Shine: A Very Special Invitation for Soul/Life Purpose Clients


I am so excited about this program and to be able to bring this to you in this way. As someone who’s had a Life /Soul Purpose Reading with me, I am thrilled to offer you this powerful compliment to your session and the discoveries  you’ve already made!

 Shine: a Modern Day Blueprint for Living with Clarity, Purpose and Joy TM 

… and because you’ve had a soul/life purpose session … you get to pay whatever you want!

happy purposefulIf you go to the program information page on my website, you’ll see that the program tuition is regularly $625 … but you can pay whatever you want. It’s my way of supporting you on your path. I’m also committed to helping you keep your possibilities present and expanding for you … in a way that is worthy of your awesomeness! 

You’ll find this program is a powerful compliment to what you’ve discovered so far! All you have to do is enter your price in the field provided below!


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(1) When the program starts, you’ll get a personal invitation to an exclusive online training area where your audio training is posted along with transcripts, worksheets, examples, and more.

(2) Every Sunday morning, during the duration of the 5-week program, you’ll get an email from me telling you about that week’s powerful life-purpose training .You’ll also get a link to your online training area.  I’ll guide you step-by-step through the weekly audio training, examples, and worksheets for each training module. You’ll also get tips and powerful tools so you can quickly get powerful insights into your purpose and how to live it.  This way, you can come to the live coaching and Q & A call ready to go!

(3) Then we’ll meet weekly, every Wednesday evening for five weeks at 7 pm EST for a live group call where I’ll answer your questions and share additional insights , based on your questions and the groups feedback. These calls will be recorded, so you can listen to them at any time. They are an important part of the training.

(4) You’ll also get a special email address that is a direct link to me. If you have questions as you’re working with the material, you can send me an email, and I will reply to you personally. This special email address is for your personal use, and will remain active throughout the training.

(5) You’ll also get special reminders and powerful messages from me to help you apply what you’re learning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Shine: a Modern Day Blueprint for Living with Clarity, Purpose and Joy TM [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]week1module1

See Who You Truly Are !

In order to live with purpose, you must  first  see who you truly are! As we’re socialized, we hear a lot of conversations and definitions about who we are, and what success is. This is why people so often get trained out of their own guidance system, and are present only to a small portion of how powerful and magnificent they truly are. Yet, there is always a part of you that’s calling you toward something more, toward what is authentically and powerfully you! Which is why Module 1 is all about who you are! Imagine having the kind of Self Awareness that uplifts and delights you, that allows to live with clarity, purpose and joy! To shine brightly …  this is the place to start!

“You have an entire Universe within you. Let it be revealed.”

life purpose training week 2

Honor Your Heartfelt Dreams & Desires

Your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul, calling you forth to who you truly are! So, module 2 is all about getting clear about your purpose and what your dreams and desires are  really telling you!  When you know what your purpose is... and know who you truly are, you’ve laid a powerful foundation for a fulfilling life. You don’t have to be stopped, or feel stuck. You don’t have to keep wondering; is this it?  Instead, you know what you want, and you can let yourself have it!

Clear, Powerful and Fabulous!

life purpose training week 3

Imagine the best for yourself and your life!

The imagination is one of the most powerful gifts we’ve been given. As Einstein once said; it’s more important than knowledge, yet many people use their imagination against themselves. If you’ve ever felt worry or fear, that’s what those emotions were telling you,  they’re alerting you to a misuse of the imagination. In this module, you will learn how to use your imagination in a way that allows you to shine in your own unique way! This training is all about your freedom. You’ll learn how to rise above what’s  unwanted, frustrating, intimidating, or unclear … so you can shine with deeper confidence and knowing.  You’ll also learn how to smoothly move into the type of action that will produce the results you truly want.

Positively Playful – Create what You Really Want!


Now is what matters!

In order to live a clear and purposeful life, you must embrace the current moment with a powerful level of awareness, from who you truly are! In module 4, you will learn how to be more present and purposeful in the moment. This gives you access to empowering ideas and soul-nourishing guidance, as it also opens you up to a more adventurous and fulfilling way to live.  When we’re truly present, we break the “remember and forget” cycles that keep us from living our dreams, or embracing new, uplifting habits. When we expand our presence in any given moment, we grow in creative mastery —  in our ability to heal, to choose, to listen and to speak with absolute knowing and love!

Positive, soul-nourishing moment-um!


