Soul Growth Inside Political And Social Growing Pains

In this week’s message, you’ll discover the positive facets inside the current political unrest, what it’s facilitating and why it’s actually a good thing for us as individuals and collectively. You’ll also see what we’re being called toward and why this is a necessary part of our soul’s journey as we play together in the sandbox of time and space.

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Soul Growth Inside Political And Social Growing Pains

In this week’s message, you’ll discover the positive facets inside the current political unrest, what it’s facilitating and why it’s actually a good thing for us as individuals and collectively. You’ll also see what we’re being called toward and why this is a necessary part of our soul’s journey as we play together in the sandbox of time and space.

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. That’s when I took the leap from 20+ years of successful corporate leadership positions to helping people discover more purpose, passion and their powerful Selves. I’m also the author of   Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!

Welcome to this week’s message for living your version of awesome, welcome to “Soul Growth Inside Political And Social Growing Pains”

I chose this subject this week because there’s so much going on socially and politically in the world today and it’s challenging a lot of people. In such a climate, it’s really tempting to make wrong, or judge, or to draw conclusions about “the other side” or go hide in a cave. Yet, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Stay with me and you’ll see the peaceful and purposeful opportunities!

Times of upheaval and social unrest are always opportunities to expand in consciousnesses, and to evolve, individually and collectively.

Often, the more unrest, the bigger the leap. Granted, it may not always be easy, but if we remind ourselves of the higher purpose within these sometimes painful events, we can actually evolve from them and become more soul aware in human form. This means we can feel free and peaceful and be in the world, but not of it. We can make a difference, as individuals, by lining up with a higher perspective. We can also understand the deeper purpose that’s under the unrest, so we don’t get caught in the drama and feed the turmoil or want to go withdraw.

When we stay centered in our higher perspective, we can contribute as people of positive influence.

What is really behind all of the political drama, the finger-pointing, the grandstanding and the self-righteousness on almost every side of the table?

Have you noticed how you feel, when or if you watch the latest news about who did what to whom? And have you also noticed that there are often dramatic differences or spins in the “truth” or better said, opinions of who’s right and who is wrong. And of course, whether it’s right or wrong varies depending on our own individual beliefs and the news source we are drawn to, right?

There are so many soul lessons being facilitated right now, and that also means opportunities for greater freedom and joy.

Which is why I had to address this because the opportunities to grow and expand in consciousness are so powerful right now.

Let’s take a closer look at the blame-game because there’s so much of that going on right now. Anytime there’s blame involved, there’s a desire to make someone else responsible for how we feel or how we are doing in life. Blame is anger projected outward. Making wrong is also a response that surfaces when we overly identify with a human or social label as if that one designation defines who we truly are. And we all know this is never really the case.

We are not the labels we place at the end of I Am. Rather, we are the powerful spiritual beings capable of creating whatever we want to experience in our individual lives. We are not what’s at the end of the I Am statement. We are the one choosing. There’s a big difference! When we remain present to being the one choosing, we can see with greater clarity in a powerful, unattached way.

From a soul-perspective, you are not a Democrat, or a Republican or whatever label you may choose to designate your preference. You are so much BIGGER than that. You are infinite potential.

You are a citizen of the Universe, of the Cosmos.

We are all bigger than what we see playing out in the political sandbox and we’re all being called to see ourselves in a Bigger Way.

As we evolve and become more Self or Soul—realized, it’s only natural that political, social and religious organizations will shift. They will need to if they are to survive. Social or political structures that don’t serve joy and personal evolution will naturally begin to crumble. We are all being called to go deeper into who we want to be, to define that for ourselves, rather than allowing our affiliation with a group to do that for us.

To be a Self, with a capital S, a Soul-realized being we must learn how to turn within and align with our higher guidance. To be Self-realized we need to see that we are more than the labels we use.

We disconnect from higher consciousness when we overly identify with a label, be it political, religious or the gender we currently embody. And we cannot continue to oppress or cultivate a victim mindset if we are to be happy and free and Soul-realized.

Whatever we put at the end of I Am can have powerful ramifications. And if we overly identify with whatever group we have chosen, we will naturally feel the need to defend ourselves and possibly make wrong.

Yet, no one can be defined by a single label. And the same label, be it Democrat, Republican, Independent or some other affiliation, will actually mean different things to different people, even within the same group. We all add individual meaning to the labels we use. Even within the same political party, if you were to take away the label, and just look at the issues, choices and opportunities, no two people would agree on every topic, even within the same political or religious groups. It’s impossible because we are individuals. Being overly identified with a this or a that is divisive, and the impact of that is playing out beautifully right now for us to witness on the political stage.

