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Tarot 2014 Group Page

Colorful Tarot

Tarot I:Using the Tarot to Access Higher Truth & Wisdom ( 7 to 9 PM)

Tuesday 7 PM  to 9 PM March  4, 11, 18 and 25th

Tarot II: New Frontiers & Powerful Tools (7 PM to 9:15 PM)

Th. Apr 3, Tu. Apr 8, Th. Apr 17, & Th. May 1

Tarot III: Sixth Sensory Guidance (7 PM to 9:15 PM)

Thursday Evenings May 8, 15, 29 & June 5 2014 


Getting in Touch with Elari: 757.373.1408 (cell) or


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to your private group page! On this page you’ll find the audio recordings from the sessions, and additional resources and insights as we move together through these sessions! This page will be updated every week,within 48 hours of the end of each session. So you may want to bookmark this page, so it’s easy to come back here.

I’ll also send you an email every week, when the page has been updated.

During these 4 powerful sessions you will:

– deepen your connectivity to your own higher guidance
– expand your trust in your intuition and psychic abilities
– learn to play powerfully with life’s “ups and downs”
– get practical experience reading for yourself and others

You will and grow in your understanding of what it means to be a powerful Spiritual Being playing in the sandbox of time and space!   And we will have FUN! It’s such a joy to share this adventure with you, and I look forward to what is unfolding for you!

Much Love,





Instructions: You can listen to the audio on this page by clicking the play button on the audio players for the section(s) you want to review. To download the audio to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the download links and Choose “Save Target As” and save the file in your media library on your PC. This material is for your private use, enjoy !  


Imagine That!

Session 1 Tuesday March 4 , 2014 ~ Possibilities and Foundations!

Tarot cards come in many shapes and sizes, and are a powerful bridge to higher understanding, regardless of your philosophy about life, God and humanity. When you understand how to use this tool to get in touch with your Sacred Self, the kingdom within you, a far greater understanding of life emerges. You develop a deeper appreciation for the gifts, challenges, and desires that are part of the human journey!

By accessing this higher wisdom, you learn how to smoothly navigate the river of life. And as you grow in your connectivity, your knowing becomes something very real and tangible, you’re present to it and use it in your daily life!

The Higher Language

Much of the higher language of the Soul and Spirit Guides, comes through metaphors and symbols. Because so much more can be said with a picture, than with words. We can get emotion, context, influences, and the answers to how something is impacting us in a single image. So just pausing and letting yourself be with the images and how they make you feel, is an important part of opening yourself up to higher connectivity, and Higher Truth.  It’s a bit like a key opening a lock.

Clarity and Intention

You’ll get much more out of your Tarot sessions (or anything for that matter) if you approach it from a clear vantage point and with intention.  The practice of clearing is an act of releasing preconceived ideas and personal filters, and letting yourself receive with clarity and ease. You are surrendering your agenda to Higher Guidance on behalf of yourself and those you read for. 

BulletBlue2Close your eyes, and breathe deeply  (in-spire, awaken to spirit) and relax. Smile and feel the energy of peace. Then state with presence and awareness:

Great Spirit (or God or Source) Clear My Mind (see your mind clearing)… Clear My Field (see your energy field clearing) and Clear my Body (see your beautiful body in perfect alignment with Higher Guidance)

and when you are ready, state your intention for the reading.

The intention with which you do anything is very important. It determines  the results you produce, and the quality of your experience. We’ll explore this in more detail as we go along.

BulletBlue2For now, a good place to start is to state the intention I  get clear messages for the highest benefit of all concerned .

What to Do …When You’re Not Flowing 

Let go of “the need to get it right”. Embrace the spirit of play, and genuine curiosity, and you will flow with ease and grace!

** RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO MEMORIZE OR FIGURE IT OUT ** You’ll know when you’re figuring it out, when you’re “trying” to deduce meaning by making associations. That looks like this:  I’m seeing a squirrel …  ah so that must mean I’m nuts! No, that doesn’t feel quite right …hmmm… 

Instead,  see the image and be with it, and let the message drop in. There’s a difference in how that feels versus trying to be helpful, or trying to figure it out. Trying to be overly helpful, or trying to figure it out interrupts the flow of Higher Guidance. When this happens, just take a deep breath, let go, and come back to the image. Be with it, re-presence the question and allow yourself to receive for the highest benefit of all concerned

Some people find it helpful to close their eyes after looking at the card. Notice how your body feels when you’re ready to share. For me , I feel a forward movement in my body, it even feels a bit like a small, gentle rocking motion. This has been with me since I was a child. Everyone is different, and you can ask for a sign from your Guides to tell you when your ready. Then use that as your barometer .

Some Tarot Basics

As you read through this area, you may recognize that we discussed this in our session. I share the highlights here as a guide. Think of this as the basic building blocks. ***However, resist the temptation to memorize this,  because you will be at your best in your readings, when you trust your intuition and let the meaning emerge for the highest benefit of all concerned. ***

There are 78 cards divided into two sections, the major and minor arcanas. Arcana is plural for  arcanum, which means “profound secret.”  I makes you want to know more, doesn’t it? The seekers of the Middle Ages saw the tarot cards as a collection of the “secrets” that underlie and explain our world.

The 22 cards of the major arcana represent universal aspects of the Human Experience. In other words, the stuff we all deal with! Some cards in the major arcana come with specific terms, others with people or archetypes that convey a particular approach to life. All archetypes have a higher potential or an ideal, and a lower aspect, the stuff that limits our ability to live life fully and powerfully, as a soul-actualized being,

The 56 cards of the minor Arcana explain how the Universal themes show up for us in our daily lives, as individuals. They represent activities, concerns, habits, and emotions that make up our everyday lives.

There are 4 suits in the Tarot, each represents an approach to life.  

Cups or Bowls  Represent the Emotional  and Spiritual Levels and the element of water.  This symbol points us toward our inner states, and relationship patterns. Energy flows inward; cups represent Yin, or feminine energy. Think about the energy of flow. Water doesn’t need to use force to get where it wants to go, it simply flows around the rocks. Water doesn’t curse the rock for being in the stream, it just flows around it!

Pentacles or Coins  Represent the element of Earth.  It point us toward material concerns, practicality, and security.  Also this suit reminds us to celebrate the material realm, for everything IS spiritual. We can feel a deeper sense of the sacred in the everyday when we tune into the the beauty of nature, our plants, animals, the planet, and the physical experiences of the body.  This suite also represents wealth and prosperity of all kinds, not just money.

Swords or Feathers . Represent the element of Air, and the Mental Level, specifically the intellect, thought,  and rational mind. The swords are not in the realm of the imagination. That you’ll find in the realm of Spirit, or in the Cups! When you tune into the energy of swords, you may find that they resonate with the qualities of justice, truth and higher standards. The ideal is mental clarity. If the ego is in the driver’s seat, it leads to disharmony and unhappiness. You’ll feel that energy in some of the cards in this suit, so that may be an indication that the mental level is in the drivers seat… a bit like the tail wagging the dog.  The Intellect is designed to be led by the Higher Self, or Soul. Albert Einstein may have said it best, when he said; “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant, and has forgotten the gift.” I bring this to your attention, because misuse, and over-use of the mental level is one of the key sources for unhappiness and feelings of separation in our culture today. Knowing this will help you recognize this in your own way of being, and will help you assist others, as well.  

Wands, Staffs or Arrows.  Represent the element of Fire.  So they symbolize the energies of:  Creativity, Action, Movement as well as Enthusiasm, Adventure, Confidence,  Passion and Personal Power! This suit is a  Yang, or  masculine type of energy, so energy flows outward. Creating engagement in life!

Numbered Cards

Aces always represent positive forces, and the ideal or the highest potential its suit offers.

Tens bring the theme introduced by the Ace and its suit to the logical outcome or conclusion. For example, if you take the personal power, enthusiasm, and movement associated with the suit of  Wands to their ultimate ideal, you have full freedom of expression, self-confidence, positive forward movement, and a sense of aliveness, appreciation and engagement in life! 

