The Universe Bows to Your Imagination

I was writing in my journal the other day, enjoying one of those “revelry moments”.  That’s when you’re so engrossed in the enjoyment and appreciation of life, that everything feels right with the world. There are no have tos or shoulds in your consciousness. You’re not analyzing anything … you’re just allowing yourself to be led by happiness. And so life just keeps feeling more beautiful, peaceful…and perfect!

As I was enjoying this moment, my pen began to move and here’s what came forth. “The Universe Bows to your imagination.”

I sat there looking at the words, smiling. “The Universe Bows to your imagination…” It makes you go hmmm… doesn’t it?

If the Universe bows to our imaginations,  then we are powerful, and loved, perhaps more than we might typically see for ourselves.  And embedded within this message is a strong inference of our preciousness. We’re called to see ourselves as bigger, brighter and more beautiful. We’re reminded too that we’ve been given an awe-inspiring gift. It is the gift of the imagination, that the Universe responds to. And that which one dwells upon, one draws to herself (or himself).

How often do you use your imagination to uplift and support your heartfelt dreams and desires? Is it simply an interesting piece of information, or do you use it to its fullest and most liberating potential?  What does this message call forth in you?


The imagination is a doorway to beautiful new possibilities. And anything is possible if we are willing to believe in it!

This creative power can take us to amazing places when we see the best in ourselves, and others.

Any situation can be upgraded, if we’re willing to imagine something brighter, happier or more fulfilling.

No circumstance or environment is stronger than our mighty imaginations!

You and I are gifted with powerful creative abilities. We can claim mastery, and use the imagination to our absolute delight. And we can do so, with ease and grace!

And when we do, the Universe delivers the answers we seek, and the heartfelt dreams and desires we truly want to experience.

Elari Onawa

What do you want to create? Imagine and celebrate that!

You are amazing, claim it!


Elari Onawa

Your Chief Possibility Officer!

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