See The Beauty Of Who You Truly Are!

Confidence Self-Love fulfillment life purpose coachWhat do you love about yourself? What do you love about your life right now, at this moment?

Why do I ask? Because the more you ask yourself these questions, the more you find to love and appreciate—the more Truth you see. And that Truth IS the Truth of your magnificence! These wonderful, eye-opening questions remind us to turn way from the culturally pervasive habit of thinking about, talking about and focusing on what needs to be “fixed”, rather than what is already amazing.

This distortion of reality blinds us to the beauty that is within and all around us, and most importantly what is so beautiful about our awesome lives. If we are to live our most fulfilling potentials, we must embrace ways-of-being that allow love and inspiration to grow.

A Powerful Soul-Nourishing Practice

So, ask yourself:

What do I love about myself?

What do I love about my life?

life purpose soul truthCreate a list and treat it with love and respect.
 It’s a sacred document because you are acknowledging how precious you are and how amazing your life is! Think of this as your Sacred Truth! Keep adding to it and refer to it often. Some days it may flow more easily than others. If so, start with something small, something you genuinely love and appreciate about yourself and your life, and keep building on it.

Look at different aspects of  yourself and your life:

  • your spiritual attributes (this includes your physical attributes too)
  • what you’ve learned
  • favorite daily experiences
  • what you’ve created
  • your relationships with others,  Great Spirit, your Self
  • your favorite ways-of-being
  • What you love to do
  • your favorite aspects of nature, or this amazing planet and universe…
  • those you’ve attracted into your life
  • what you’ve contributed and accomplished
  • the toys or modern conveniences you love and appreciate
  • your gifts and talents
  • what you’re in the process of creating or becoming
  • your favorite experiences and memories…

Feed your Truth, and you will love your life without limits or conditions! You have the power within you!

Much Love,


A Just Believe Reminder

Just Believe Book“When you become the source of your own approval, and love yourself without limits… you’ll find that you have more energy. You’ll also feel more at peace with yourself and others. This is because it takes a lot of energy to dim your light. Your natural state is to love and appreciate yourself and others. Anytime you focus on something that’s disempowering, it will feel hard because it is. ” p. 23
Embrace more of your awesomeness in  Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything. You’ll find it here.






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