Embrace an Enlightening way to live!

Often enlightenment is seen as some hard-to-reach static state-of-being that only a few can attain, or there’s a myth and fear than we must give up everything we love in order to have this blissful state. Well, where’s the fun, logic or power in that? This is the module where we bring everything together, so you can design a beautiful blueprint that comes from who you truly are, and what you really want to expand in your life experience. It’s something you can take with you, and continue to build upon, so it becomes a way for you to shine, as you continue to grow and evolve. This is a powerful soul-nourishing life-design experience that gives you greater purpose, clarity and joy!

Anything Is Possible!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Additional Bonuses

#1 A very powerful “decoder” to  help you stay on a fulfilling track. You’ll gain quick insights into why you’re experiencing what you’re feeling. So, things like uncertainty, procrastination or doubt, for example, no longer have to keep you stuck. You’ll know what that emotion is telling you, and what you can do about it. This helps you keep moving forward, inspired and empowered!

#2  A guided integration meditation that will help you embrace  your purpose with greater confidence and ease. You’ll meet your Higher Self and gain a deeper appreciation for who you really are.

#3 You’ll also get a way to interact with the other members of the group so you can be in community and cheer each other along!

Yes, I’m ready to Shine with clarity, purpose and joy in a deeper way!

>> I understand that I’m getting: 

~ Elari’s complete Shine System for Living with Greater Purpose, Clarity and Joy.

~ 5 Live Group Q & A and Coaching calls where you’ll answer my questions, while I’m learning more about myself, my life  and my purpose!

~ I’ll also get access to an online training center where you’ll guide me through each week’s training material , designed to be easy to navigate and learn.

~ MP3 audio files and transcripts of the training modules to have in my personal library, so I can go back and listen to them whenever I want.

~ Personal email support from Elari throughout the duration of the program!

~ At the end of the program I’ll have a powerful, personal blueprint for living with purpose, clarity and joy!

~ I also understand that I can pay whatever I want, as someone who’s had a soul purpose reading ! Yay!

This is like a personal plan for doing life in a way that truly works for me, my personal and powerful definition of success!

I will also receive these bonuses:

#1. A very powerful “decoder” that gives me quick insights into why I’m experiencing what I’m feeling. So, things like uncertainty, procrastination or doubt,  no longer have to keep me stuck. I’ll know what that emotion is telling me, and what I can do about it.

#2. A guided integration meditation that will help me embrace  my purpose with greater confidence and ease. I’ll meet my Higher Self and gain a deeper appreciation for who I really am!

#3 I’ll also get a way to interact with the other members of the group so I can be in community and be cheered and cheer others  along as well!



Are you ready to get started?

>> Reserve your spot TODAY  because greater Clarity, Purpose and Joy is just around the corner!


Much Love,


orange_arrow_2Guess What? Because you’ve had a Life/Soul purpose session with me … you get to register at any price you choose.

This program tuition is regularly $625, but you can pay whatever you are guided to pay. It’s my way of supporting you on your path, and keeping your possibilities present and expanding for you! Why? Because you’re awesome!  

There is one caveat though …  in order to get the powerful value this program provides, and to honor those in the community who are new to this journey … you must genuinely want to expand your concept of what is possible, and see the value in going deeper into who you are and what you want to create next for yourself.  This is your personal invitation only, because you’ve had a soul/life purpose session with me.

You’ll also find that this program is a powerful compliment to what you’ve discovered so far! All you have to do is enter your price in the field provided!

Shine:  a Modern-Day Blueprint for Living with Clarity, Purpose and Joy TM
Shine: a Modern-Day Blueprint for Living with Clarity, Purpose and Joy TM
Reg. $625 - but you get to choose what you want to pay.

WHEN: Training Modules Sunday, Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25, & Oct 2, 2016
THEN: We Meet Live as a Group Live For 5 Wednesday Evenings: Sept 7, 14, 21, 28 & Oct 5 2016 (7 to 8:15 pm EST)

Join Me and the Amazing Group that's Gathering !
Your Price: $ 

PLEASE NOTE: This special choose-what-you-pay thank you ends noon Sat. Sept. 3, because the first module will be released early Sunday morning, Sept. 4! So if this is calling you, jump in, and say yes to your awesome self! Many blessings!


Check your Inbox after you register for your confirmation details. If you have any questions about the program:  Contact Me or Call 757.373.1408

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