Self-Love is the Answer

IMG_0035Responses that come from self-love, and a healthy sense of self, are active, peaceful, and even playful. There’s no need to make yourself or others wrong when you’re coming from a powerful sense of self-love and individuation. The answer to egotism and suffering IS to believe in yourself and your life, and to love yourself, without conditions. That’s all of you, without limits. From this commitment, all things are possible. When we accept and love everything about ourselves, we develop compassion, and can grow. We blossom inside love and self-acceptance; we wither from apathy and self-criticism.

We blossom inside love and self-acceptance; we wither from apathy and self-criticism.

I’ve come to believe, from working with thousands of people over the years,  that almost everyone at some point, looks for unconditional love. And most of us, at some point, have tried to find it in all the wrong places, out there, in what we buy, do, or from others in relationships.

When you choose to appreciate yourself and your life, without limits or conditions,  you gain access to unshakable steadiness and fulfillment, regardless of outside conditions.

The magic and Power of LoveThen you’re set free from the behaviors and habits of the unhealthy ego. When you truly love yourself, the healthy ego, a loving sense of self, can emerge. The wounded child dissolves. Through self- love, there’s no longer a need to get approval in the unpredictable land of “out there”. There’s no longer a need to hide from our own greatness, or puff ourselves up in an attempt to feel better. When the love of self is present, without conditions, we no longer need anyone else’s love or approval. Instead, we’re able to receive and share love, not from the need to fill a void, but from a genuine desire to feel and share love.

A healthy, happy self is rooted in self-acceptance and self-love. When we love ourselves, we respond to our dreams and goals with enthusiasm and follow our natural desire for full Self-expression. We also pave the way for ongoing growth and expansion. We also honor our creator, because we can’t be individual expressions of God, if we’re operating under the illusion that we’re somehow, not enough. From self-acceptance, you can choose from genuine desire, rather than a need to please another, or to look good. And as you love all of yourself, as you are right now, more goodness is revealed!

If that voice of fear arises, listen, but do not follow it. Listen, as if you’re listening to a frightened child, with love and compassion. Underneath is an unmet need. Remove yourself from identifying with the fear-based voice, by seeing it for what it is, the voice of a wounded child. It is simply an old vantage-point, and you can let it go now. From here you can speak to that frightened child with; it’s going to be okay. I know you’re feeling fear, but I believe in you! In this way, you’re being a wise observer, and not identifying yourself with an old fear. Love is the answer!

What can you do today to honor and appreciate yourself?

redcheckmarksmallLet yourself see all that you already are, all that you’ve accomplished, and all that you are in the process of becoming … with the admiration and respect you deserve.

Do this often and with enthusiasm! You deserve it!

Much love,


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