The Secret (Sacred) Sauce For Creating More Awesome!

In this week’s message, you’ll discover the secret or sacred sauce for creating more to love and celebrate. You’ll also deepen your confidence and learn one of the most powerful ways your soul speaks to you and how you can use that powerful guidance to create new habits and ways-of-being in a fun and fulfilling way.

Time To Your Soul Truth: Just 10 Ultra-Fulfilling Minutes!

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The Secret Sauce For Creating More Awesome

In this week’s message, you’ll discover the secret or sacred sauce for creating more to love and celebrate. You’ll also deepen your confidence and learn one of the most powerful ways your soul speaks to you and how you can use that powerful guidance to create new habits and ways-of-being in a fun and fulfilling way.

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. I’m also the author of  Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!

Welcome to this week’s message for living your version of awesome, welcome to “The Secret Sauce For Creating More Awesome”

In my book,  Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!, I explore what faith in yourself really looks like and how to cultivate it. What I’ve found from a lifetime of doing this work is that what often passes for confidence is actually its opposite, doubt.

Here’s what I mean.

If you’ve ever experienced analysis-paralysis, fear, worry, disappointment, frustration, procrastination or unwanted habits…these are all indicators that you are misplacing your faith. In other words, when we feel these states-of-being, this is what it feels like to not believe in yourself, your skills or your abilities.

Think about it, it’s not possible to feel worried if we’re cultivating faith in ourselves and our abilities. Worry and self-confidence cannot exist in the same space. And we don’t over-analyze when we trust in our ability to make great choices. And we don’t get frustrated when we have faith that everything is always working out for us, regardless of current conditions.

So, why might we sometimes doubt or experience these ways-of-being?

Here’s the Truth, with a capital T.

You’re getting messages from your soul!

So, it’s not a bad thing that we feel these guideposts because all emotions tell us something extremely valuable. We always know what we are in the process of creating, through what we are currently feeling.

So for example, when we feel fear it means we’re not believing in ourselves or our abilities, but rather, we are scaring ourselves. We are cultivating something we don’t want. Been there and done that. What about you?

Heres’ another example — when we overanalyze, we are cultivating uncertainty, rather than faith in our desired good.

And if we’re procrastinating, then we haven’t made a clear choice, because we’re making something harder than we want it to be.

This is all really, really good to recognize, wouldn’t you agree?

So, feeling a “negative” emotion doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong or that you’re flawed in some way. Why?

You are never broken, you are evolving.

So, there will always be the awesome things and experiences you’ve already created and what is in the process of becoming.

So what feeling a “negative” emotion means that you want to upgrade how you are managing your energy. It means —cultivate faith in yourself and your desired good if you want to have what you want in a fun and fulfilling way.

I recently read something in which the writer addressed what is often referred to as self-sabotage and resistance. He created the context that is was a war, and these experiences are battles that we have to overcome. Now every opinion has a right to exist, but we also want to be conscious of what we want to take on as true. Here’s what I mean by that. If we experience procrastination or doubt and label that resistance and make it a war we have to overcome, then we will create that experience, that battle … every single time we want to expand or create something new. And because we’re always being called to create and expand, we’d be creating a lot to battle and overcome. Personally, I prefer not to do life that way. I prefer a more playful and inspiring way of doing life. You get to choose too!

Making resistance or doubt or procrastination wrong only makes it harder to get into harmony with what you truly want to experience. It’s also making an enemy of a friend. Your emotions are your soul guidance and they are supportive messages. Nothing has to be wrestled to the ground.

We just have to get the message and remember how change happens.

That is — whenever we enter new territory we have mental, emotional and physical environments that are set up for what we currently have. This is how it works, there’s nothing wrong. There will naturally be a gap as we come into harmony with our dreams and goals.

When we create something new, the way we see ourselves and what we believe is possible has to be upgraded in order to have what we now want. That is actually meant to be fun and it is! Growth and expansion are fun, that’s the journey. We get to learn and play in the sandbox of time and space.

This is soul play!

Our journey never has to be difficult, it can be fun and fulfilling. We do not have to create mountains to climb or wars to win in order to grow or have something new, because nothing is wrong unless we make it so.

Your faith is your energetic currency. How you use it and invest it, determines what and how you grow and receive.

Your faith is your secret sauce!

And your emotions help you invest your energetic currency, your secret sauce in powerful ways. How you feel tells you where you are currently investing your faith. And your emotions are one of the many powerful ways your soul speaks with you to guide you into ever-greater states of awareness, understanding, and joy.

How you feel tells you where you are currently placing your faith.

And your faith is your secret sauce, your energetic currency!

If you feel happy, you’re investing your faith in an uplifting vantage-point or expectation. So, you will attract more of that. If you’re procrastinating you are placing your faith in hard and a lack of clarity. If you’re thriving, you’re placing your faith in wellbeing and fulfilling outcomes.

Are you seeing something awesome for yourself? Can you see how easy and good it is to know moment-by-precious-moment where you are placing your faith, your cosmic currency?

Your faith is the secret sauce for creating what you truly want. And your emotions tell you what you are investing in at any moment.

So, keep placing your faith in what you love and truly want and you will have more of that.

– What did you get from this message today?

– What do you now want to take on for your ever-growing version of awesome?

– What will you do today to cultivate more faith in that?

A great way to anchor your discoveries is to share what you receive or remember from this message. Share too how you will apply what you are learning.

When we talk about our insights or the fulfilling experiences and ways-of-being that we are choosing to expand, we bring those empowering choices into physical existence. It becomes physically real, tangible and seen. This is so fun and transformative!

I invite you to use this message to create conversations with others that empower and inspire yourself and others. If you are a subscriber, you can forward this week’s message by clicking on the forward button at the bottom of your email, and you can choose from the plethora of sharing options below this video. You have choices!

Have fun, and believe in your awesome self without limits or conditions. Thank you for watching and sharing the love. I’ll see you next week!

Much Love, 



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