Getting Started With Automatic (Sacred) Writing

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a Workshop for Accessing Your Answers!

In this interactive workshop you will emerge with a powerful way to access your higher wisdom.


 – Entering a heightened state of consciousness

– Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

– Having a conversation with your Higher Self

–  or channeling a  past life or Ascended Master.   

In our time together you will access and write the answers to an important question or life challenge .  And you will  learn how to distinguish between the voice of conditioned responses,  ego and your inner wisdom.  And before you leave, we will give you practices you can use to continue to expand your channeling abilities. 


WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite writing tools, whether it’s a journal, favorite pen, iPad or laptop!

We look forward to seeing what you bring forth! 

Many blessings,

Elari and Alex

Elari Onawa & Alex Then

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