Taking It On! The Unshakable Power of Believing in Yourself!

soulfreedomwebOne of the core precepts I wrote about in my last book, is the importance of believing in yourself and your life, without conditions or limitations. For what you see as true, especially about yourself and your life, determines the quality of every one of your experiences! These “habitual conversations” about yourself, and how the world works, drive the actions you will or won’t take, how you see others, how others treat you, and what you see as possible. “Powerful believing” is a very important skill to master, wouldn’t you say?

When you believe in yourself, and your life, really believe, without limits or conditions, it shifts everything! Why? Because life occurs through you, as you believe. When we remember and make positive use of this spiritual law, life works as we truly desire. And if we forget that, we may find our focus drifting to thoughts of wrong-doing, scarcity, or other fear-producing muck!

In order to have an unshakable source of time, money, or happiness, to feel safe and steady, no matter what, we must recognize that the source is within each of us. We receive, according to our beliefs. What shows up, is in response to what we expect from ourselves, and from life! To expand, to thrive, we must expect more, especially of ourselves!

How to Be Unshakable

You create a solid foundation of self-confidence and faith by using powerful keystones, and practices that raise you up, to the experiences you’re called to create. These practices remind us to recognize ourselves as the source of our own experiences. By turning within and lifting ourselves, we build unshakable security and stability. Without a consciousness-raising practice, we can get caught in the illusion that the power to create is “out there somewhere” in things and conditions, rather than in our own beautiful, and highly creative consciousness!

step1webThe first step in mastering your creative power is to recognize that you have the power!

step 2Take it on!  In other words, choose to master the art of believing in yourself… believe in what you really want to experience… expect the best from yourself, and from life! When we take that on, we’re able to move beyond the conceptual level, in other words thinking we know it, to actually having it! So, instead of letting these powerful principles just be another piece of interesting information, we actually use them! We allow ourselves to get amazing results because we’re willing to believe! As with any skill, the more we practice, or consciously use empowering beliefs, the more natural, and easy it is to do so! The better life gets!

Do you want to be a master at receiving what you really want to experience? Do I hear a YES? Then take on believing that you are powerful! See yourself as a master! Take on believing that you can have whatever you desire. Take on that you’re willing to believe in your dreams, regardless of current or past conditions. Take on you CAN, and forever release the illusion that you can’t!

Just believe!

step3webAnd for step 3, as you’ve taken on mastery, give yourself a fun and powerful way to expand your concept of what is possible… so your expectations support your heartfelt desires!

For your dreams and desires are the language of the soul… calling you forth to who you truly are!

You try! Here are some examples to get you started! See which ones you’d like to take on, then practice walking in your expanded, ultra-empowering beliefs!


– I am a masterful manifester, a wise creator, and an excellent receiver of awesomeness!

– I am amazing in so many ways! These are the qualities I love and appreciate most

about myself … and my life…

– I believe that I live in a world of infinite resources. I have access to whatever I need, right here and now!

– I believe in the power of love! As I follow my bliss, my consciousness expands, and everything becomes possible!

– I feel so supported and appreciated! And so I am!

– I am unconditionally happy, because I choose to be!

– I determine how I feel, and what I am able to create. I now choose to believe in myself, my abilities and my heartfelt dreams and desires!

– I am powerful; YES I CAN and SO CAN YOU!

– I believe that life is a wonderful adventure. It’s simply magical!

Walk in beauty,


Elari  Onawa

Author:  Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!


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