The Magic of Plenty

“Stand for what you want! You don’t have to follow counterproductive thinking. Be willing to believe in awesome. And while you’re at it — let it be fun and easy!” – From the Just Believe Cards

Time to Read: About 3/12 Expansive Minutes

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As you expand play and purpose in your life, you also deepen your awareness of some very powerful Truths. One such Truth is the liberating and abundance-expanding understanding that — there’s plenty, in other words, more than enough of whatever you want to expand in your experience. For we live in an infinite universe, that is always expanding! This means that there are plenty of opportunities to attract, and have what you want in your life, in the way that you want it! So, if you’re looking for a beautiful relationship, an infinite universe means that the world is overflowing with partners who are a perfect fit for you. And living in an infinite universe also means that there are unlimited ways to thrive doing what you love! Accept that the world is awash with magical experiences, and you can have that too!

If you believe in the rarity of something, you make it rare and hard to attract! It’s only rare and “hard to come by” if you believe that it is. Hard will always feel bad because it runs counter to the Truth of who you truly are! And who are you? You are infinite potential; you have an entire universe within you just waiting to be explored and expressed!

You can have meaningful and fulfilling work. You can have deeper love. You can have more miracles, and you can have more freedom and play! Let what you want to expand in your life be plentiful! Don’t make it rare, because when you do, you make it hard to have it. If you cultivate rarity, then you also have to become a master in order to attract it!

Enter the magic of plenty!

If you want more, whether it’s more magic, money, fulfillment or freedom … let it be plentiful, easy, highly probable and a “done deal”. Opportunities for wonder and magic are infinite. That is the nature of the universe. Fulfilling opportunities are everywhere, rewarding relationships are abundant, and work you love is plentiful. Wrap yourself in the warm and cozy blanket of plenty, and you’ll see that well-being abounds!

Much Love,

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