The middle cards represent different aspects of each suit. Your guides may speak to you in numbers, in a way that has meaning for you. So rather than trying to memorize definitions, which will slow you down, and limit what you can receive, I recommend tuning in, and trusting your intuition. 

Court Cards

The court cards represent people and the archetypal qualities of their suit and rank. The court cards show us particular ways of being, and are opportunities to see that we have a CHOICE in who we are being. We have the freedom to choose these styles when appropriate, we do not have to be used by them, unless we want to be!

A King: a mature, masculine, doer, focusing outward on the events of life. He demonstrates authority, control and mastery in whatever suit he is associated with. A King’s approach to life assertive, direct and strong. He focuses primarily on practical, how-to matters relevant to his kingdom.

A Queen is mature and feminine, and embodies the qualities of her suit, rather than acting them out. Her focus is inward, her style, natural. A Queen is focuses on the enjoyment of simply being in the world. A queen may represent relationships, self-expression and feelings.

A Knight is an immature teenager. He hasn’t learned yet to express himself with balance. He may swing from one extreme to another, as he tries to figure out how to relate successfully to his view of reality. A Knight is usually prone to excess, but he is  sincere, eager, and has a lot of energy.

A Page is a playful child who acts out the qualities of his suit with the innocence and abandon of a child. Like a child, the page’s approach to life, may not be deep, but he or she will be immersed in please and have an easy, and spontaneous approach to life. There is also the element of adventure, and to a page, anything is possibility.


BulletOrangeSession 1 Introduction

Length: 12:57




BulletOrangeExercise One Card Exploration and Questions

Length: 29:02



BulletOrangeSharing Your Experience, Tarot Basics, the Power of Symbolism and This Week’s Powerful Practice

Length: 1:07:31




Session 2 Tuesday March 11, 2014 ~ A Brave New World!


BulletGreen2 Welcome, Sharing, Q&A

Lenght: 42:09


BulletGreen2A Brave New World and Source of Answers



BulletGreen2Guided Meditation and Attunement with Your Tarot Guide

Length: 17:36

BulletGreen2Elari’s 5 Card Spread Exercise Part 1:

Length: 5:46


BulletGreen2Elari’s 5 Card Spread Exercise Part 2:

Length: 13:25


BulletGreen2Next Week’s Practice & Closing

Length: 10:59


Session 3 Tuesday March  18, 2014 ~ Psychic Sensory Sweetness!

Goals That Rock!

“[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nleash your spirit to the sky, allow your sacred dreams to fly. The Universe answers that you truly are… more precious than heaven’s bright star.” ~ Deborah Rice

BulletBlueWelcome and Sharing The Experience with Your Practice

Length: 26:24


BulletBluePsychic Sensory Sweetness

Length: 51:15


BulletBlueExercise Instructions

Length: 6:55

BulletBlueAfter Exercise Sharing, This Week’s Practice and Closing

Length: 23:46



Session 4 Tuesday March 25, 2014 ~ Deeper Trust, Greater Possibilities!

BulletGreyView or Download the:  Deeper Trust, Greater Possibilities Tarot Spread Summary Sheet

INSTRUCTIONS: To Download this PDF to your computer,  RIGHT CLICK and Choose “Save Link As” and save to your computer. To VIEW and Save from your browser, LEFT CLICK and you’ll be able to view the document in a new window in your web browser. Most browsers now have an option to save the document directly to your hard-drive. If you’re using an iPad, click on the link and your browser window will open. Then save the document using the “Open In” icon.

BulletGreyIntroduction and What’s Happening

Length: 14:50


BulletGreyExploring Trust, a First Look Impact and Opportunities for Greater Freedom
Length: 11:02


BulletGreyDeeper Trust & Greater Possibility Spread Explained, Q&A & Reading Share I
Length: 47:48


BulletGreyDeeper Trust & Greater Possibility Spread Exercise and First Share
Length: 16:48


BulletGreySharing Experiences II – Deeper Trust & Greater Possibility and Closing
Length: 17:25



The Soul's Journey

Tarot II: New Frontiers & Powerful Tools

Dates: Thurs. April 3rd, Tues. Apr 8, Thurs. Apr 17th and Thurs. May 1 (7:00-9:15 PM)

Session 1 Thursday April 3, 2014  ~ Patterns, Daily Guidance & Relationships!

