Slow Down To “Speed Up” And Be Happier Too

Even during holidays, we can forget that our real leverage and source of happiness is not found in moving faster or in getting more things done. Our BIG MAMMOTH LEVERAGE … that is, if we want more happiness and faster, easier results .. is found in who we are being and where we are coming from.

The first thing that causes anger, stress, forgetfulness, overwhelm, sharpness or any other disharmony is demanding too much of yourself and pushing yourself to “get more done” inside time and effort.

You just can’t exhaust yourself or be unkind to yourself and expect to be cheerful and happy! Can’t happen!

As Alan Watts, the British-American philosopher and Zen teacher once wrote; “stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.” This is so important because when you slow down and bring your Whole Self, your higher and wiser Self to the party, you also focus the energy that creates worlds, literally! You also get present to what you’re thinking, and whether or not you’re coming from the LOVE for what you’re doing … or the need to get something done perfectly or fast. The underlying intention produces very different feelings and ways-of-being.

So, slowing down and being present and On Purpose is a really GOOD IDEA! And you’ve got that ability when you claim, own and practice it!

Another wise teacher, Abraham-Hicks puts it this way…

17 Seconds of Pure Thought is equivalent to 2000 action hours.
34 seconds of Pure Thought is equivalent to 20,000 action hours.
51 seconds of Pure Thought is equivalent to 200,000 action hours. 68 seconds of Pure Thought is equivalent to 2,000,000 action hours.” – Abraham Hicks

Pure thought means you’re cultivating or holding a positive thought without contradicting it. It may take a bit of practice, but this is definitely worth that effort!

No amount of action can match YOU when you’re in harmony with what you really want and when you are showing up as the Best, Most Aware, Doing-One-Thing-At-A-Time, On-Purpose Masterful Creator!

Do your best to be present as you move at a comfortable, happy pace. Commit to being very good to yourself. Be very, very happy. Cultivate a pure, positive thought that supports what you most want to experience and THEN do what you’re inspired to do with LOVE … knowing that it’s more than enough!

Here’s to you!

Much Love,


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