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You do not have to do more, be perfect, achieve all your goals, or have more in order to be happy. If you want to be TRULY UNCONDITIONALLY HAPPY,  regardless of what you currently do or do not yet have,  you need to understand yourself, and the deeper Truth about happiness first! When you get this — you’re truly free to create what you want in life in a way that suits YOU!

Introducing A Powerful 4-week Program
For True Happiness!

Hi, I'm Elari

There’s a consistent desire that comes up for almost everyone and that is the desire to be happier. As I work with my amazing clients, who are brilliant and powerful in so many ways, the call for greater happiness  often shows up in comments like these …


Can you relate to this too?

Do you feel like Katherine who shared:  “I’m successful  and feel like I’m doing everything right, so why is it that I don’t feel happier?”

Or how about these experiences shared by Kevin, Laura and Beth:

If only I had _________________ I’d be so much happier”.  For Kevin that was a loving relationship, for Laura it was a better job and Beth wanted to reach an income goal she’d been striving for.

I also hear things like this when people first come to work with me:

I have a good life in so many ways, yet I rarely feel excited. I  feel like I’m just going through the motions.”

Or maybe you can relate to this from Jen:

I know I’m coasting and that’s comfortable, but it’s not enough anymore. I’m so tired of waiting for something to happen so I can feel happier. I know there’s something’s missing and I am ready to find out what that is

 If any of this rings true for you, you’re in the right place at the right time. The desire to be happier is actually a very common experience. But why? 

Here's The Truth ...

if we wait of external conditions to change in order to feel happier, we can’t get there. Why? Because it’s not the external conditions or the fulfillment of an unmet goal that produces happiness. If that were true … the answer to happier would be to do more and buy more. And we all know that’s not true. 

True happiness isn’t fleeting and it’s not dependent upon outside events, what you have, what goals you accomplish, or how other people act.

Your relationships, work, social circles, what you can buy etc. are all important, of course. But they are not the source of your happiness. They are what you do in life and what you participate in, but they are not the source of your happiness. And therein lies the problem.


We've been conditioned to ...

believe that happiness happens to us as a result of some external event. This cultural blueprint takes us out of the driver’s seat and into powerlessness and feeling like we always have to be striving for something more in order to be happy.  And when we use this counter-to-happiness blueprint, we place the state of our well-being and happiness into the hands of circumstances, people and events we cannot control. So, instead of creating happiness, we create anxiety, over-working, frustration and a whole host of other energy-draining issues. Plus, this is outside-in paradigm is culturally accepted in many ways, which is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to spot for ourselves.

But it’s contrary to how happiness actually happens or grows …  and it’s also why so many people today want to be happier than they are.

There’s something missing … YOU!


Here's The Great News ...

you can learn how to feel happier now, regardless of your current conditions and without turning your world upside down, giving up stuff you love, or going to live in a hut somewhere.  

You can be in the driver’s seat of your happiness, your joy, your sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. But, you do need to understand and transform what you’re currently doing that’s blocking a fuller experience of happiness and joy that is already within you.


Soul Happy! A 4-week Interactive Program
For Creating Authentic Happiness

Here’s What You'll Discover:

Week 1: Clarity and The Life-Changing Truth About Happiness

In this live, interactive online group workshop  I’ll help you clear the habitual ways of being that rob you of feeling your absolute best. These are the “hidden things” that keep you from experiencing greater joy on a daily basis. When you know what these hidden energy-drainers are, and learn how to easily move beyond them, you’ll be amazed at how liberated you feel, and the potential and new possibilities that are waiting for you! This alone is worth the cost of the entire program, and yet there’s so much more waiting for you as you’re about to see!  Yes!

Week 2: Soul-Guided Happiness

I’ll guide you deeper into experiencing what expands happiness for you and what doesn’t from your soul perspective. You’ll get crystal clear about what feeds you at a soul level, and how to make that a practical part of your daily life, starting where you are now!

Week 3: Happiness Habits That Create “I Can’t Wait To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning” Days

You’ll learn  unique, easy-to-use, and highly-effective mini-habits that amplify enthusiasm, happiness and overall wellbeing. Plus, I’ll guide your through a process to help you tweak your daily routine in a powerful, easy-breezy way. You’ll have short, uplifting, easy-to-use practices that fit your unique background and circumstances.

