Soul Wealthy

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Have you noticed that everyone’s concept of wealth is very different, sometimes radically so!

It’s not just different in the way each person defines big or small amounts of money, but rather, it’s how we define wealth itself, as an experience.

What makes you wealthy? At one point in the evolution of the word wealth, it was used to refer to one’s level of happiness. If we were to use that definition of plenty — what is it that you truly want to have plenty of?

When we answer that question — what is it that we want to have plenty of — that’s when we enter the realm of our soul’s truth. We explore and see,  as individuals, what we truly value and cherish. That is true soul wealth, wealth as seen through the eyes of the soul!

So, as you enter into the upcoming holiday and consider what you may or may not want to expand in the year ahead, consider first:

  • What truly matters to me?
  • What do I want to expand in my daily life experience?
  • Where do I really want to invest my attention, time and energy?

In this way, you choose, not from someones else’s definition of success, but from your own, from what truly matters to you

And that is where you’ll find happiness, aka wealth, your personal, true-to-You definition of a life well-lived … within You!

To your happiness; to your treasure, and to your definition of good fortune!

Much Love,


Silver and gold, silver and gold … how do you measure it’s worth ….








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