Shift Happens November 2013

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It’s Time for Shift Happens!

WHEN: Saturday, November 9, 2013 (9 AM – 5:30 PM)

WHERE: Our Place, Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Do you ever get confronted by self-doubt or frustrated by procrastinationespecially when you’re ready to create something new in your life? You’re bumping up against your comfort zone.  It’ll feel uncomfortable, because you’re in new territory… and if you’re stopped… you’re  listening to scary stories instead of your true, powerful voice! If you’re looking at the goals you set earlier this ye

 … and wondering what happened to them …  or if you’re frustrated by an old habit you’d really like to shift …. this workshop is for you!ar

We  have all experienced counterproductive habits and thinking, but it is what you do with that experience that determines whether or not you create what you truly want in your life! and moving confidently forward is probably much easier and faster than you think!



[quote] Imagine being able to automatically switch off the busy monkey mind & switch on a quiet & clear mind that is able to access the creative wonders of the great universe ! Imagine being able to create greater impact for yourself and others with FUN, GRACE & EASE [/quote]   [box]

In This Powerful 1-Day Event Alex & I Will Help You:

  Checkmark6Quickly and automatically stop  frustrating habits and counterproductive thinking. Checkmark6See how to step confidently into bigger dreams and goals, so you can have the impact you really want in life. Checkmark6Let go of  making yourself wrong for “not accomplishing your goals”, so you can  produce what you really want in your work, and in your relationships. and … Checkmark6 Automatically and easily Quiet Mental Chatter, so you can hear the Inner Guidance and peace that is there for you!   Checkmark6Quickly shift into greater confidence and enthusiasm in your

Relationships … Career … Health … Family … Finances .. Beliefs and Play!

 [/box] My partner Alex Then and I are so excited about this  event, because we’ve seen the results firsthand in the work that we do!  alexandelariwebAlex has been practicing Transformational Coaching  and Energy Healing work for  years, and has a thriving practice helping hundreds of people experience powerful shifts in their lives. It happens daily when people visit Shift Central (what Alex affectionately calls our work space)! And as a Life Purpose Coach, Author, and Program Leader, I work with leading-edge visionaries, and people who are ready to experience more of  Life’s Magic! I’m with you as your future is written, and help you connect with what truly  matters to you! Alex and I  are both dedicated to cultivating a world of higher consciousness, greater possibilities and joy!  And our programs are designed from the ground up to be powerfully simple and fun… so they make a difference in your  life now! We have personally experienced deep shifts in our lives, especially around the ideas of success and personal  fulfillment.  Success, for us is about being the best expression of our Self that we can possibly be. And that means appreciating the wonder and magic of life, all of it! 

When we create from that space of pure potential …

we experience so much joy, creativity and love!

Shift Happens! We are committed to creating a life that feeds the spirit. And that is what we want to share with you, in a simple and powerful way.

WHEN: Saturday, November 9th ( 9 AM to 5:30 PM) 

WHERE:  Our Place @ Virginia Beach, 23452 (Events details are emailed when you register)

NOTE: Pre-register!  You’ve just said YES to a powerful way to fully express who you truly are! We look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in Powerful Partnership!

Elari & Alex Elari Onawa from and Alex Then of  www.Light 

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