BulletBlue2Introduction And Sharing

Length: 13:11


BulletBlue2Share & Q&A About the Daily Draw (1 Card Spread for Daily Guidance)

Length: 43:32


BulletBlue2Asking Powerful Questions

Length: 24:25


BulletBlue2Relationship Spread

Length: 12:50


Download the PDF Handout

(Right Click and Choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” to save the Relationship Spread  Handout to Your Computer)

BulletBlue2Sharing & Q&A About the Relationship Spread

Length: 7:36


Session 2 Tuesday April 8, 2014  ~ Soul Lessons, Big Insights!

BulletGreen2Introduction & Sharing Experiences with the Daily Spread

Length: 34:22


BulletGreen2The Lessons & Gifts Spread

Length: 17:19


Download the PDF Handout

(Right Click and Choose “Save Target As” or  “Save Link As” to save the Lessons & Gifts Spread Handout to Your Computer)

BulletGreen2Q&A & Sharing Experience with the Lessons & Gifts Spread

Length: 33:13


Session 3 Thursday April 17, 2014  ~ Powerful Transitions!


About Life Transitions

There are four spreads you’ve already learned that can be used for life transitions. These spreads are  The Past-Present-Future Spread,  The Relationship Purpose Spread, The Lessons & Gifts Spread, and My Spread for Deeper Trust and Greater Possibilities.  Each of these spreads can be used to shed greater understanding about life transitions, although the questions answered will be different.

Life transition are events such as a job change, a birth, death, divorce, a new relationship, spiritual transformation, and can also be something as seemingly ordinary … as getting up in the morning. As someone who is reading for yourself and others, it is important to understand that we are always in some state of transition. As Eternal Beings we are naturally wired to grow and evolve and we’re here to experience the magnificence and richness of life!That means transition!

That being said, some transitions produce bigger shifts in how we see and experience the world. These shifts can be unsettling to people when viewed strictly from a five-sensory, or materially-oriented vantage point.

How we see these transitions, in other words what we make these events mean, can create stress, joy, grief, or a sense of wonder. In addition, when someone is undergoing a large number of transitions simultaneously, that can produce feelings of fear, uncertainty and stress. In these moments, we can feel stretched. Yet these moments can also hold the greatest potential for rapid growth and freedom.

People often seek out guidance when they are experiencing life transitions. When you’re able to see the beauty and natural evolution of these transitions, you are able to hold a powerful space for those who seek a reading from you. This is a beautiful gift to give yourself and another!

BulletYellowIntroduction and Sharing


Length: 50:19

BulletYellowSelf-Exploration Exercise

Have a notebook and pen handy as you listen to this recording.


Length: 48:16

BulletYellowReading for Life Transitions


Length: 6:29

BulletYellowConclusion and Practice


Length: 6:51

Your Practice Between Now and Thursday May 1:

1. Continue to do your daily draw. Write down the card, theme and what you’re noticing. Are you making use of what you’re learning? If not, consider writing down each evening your experience of the theme, or message of the day. Did you make use of it? What did you learn? What would you like to create from what you’ve learned?
2. Connect with your partner and do a reading for each other about a transition you’re considering, or about how to more easily handle a transition you find intimidating or stressful. Write down the questions you want answered prior to meeting. Give each other a reading.
3. Write down the answer to this question: what do you contribute to yourself and others in your readings? Do not share this or compare your response to others. Write this down for yourself . We will be talking about it at the next session on May 1st.
Pairs: Nancy & Karen, Christy & Deneen, Marcia & Kristie


Session 4 Thursday May 1, 2014  ~ Beyond ordinary Guidance!

