend and Save Money

 In this section of your training, we’ll be diving into what’s really behind your ability to attract, earn, spend and save money. Get ready to see something really powerful!

Length: 24 Minutes 31Seconds


Session 3:  A Deeper Look and Claiming What’s Already Working

You will be asked to pause the audio as you go through the exercise in this section. It’s designed to help you go beyond what the mind thinks it already knows, so you can create from a new space!

Length: 21 -36  Minutes


Session 4: Releasing What Was and Creating from a Clear, Empowered Space

There’s no need to write anything down until after the audio for session 4. So, set aside your workbook, and reserve an additional ten to fifteen minutes to record your thoughts after this section. You’ll be immersed in a meditative experience, and will be closing your eyes.  So, that means that you’ll want to be in a  quiet location where you can focus solely on this experience as you follow along.  Be here now.

Length: 35 Minutes 33 Seconds


Session 5:  Powerful Beliefs, New Story, New Currency!

We all know that things grow with love. So, I invite you to cultivate love and appreciation inside every relationship you want to grow including — loving and appreciating what money can allow you to do. At the end of this program, your body will remember what thriving feels like for you. The more you can feel this way, the more you’ll thrive! Be sure to take notes about the recommended practices in the “What’s Next” section of the audio. Enjoy!

Length: 23 Minutes 12 Seconds


Congratulations on what you’ve learned, what you’ve transformed, and on your expanded ability to thrive in a way that feels great to you! You’ve embraced a powerful way to thrive, and this includes how you now see yourself and your life. This powerful way you’re feeling is also evidence of your new, expanded abilities. This is Elari sending you love and appreciation! You are powerful!
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