The Amazing Journey – Back to Your Soul’s Planning Process for this Life

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WHEN: Saturday, October 25 , 2014 ( 9 AM to 6 PM) 

WHERE: Our Place Virginia Beach, VA 23452

You are about to embark on a most amazing journey … a journey that will take you back in time … all the way to your  Soul Planning Process for this life.  Alex and I will guide you, so you can observe the planning sessions you had with your guides, and fellow travelers, prior to your birth.

Imagine having a deeper understanding of the thought processes that went into why you came into physical form as you are here, and now… and why you chose to take this journey with some of the key people in your life. Imagine having a birds-eye view into what you wanted to experience, learn and create in this lifetime! 

Soul Path

If you knew why you chose your gender, body type, challenges and interests, and the people you were going to meet up with … wouldn’t that give you an incredible sense of peace, and a deeper understanding of yourself, and your life purpose?

What would shift in your relationships if you knew ….  who you met with prior to your birth …. who you really are to each other …. and why you agreed to come together in this lifetime?

Well, you can have that deep, powerful understanding of YOU and your life! Alex and I designed this beautiful exploration, so you can experience your own journey, among like-minded spiritual adventurers, like yourself!

We’ll look at some of the most influential events in your life, like your choices of:

– birth location

– family

– key partners

– natural gifts

– gender, and so much more…

Come join Alex and me on Saturday, October 25th for “Soul Journey: Understanding YOU, A Truly Amazing Experience!”

We look forward to seeing you there!

Elari & Alex

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