Week 4: Happily In the Driver’s Seat

I’ll show you exactly how to plug into greater happiness on demand and in the moment. You’ll learn how to stay in this space during challenging situations and you’ll get even more tips and strategies for being happily in the driver’s seat as you journey through life. This is such a powerful skill to develop if you want to be solidly in the life experience called happiness.

I’ll guide you step-by-step through my proprietary Soul-Happiness Discovery System so you never again have to wonder how to be happier, or whether you’re making the best choices for you. This is such a powerful process because you’ll understand, in a very deep way, how you are wired and why that matters if you want to take control of your wellbeing, and feel happier on a day-to-day basis. It’s like getting your unique happiness blueprint!

Plus You'll Also get These Bonuses:

BONUS # 1: Soul-Wise: What Your Emotions Are Really Telling You! Online Training Program In between sessions 2 and 3, you’ll get access to this powerful training.  When you get this, every emotion starts to make a lot more sense. You’ll understand why you may sometimes react with anger or frustration instead of responding in a better way. You’ll get the real meaning of fear, and you’ll also learn what the most common emotions are really telling you about your soul-perspective. You’ll learn why you feel the way you do and why that’s your ticket to higher wisdom, no matter what you’re feeling! (Value $197)

BONUS # 2: Email Coaching Support  In addition to the 4 “happiness-expanding” group training sessions , I’ll connect with you in between sessions to help you go deeper into each week’s training and practice.  It’s like a coach in your inbox!  You’ll be able to ask questions privately or in the a group experience throughout your 4-week program. (Value $235)

BONUS # 3  In-Synch With Your Soul Attunements 

In these downloadable guided declarations,  you’ll be upgrading your way of being, so you can show up more consistently as the Higher, Wiser  YOU! The sound frequencies and declarations are tuned to the frequency of love and soul awareness.   Making these declarations, combined with the faint sound waves in the background, create an empowering and expansive experience.  You’re anchoring more of your soul qualities into your daily experience!
You’ll find that you become more relaxed, more at peace, and more fully Soul-expressed as you use these attunements and continue on through your program. (Value $67)

Plus You Get This Fast Action Bonus Too

When You Register Within 24 Hours!

imagination life purpose

YOUR FAST ACTION BONUS: Just Imagine: Releasing Your Inner Genius Online Training Program 

Imagination opens a doorway into a new reality.  Imagination, when used well, leads to new ideas and opportunities, and it also brings your ideas to life. Well-leveraged imagination transforms … gets you unstuck and moves you forward with positive expectation. 

The ability to consciously guide your imagination gives you more joy and productivity than any amount of hard work could ever do. You could check off a “gazillion” to-dos and never touch the momentum or power that comes from your imagination, that inner genius within you.

In your bonus training, we’ll  delve into the mighty imagination in a way that uplifts, inspires, and fulfills. Then we’ll  add some curiosity and enthusiasm, and mix it all together, to get a masterpiece that:

  • Moves “I Can’t-Get-Them-Off-the-Ground” Ideas to “Fully-Formed—It’s-Happening” Adventures
  • Expands Your Sense of Joy and Wonder
  • Takes you from “I Don’t Think It’s Possible” to “Absolutely, I See It, and Believe It ” and
  • Liberates that powerful and playful part of your consciousness that takes you where you really want to go.

The Just Imagine Online Training Program is my gift to you for taking fact action. You see, I understand how distractions can happen. You go online, you mean to enroll and then something happens and you think; “I’ll come back later.” But then you forget, or something else grabs your attention. This is why I’m including such a powerful, high -impact bonus … to help you focus and take action. And when you register, you can count on me to continue to stand for you to get the happiness, breakthroughs and soul-awareness you’re looking for! It’s why I do what I do! ( Value $325) 

That’s A Total Of $824 In Bonuses That Are Free To You When You Register.  And It Gets Even Better … You Won’t Pay Anywhere Near That Because I’m Also Giving You Special Introductory Pricing When Your Register For Soul Happy!

>>> To Get The  Just Imagine: Releasing Your Inner Genius Fast-Action Bonus Register Within:  

It's looks like you missed the fast-action bonus training program "Just Imagine: Releasing Your Inner Genius". I know stuff can happen. Go ahead and register. Then send me a message by replying to the confirmation email you receive when you sign up. We'll add this bonus to your other program materials and you'll be able to access it after the program starts!