In this session I guided you through a series of questions to complete a powerful writing exercise in Self-Discovery, followed by a Self-Reading. Here are the questions I used for this exercise. Please note that with all material in this program, this is for your personal use only. For more information about copyright and use of materials, see the copyright notice on the bottom of this page


About The Exercise


Length: 18:06

Part I  Write down the questions on your paper so you have them. After you’ve completed your answer leave  about three lines of space between your answers and the next question.

What do you contribute to yourself and others in your readings?

How can you use the answer to this question? In other words, what is the answer telling you?

Is it natural and  comfortable for you to invite  people to have a reading with you?

If not, where else does this discomfort show up for you?

What’s the story you’re telling yourself that keeps you from being fully self expressed?  Is this True?

Who would you be without that vantage point? What would  be possible if you let that go?

What do you want to declare  for yourself now?

BulletGrey Sharing Your Experiences


Length: 1:09:20

Part II Self Reading

Go through each of the questions again and draw one card for each question. Write down your impressions underneath your initial answer in your journal or notebook.


For You

Two of the benefits provided by the answers to these questions are: they help you get clear about what really matters to you, and they help you see and understand more deeply the value you provide others. Some people would call this your niche. In other words, this is why people would want a reading from you! This is why they want to work with you.   When you’re clear about the value you provide, you can use that language in a powerful way, and feel that deep sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing what you stand for. In order to make a difference, you must claim your gifts! It is only when we claim our gifts and values that we can stand fully in our own truth, and make the difference we truly desire. Congratulations!


  You are awesome!



Tarot III: Sixth-Sensory Guidance

WHEN: Thursday Evenings May 8, 15, 29 & June 5 2014

I created this Video to Help You Attune to your natural psychic & intuitive abilities. The music & words are calibrated to align you with divine clarity. You will most likely feel your energy shifting as you watch this. Many people will feel the energy shift in their heart and/or crown chakras, and that is only the beginning! With use, you will feel the pathway in your body, and  have a heightened awareness about how you receive higher guidance. Ego-based interpretation diminishes, and if it does pop in, you’ll be able to quickly distinguish true guidance from the intellects vantage point. When you can feel the information coming in, you know when you are connected and receiving.

As you use this video, you will grow to trust your spiritual guidance, and flow more easily. Only use this video or other meditative tools when you can be in a focused state. Enjoy!


**> RECOMMENDED PRACTICE: Watch with full presence and awareness, breathing deeply and relaxing completely. Be with the words.images and music with a clear mind. Just receive, allowing yourself to fully claim your sixth-sensory gifts! Do this 3 to 4 times each week for the duration of the program, and more if you like. Video Length: 2 Minutes 40 Seconds


Session 1 Thursday May 8, 2014  ~ The 5 Qualities to Embody to Take Your readings to the Next Level!

In this advanced Tarot Series* you’ll be stepping into a bigger field of possibilities.  The images and symbols of the Tarot are powerful tools for transformation and a great way to access your higher wisdom!


In this 4 session series I’ll show you how to strengthen your Intuition and Physic abilities, as you  attune to the 5 qualities that make your communication and readings more powerful. This also helps improve your  everyday conversation, as well as your readings for yourself and others!


You Will Learn:

  • How to Attune to the 5 Qualities that Make your Communication & Readings more Powerful. (This also helps in everyday conversation as well as in your readings).
  • How Tarot, Psychic, and Intuitive Abilities are Related and What that Really Means!
  • The Difference between Tarot Reading Skills,Intuitive Skills and Psychic skills
  • How to Quickly Discern between Ego Interpretation & Higher Spiritual Guidance
  • To See the Higher, Fuller Story as you Read for Yourself and Others
  • Fun and Simple Sixth-Sensory Exercises to do throughout the 4 sessions. These are easy, and you’ll be delighted by the heightened awareness you experience, as we progress.
  • You’ll be strengthening your psychic and intuitive skills
  • Some New and Fun Surprises, Interactive Exercises and other Cool Uplifting Discoveries About Your Sixth-Sensory Gifts!