We get into trouble when we defend based on political, religious or social labels.

If we think that everyone who is not in our chosen group is wrong or misinformed, that is called tribal consciousness and that way of seeing the world is the basis of centuries of unrest, war, and closed societies.

It limits our ability to see in a deeper, soul-nurturing way. And as long as we cultivate tribal consciousness or an “us versus them”  mindset, we will be trapped in blame, war, divisiveness and we won’t be able to experience the freedom and mutual respect that is not only possible, but what we intended when we came to play together in the sandbox of time and space.

When we are operating from tribal consciousness, we cannot see Higher Truth. Harmony is not possible. Let’s look at this further.

How can harmony exist when there are so many different opinions?

From your soul’s perspective, you are infinite potential. You can choose anything that lights you up. You can be different and proud. You can be different and feel loved. We are not designed to be defined by someone else’s standards, and we are not designed to be the same as everyone else. Individuality is what makes you precious. You and I are individuals, and we are designed to be Self-realized. We get to choose who we want to be and how we want to show up in the world. Yay! This IS good!

You get to experience life in any way you desire. So, this also means, that being infinite potential, infinite variety must also exist. Everything, every opinion, every potential scenario has a right to exist and has a positive purpose, even if we can’t currently see it. Every opinion, event or unrest serves someone, or a large group of us, collectively, in some evolutionary way.

We don’t have to agree with every opinion, and you could not do so, and be an individual. Differences of opinion are actually positive and necessary aspects of being a creator inside the sandbox of infinite variety. The lie we sometimes tell ourselves is that we are supposed to agree and if we don’t there’s something wrong. This is where disharmony happens!

We are individuals and it is possible to disagree and still love and respect each other.

I get this isn’t always easy in human form. I know I’ve had to recenter myself on more than one occasion. But, we cannot be free to create life experience, as individuals, if we don’t, individually, have the freedom to choose what we each want.

Everything has a right to exist and serves a beautiful purpose. When we make something wrong, because it’s different, we get caught in battling something that does not need fixing. We are fighting life. Variety is inherently part of who we are!

So, respecting that others have a right to have a different opinion places you in harmony with life.

Rally against that right and you place yourself out of harmony with who you truly are, and life is going to feel really hard.

The opportunity that is arising in this current time, is to be truly Self or Soul-responsible. And when I say responsible I do not mean blame as that is not what responsibility is. Rather Being Self or Soul-responsible gives you freedom, because you are claiming your power to create and define who you are. If I feel powerful, happy, and successful, I did that! And if I feel disempowered, unhappy or threatened, I did that too! Recognizing this gives me the ability to make adjustments.

Blame solves nothing. In fact, when we blame, we give our power away and create victim consciousness and guess what that creates? And if we make an entire group wrong based on a label they are using, and we fall into tribal consciousness this does nothing, but create endless reasons to be at war with one another.

Remember, that whatever is happening on a wider scale is a reflection of individual thoughts and feelings.

It all gets mixed together to reflect the collective consciousness within a social framework.

So, our individual work is to choose who we want to be in the world, and even when others may not agree. That’s actually a good thing! Our work is to choose to stand for something that reflects our individual and well-considered values or preferences. This is very different from making wrong or rallying against something we don’t like.

Our work is to choose from a higher understanding from who we truly are, as citizens of the Cosmos, and then nurture and believe our individual desired end-results into existence, while allowing others to do the same.

Moving from  patriarchy (predominately male leadership) to more inclusive leadership is inevitable. It is already well underway. Yet, this doesn’t mean that we want to villainize an entire gender, political party or an institution. That is not who we are as souls on a journey. There is so much that is good and noble and powerful about these events if we approach them as citizens of the Cosmos or Universe.

So, today I invite you to consider these questions.

(1) If you were to set aside a political or social label(s) and see yourself, instead as a Citizen Of The World/Universe/Cosmoswhat would open up for you?

(2) What would shift in how you see and feel about recent events?

(3) What do you personally want to do with your new realizations?

Because you’re listening to or reading this message, you are someone who is being called to be a person of positive influence. You can do that by doing your inner work, by being the change that you most want to see reflected in the collective consciousness, in the world. It always starts with us as individuals. We have to do our own work first!

I also invite you to use this message to create conversations that expand what is possible. You can use the video and the questions I include here to get you started. If you’re a subscriber, you can forward this week’s message by clicking on the forward button in your email, or you can choose from the plethora of sharing options below the weekly video message.

Believe in your Awesome Self without limits or conditions. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next week!

Much Love, 



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