Happy Comments:

So Much Possibility Now

"SO MUCH possibility has opened up for me! I am excited and motivated again, and feeling the energy and optimism I once had. Thank you, Elari!
Nadine Rapoza
Yorktown, VA

Amazing Experience

"What an amazing experience. Each time I work with Elari, I am amazed. She's a visionary who passes her transformative teachings onto her clients. Thank you!"
Linda Simon
Palm Harbor, FL

Love Your Journey

Here Are The Details:

When do we meet?

We meet online as a group for 4 happiness-expanding training and mentoring sessions. 

Wednesdays (6 – 8 PM EDT)

March 11 , 18 , 25 & April 1

 These sessions include your training, coaching, program handouts, and the transformative exercises that I’ll personally guide you through … so you can feel freer, happier and more aligned with your Soul Truth from the very first session!

All you’ll need to bring is a notebook, pen and your willingness to expand what’s possible! We’ll breakthrough the happiness-stealing myths and create a new future with YOU squarely in the driver’s seat of your well-being and happiness! Yay!



We’ll meet online via an easy-to-use web conferencing platform. You can also dial in if you prefer. All the details will be emailed to you when you register, and the link to your program handouts will arrive in your inbox 24 hour before each training session! 

Plus, each session will be recorded and made available to you within 24 hours of each live session. 

You came here to live a BEAUTIFUL and FULFILLING LIFE  and that includes being happier as you journey through life. If this is resonating with you, then get ready for a revolutionary shift in your way of being and doing! YOU CAN get happier without turning your life upside down, or sacrificing the things you love. YOU CAN stop the never-ending cycle of energy-draining habits that rob you of deeper happiness and wellbeing. I am so passionate about this, because I’ve seen so many of my private coaching clients create massive changes in the quality of their lives with such ease and grace when they got this. That’s why I’m bringing this program to you in a group format . YOU CAN  learn how to step into a fuller and happier way of being and doing starting today. 

So, Let's Do This!

Reserve Your Spot Here

Introductory Pricing
Reg: $497
Just $297 (save $200)

Your Total Savings With Your Bonuses And Discounts: $1,024.  I want this to be super-easy for you to say yes too, because I believe in this program and know what will open up for you when you register.

Sorry this program is full.  Subscribe here for notification about future programs. 


More Client Comments

You’ve got it within you and it’s time to jump in!

"Awesome, and empowering! This was so joyful and fun, and I really love the grace and ease I now have. I recommend Elari's programs to everyone!"
DJ Johnson
DJ Johnson
Virginia Beach, VA
"Rarely have I seen a resource that speaks to your head and your heart in this way. This is a must for anyone committed to having a beautiful, soul-led life!"
John Eggen
Palo Alto, CA
"I have more power and confidence, and feel so supported. I am amazed by how much wonderful stuff is showing up in my life now!"
Shelly Norris
Virginia Beach, VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's the program for?

Anyone you wants to break free of the hidden myths and habits that rob you of greater happiness and fulfillment . If you’re ready to turn conventional thinking on its ear, and create more peace, happiness and day-to-day satisfaction in a proven, feel-great way …  then this is the program for you! Imagine being a little or a lot happier every day. There are no limits when you step into your unique happiness blueprint.

Shouldn't I Be Able To Figure This Out On My Own?

The problem with this type of thinking is that it actually keeps you stuck sometimes for years. You can’t think your way out of your own box.  And collecting more information doesn’t do it either. People on the leading edge, who’re raising consciousness and transforming paradigms don’t do it alone. What’s needed is in-depth training that allows you to rise above the level of the consciousness that creates the challenges in the first place and then knowing how to create true transformation. Very few people have this level of training and experience and it’s not something you learn  in a weekend course. What does make the difference, far faster, and with a lot more reliability  is the support and training from an experienced  evolutionary, results-oriented life coach ! I’ve been a full-time life on purpose, evolutionary coach since 2003And I’m here to help you step into an expanded version of happiness that comes form the heart and soul of who you really are!

What if I can't make a training session?

No problem; the sessions will be recorded and available within 24 hours after each class. So, you’ll have access to the training, as well as any Q&A and exercises we complete.  

Do I need any other training to get started?

The most important component is your desire to have an amazing breakthrough. So bring your desire and curiosity with you and you’ll find out what’s really possible. 

Any other Questions? 

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