BulletGreen2 Going to the Next Level in Your readings (The 5 Qualities)

Length: 46:03



1. Being Open

Means being receptive, and willing to take in what is offered without denial or rejection. By being open, you give yourself the chance to receive what is truly needed.  There is no judgment, only what is.


2. Being Clear

In this state of being you are free of your current life situation and filters. There is a sense of quiet in your mind, there is  calmness and peace in your energy field and emotions, and your body is relaxed. So you are flowing freely.

3. Trusting What You Get.

If you trust first, the information you receive will be clear and powerful!  Because you trust that you’re clear and open, and you trust that what you’re getting is for the highest benefit of all concerned.  In the beginning you do want to be able to discern between the intellect and what you receive. You’ll be getting very clear about in the weeks ahead.

4.  Whole Body Listening

In this state of being you are listening from all energy centers, you are alert and gently focused. So you are  aware of what is being said, and not said. You are fully present, focused and listening on their behalf.

5. Being Respectful

There is  a sense of reverence and appreciation. You see this opportunity to receive this higher guidance as a privilege , and it’s an honor to be able to partake in this experience. So you value and hold in esteem your client, your guides and yourself. And you respect the tools, including the cards.


How do you cultivate these qualities?


  • Talk about them like we are doing here, so you understand them and can see what they look like, on the mental level.
  • Claim them! “I am now …”
  • See and feel yourself embodying the New Way of Being.
  • Use them!


BulletGreen2 Exercise Explained “Primary Spirit Guide Reading” 

Length: 18:12



Use this fun and powerful  list of questions. These are questions that the people in this class most likely do not know about you. You can ask all, or some of them. Go deeper in any of the questions that are calling to you now.


You are doing a reading with your primary spirit guides.


Possible Questions

  • Why did I choose my birth family?
  • Have I had past lives with my mother (or father)? What was our relationship?
  • How are we helping one another in this lifetime?
  • What agreements did I make with my brother or significant other?
  • What can I do to better fulfill that agreement?
  • What life lesson is showing up for me right now?
  • How can I best learn this lesson?
  • What is the name of my primary spirit guide?
  • Have we been together in other lifetimes or dimensions?
  • What was the nature of some of our relationships?
  • Can you tell me about the last life that is having the most influence on this current lifetime?
  • How does that impact this current lifetime?
  • What is it you’d like me to hear from you?
  •  What is my primary purpose in this lifetime?
  •  What steps could I take to better align my highest potential in this lifetime?


*** Tune into the cards and see them as a gateway to instant psychic access . You will be using the cards as a gateway. So you will glance at the card, but be spending some of your reading, with your eyes closed, tuning in, and letting the information drop in. ***

Practice for the Week Ahead

Part 1 Keep your eyes closed when you initially wake up in the morning for about 5 minutes. Breathe deeply and be still. Just listen with a quiet mind and sense. What do you feel? What drops in? Can you sense a presence other than your own? What impressions and images drop in? Do you remember your dreams from the night before? When you open your eyes, jot down your experience. (I recommend keeping your journal next to your bed.)


Part II For the next week,  imagine yourself being clear,  open, listening and sensing fully, with respect. See yourself trusting what you receive! (Use the Video on this page! )


Affirm “I Am Clear and  Open to  Divine Guidance. I receive messages easily and accurately. I respect and appreciate these gifts, myself and others. And so it is!


Part III Do a reading, using the list of questions I gave you. Have FUN exploring!  Close your eyes and let the information drop in. Use the cards as a gateway as explained  in the recording, and above. Practice reading with your eyes closed for part of the reading. 


Next week Accuracy.  The Difference between psychic, intuitive,  and tarot reading . Come prepared to share your experience with the practices! 



We will be having a FRIENDS NIGHT on the THIRD SESSION (May 29th!). You can Invite 1 to 2  friend(s) who will have an opportunity to get a free full-length reading from someone in the program! I’m creating the evening so you’ll get feedback during the evening, and your friends will also have an opportunity to see some of their own six-sensory abilities at work!  We’ll talk about the details in Session II !

