Soul Satisfaction and The Quest for Fulfillment

Many people search for happiness, fulfillment and meaning

teaching for meaning , life purpose coach, life purpose programthrough the work they do, what they buy, the roles they play, by striving to become “better” … or through their relationships. Yet, all of these things are temporary satisfiers at best.

I’m not saying that a beautiful relationship can’t last a lifetime, you can’t love what you do, or that it isn’t fulfilling to be a parent. But there will be days when the passion waivers, and your children grow up. I’ve been through this with my own daughter, who’s now the ripe old age of thirty-seven. I felt lost when she went off to college. And there was a time about fifteen years ago, when I wondered who I really was, when I left, what many people would define, as a successful 20+ year career. So, I write from the actual experience of desiring and then finding “something more”.

I’ve learned that we cannot be the masters of our own energy or life experiences, if we believe that we are the roles we play, or think our happiness, or fulfillment comes from outside the Self. We are not our roles, and we are not even the thoughts we think, or the emotions we feel. As amazing as all of that is, and it IS … we are so much more than that!

life purpose coach, self-realization, soul purposeI believe that what most people are actually searching for is “who they truly are”. You might call this the Divine Inner Being, the Soul, the God-Self, Coming Home … or the Source within. It’s the only thing that makes sense, or truly satisfies. In your heart, you know you are more, that’s why you search. Yet, in our mostly physically based reality, we’ve learned to search “out there” for satisfaction, because we’re almost always, trained away from our individual guidance systems. Cultures, families, grading systems and organizations give us a lot, but they are not set up to train you to be true to You, or to even understand what that means. This is why I do the work I do. To borrow from Dr. Seuss —

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

I smile every time I read that. The You that I speak of — is the Self-Aware, Self-Realized, “anything is possible” Creator You! This is quite different from the autopilot you … or the one who thinks you are your thoughts or emotions you … and it’s also not the “roles you play” you!
To live from the joy and satisfaction of the soul, requires you to be Self-aware and Self-led, from the You, you were, before you emerged into your physical body, and the You, you will continue to bewhen you decide to trade in your “personal transportation device” for a new one. Isn’t it good to get present again to the fact that You are so much more, than your current conditions, and who you see in the mirror every day?

As awesome as that is … there’s MORE! You are wise and wonderful, beyond what you may sometimes allow yourself to see. And every day, you get to play in the sandbox of time and space! You don’t have to retreat to a mountain top, change jobs, unless of course you want to, or give up earth bling in order to be the YOUest YOU, YOU can be! And being YOU is meant to be fun!

So how do you find and live boldly from “YOU”?

By giving yourself space to do so. By getting to know YOU! That means quieting your mind and opening yourself up to different questions, answers, and experiences that are outside logic-based, production-oriented, or “filling a void” activities. Make time to ask questions like; who am I … what’s the best thing I can imagine about … what am I really looking for … or what do I really want to create/experience here?

Then step aside from your questions, be quiet and listen. You may not receive your answers right away, but if you let yourself explore, expecting to find the answers, they will come. Sometimes they will come in fun and surprising ways! The key is to allow them to come; don’t “try” too hard. The act of trying actually introduces resistance.

self discovery, life purpose, soul purpose, doing what you loveAllow the exploration and discovery to be a source of play, a source of joy, and you will discover a lot. When you open the door, teachers will show up, soul-nourishing clues, impulses and intuitive guidance will all emerge into your field of awareness. I can speak to this with absolute trust, because I’ve lived it. And I’ve experienced so many events that cannot be explained through a physically focused, material-based vantage-point. And as “out there” as that way seem — I wouldn’t trade any of it.

To experience the wonder and magic, the ease and grace that you are wired to seek, requires a vantage-point of expansiveness and possibility. To be freely and awesomely YOU, means allowing yourself to be different. After all, isn’t that what being a unique individual is all about — being different, being YOU?

And so all is well!

Ask your questions: who am I … what’s the best thing I can imagine about … what am I really looking for … or what do I really want to create/experience here? Pick one and play! It’s not about getting it right, it’s about exploring and discovering. It’s about choosing and creating! That is the place to start. Then allow the answers to come, and enjoy every wonderful minute of your journey. It all serves YOU!

Much Love,


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