Self Confidence In Any Situation? What It REALLY MEANS To Be Unstoppable

We all have core beliefs that determine the quality of our lives, and our ability to confidently navigate life events, whether those events are wanted — like finding a way to thrive doing what you love, or unwanted — like losing someone or something close to you. How do you confidently and effectively  navigate life events, both the big and the small ones, the wanted and the unwanted events, no matter what your circumstances are?

So, before we can talk about unstoppable confidence, and mastering life’s ”ups and downs,” regardless of current circumstances — we need to talk about what determines your response or reactions to life events.

Your responses and reactions are driven by your core beliefs. Your core beliefs, your points-of-view, dictate how you do life. They are the lens and the fuel source behind everything you see, everything you feel, and everything you do. Which is why they are so important! And because we are so close to them, they’re not always obvious to us. So, let’s look at a few more examples of how your core beliefs influence you.

Your Core Beliefs Determine:

– How easy or hard it is for you to relate to others
– They create how you experience success and whether or not you see yourself as successful in an area that matters to you.
– Your core beliefs determine how you see and share love, and whether you can feel the love and appreciation you’re looking for.
– They determine who you can be, and what you can do and have.
– Your core beliefs determine how you feel about yourself, and whether you learn quickly or struggle, or if you exhaust yourself trying to be perfect, if you worry, or are self-critical or second-guess yourself.
– And your core beliefs, and this is really important to get, are the underlying reason why you need to feel more confident … in the first place!

Your core beliefs are the underlying reason why you need to feel more confident in the first place!

It’s very important to understand this if you want to be confident and have deep, always count-on-able self-esteem. We can’t really understand confidence and what it means to be unstoppable, if we don’t understand how we are creating our feelings in the first place.

This means that it’s not fear, worry, procrastination, or some other form of resistance that stops you or slows you down from having what you want. Those are all forms of feedback, telling you something important about how you are seeing yourself or a situation. They are feedback about your underlying beliefs.

Let’s look at this in another way. If you were to look at a tree and it’s branches as a series of beliefs about different aspects of your life, your core beliefs would be the trunk of the tree. The branches would be all the thoughts and expectations that grew from the truck. The trunk of the tree is the support system for the whole tree, drawing nutrients and water from the soil and delivering them to the branches and the leaves.

Now imagine that the tree has the ability to think like a human.

The trunk would then act like a filtering system, determining which nutrients would be allowed to feed, and fuel the rest of the tree. If the tree believed itself to be a beautiful and capable tree, and the world a nurturing place, the root system would reach deep into the soil, and draw the absolute best nutrients into its system. It would reach for the sky, and open itself up to the warmth of the sun, celebrating its good fortune. This tree would grow with ease and delight.

If however, the tree didn’t believe in its ability to grow, didn’t see itself as beautiful or worthy, and worried about the nature of its environment, it would have a very different life than the first tree. It would naturally build up a protective shield of heavy bark, and want to defend itself or withdraw its roots and branches, bringing them closer into itself, afraid to branch out and grow, afraid to reach out very far into its environment, not trusting itself to choose the best nutrients or path. It might even reach out to the other trees in an attempt to feel safe, looking for validation and protection.

You must address your core beliefs, if you want to be the master creator you were born to be. If you do not transform what’s underneath the need for confidence, what’s under the worry, the fear, or the need to procrastinate or be perfect — you’ll always feel like you are in a ping-pong match between what you want and what you think you can have.

But when you choose to come FROM a place of deep trust that all is truly

well, if you choose to know in your heart that your success is inevitable, that a happy ending is always assured, you would not worry. You wouldn’t get stopped in the first place. Think about this, if you truly believed in a happy outcome, you’d have no need to second-guess yourself. So, instead of feeling concern or trepidation about creating a new possibility, or trying to figure out how to be confident … you’d thoroughly enjoy the present, and you’d eagerly anticipate the future. You’d trust and know, deep within you, that you are eternally supported. You’d be naturally unstoppable. There wouldn’t even be a need for confidence. If you could believe in, and trust that your success is assured, you would move beyond the need to build confidence to happily creating from trust and joy.

So, here are 3 things you can easily do now to transcend the need for confidence, and instead create from the joy and trust that is inherently within you.

1. Make a clear and committed choice now that your success is assured, that everything ultimately works out for you, even when you can’t yet see the physical evidence. Another way to say this — be willing to believe that you can have what you want, regardless of current conditions. Current circumstances are irrelevant. But, what you choose to anticipate matters a lot! Choose that your success is assured!
2. Never ever make fear or doubt mean that you are not capable or worthy of having what you want in life. Those feelings are simply giving you feedback about how you are viewing yourself or a situation. Great, now you have valuable information that you can do something about. Now you can make another choice, and step into your power!

3. Keep building on what you’ve learned here. Don’t stop growing. Put the best possible tools in your toolbox. So, here’s my quick plug, get my book — “Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything”! You’ll learn proven methods to quickly shift unwanted beliefs, and you’ll learn how to pick a powerful place to stand and create from. You’ll move into being naturally unstoppable, because you’ll be coming form how awesome you already are. What fun, right? Here’s the link to Amazon.

Here’s to you and what you are creating for yourself. Here’s to choosing to see that your success, that your happy-ending is inevitable. Here’s to believing in yourself, regardless of outside conditions or other people’s opinions. You’ve got this, and you are worthy of all the best that life has to offer.

Much Love,

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