In the meantime consider who you know, who would appreciate guidance in one of these areas.

  • Transforming a stubborn habit, or disempowering pattern
  • Is thinking about starting a new business, or career
  • Has been searching for a deeper sense of purpose
  • Is thinking about starting or ending a relationship
  • Doesn’t like their job
  • Has a recurring money conversation and is really interested in a breakthrough
  • Has recently retired and is looking for what’s next.
  • Has always been fascinated by divination tools, like Tarot, Runes, Angel Cards, Astrology, Numerology, New Thought, or Developing their Psychic and Intuitive Skills


Then write their names down, and tell them to reserve the date. I am limiting the number of friends to no more than 10, so you have an opportunity to go deeper, and get feedback that evening. So your friends will be able to enjoy sharing their experience. This helps them get present to what they received.


It will be a very powerful evening!


Here’s an easy way to invite powerfully:


“I have an opportunity to offer two friends a free 30 to 40 minute tarot reading, and I thought of you. Do you know how you were talking about [insert situation]. Would you like to hear what a psychic tarot reader has to say?  You’d be getting the reading from a friend of mine, someone who’s also been trained to tune into Divine Guidance. It’s Thursday May 29th. I’ll be there too. Would you like to join me?”


“I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve been taking this program  called “Using the Tarot to Access Divine Wisdom”. We’re having a “Friends Night” on Thursday evening May 29th. Would you be interested in getting a free 30 to 40 minute reading? Is there anything going on in your life, that you’d like to shift, or something you’d like to better understand?

Great! There’s no cost, all you have to do is provide some feedback. Plus you’ll also have an opportunity to learn a little bit about your own psychic and intuitive abilities.  It’s 7 pm to 9:15 pm. Would you like to come?


Let me know as soon as you can because there’s a limited number of slots available. When You let me know, I can email you the address or pick you up. Which do you prefer?”


Have FUN! See you next Thursday! 



Tarot III: Sixth-Sensory Guidance

Session 2: WHEN: Thursday May 15

BulletOrangeSession 2 Introduction and Sharing from Practice

Length: 35:11


BulletOrange What You Need to Know About Daily Spiritual Practice

Length 1 hr 14 Minutes


BulletOrange Difference Between Tarot Reading Skills, Psychic Impressions & Intuition and Practice 

Length: 32:24



IMPORTANT: We’ll look at setting a new date for the next “practice night” when we meet on the 29th.

Practice Between Now and Next Session! 

1. Watch the video at least 3 times and continue to use the affirmation.

“I Am Clear and  Open to  Divine Guidance. I receive messages easily and accurately. I respect and appreciate these gifts, myself and others. And so it is!”


2. Do at least 2 readings, between now and the  next session, one with a buddy here.


Next session is in 2 weeks, on May 29th. See you then!

Session 3 WHEN: Thursday May 29, 2014

BulletGreyIntroduction and Tarot Reading Exercise Explained

Length: 24:12


BulletGrey Experiences, Q&A for Couples Reading, Practice for Upcoming Week 

Length: 35:37



Practice Between Now and Next Session! 

1. Do a couples reading.

2. Continue watching the Sixth-Sensory activation video at least 3 times this week. Playtime is less than 3 minutes, and this practice will help you significantly expand your ability to receive information for yourself and others using your psychic and intuitive gifts!


Session 4 WHEN: Thursday June 5,2014


BulletYellowIntroduction and Sharing

Length: 15:32


BulletYellowExercise and Demo Elari’s Celtic Cross

Please note the demonstration of this reading was not recorded, but you can download the pdf of this layout here:

Download Elari’s Celtic Cross


BulletYellow After Celtic Cross Reading and Closing 


Length: 28:16



Enjoy what you’ve learned, and make good use of it. You have many new abilities now, a deeper understanding of yourself, and the nature of life, greater access to your intuition and psychic abilities, and wisdom. Claim it and make use of it, for your highest benefit, and the benefit of all those you desire it! And if I can help, let me know, or schedule a private session, if you’d like to go deeper or get a private reading. Many Blessings!


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