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This is a private page for the Automatic/Sacred Writing Group meeting~

WHEN: Mondays Aug. 10 (7-10 PM), 17, 24, & 31st 2015 (7-9 PM)
WHERE: 4010 Lake Ridge Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

On this page you’ll find some guidelines and resources to help you broaden your ability to receive Higher Guidance in your everyday life, through the practice of automatic writing or sacred messaging. From time-to-time we’ll be adding meditations, as well as powerful strategies and practices. You’ll find recordings and weekly practices toward the bottom of this page! So you may want to bookmark this page.

The answers you’ll discover in your Automatic/Sacred Writing practice, will come in a variety of forms. The way you receive the information, the level of guidance you receive, and the ease with which you receive that assistance, will evolve, as you continue to practice!

The power is in having fun as you open yourself up to a beautiful adventure! Expect the best and have fun!

Unlimited Possibilities

Your mind responds to your commands, much like a computer. The commands you submit are your intentions, questions and expectations. The more intentional and relaxed you are, as you practice Automatic/Sacred Writing , the easier it is to receive what you truly want to experience!

As you grow, you may work with Spirit Guides, a Sacred Council, Your Highest Self,  Energy or Light Beings, Interstellar Beings, a Past or Future Self, one Primary Guide,  an Inner Business Expert, Angels, your Ancestors, or Ascended Masters.

sacred writing class Virginia beach va*** Between the first and second session, we recommend connecting with the Guide you connected with in the first session. This is your Sacred Writing Guide, who may also be your primary spirit guide. Enjoy getting to know him or her as you open up and refine the way of flowing that is best  for you.  ***

Here are a few guidelines to help you with your practice.

Sacred messaging Autowriting IIWe recommend setting up a quiet, comfortable place to do your Automatic/Sacred writing in your home. It might be a special chair with a candle next to it, or a beautiful indoor garden. You may want to use relaxing music, meditation, or incense if that resonates with you to evoke a relaxed peaceful state.  This is your time, and you’re doing this for you! Follow your intuition, and speak with your Guide. He/she will assist you, if you ask her/him to!

1. Always begin with the intention of drawing to you, or being with, that which is for your highest good, and the highest good of all concerned. That is rule #1! Your intention is to work with Higher Consciousness.

2. Next clear. Breathe deeply and relax completely. “I clear my Mind, I clear my field and I clear my body. All is well. I am ready to receive the answer to … that is in my highest good and the highest goof for all concerned!” Continue to breathe deeply and relax completely. Be present. If you find yourself distracted or trying to remember something you need to do later, just write it down, get it on paper, so you can relax. Then come back and breathe deeply,and be present.

3. Know that you are immersed in Universal Mind. That Infinite Loving and Creative Intelligence within you, and all around you! Some call this the Unified Field, others call it Source Energy, the Divine, Great Spirit, or the Creator of All that Is, and Ever Shall Be. It is everywhere present. You have access to the absolute best!

4. The more you get present to Universal Mind, the more you have access to it! And the more awakened you become to who you really are… the easier it is to trust, have fun, write and express your Self as you are being drawn to do! Allow yourself to feel the love and support that is there for you!

5. Once you ask a question, step into receptivity. If you stay in the question, you can’t get the answer! Seek and then find… ask and it is given, which means you have to receive it! It is very helpful to see yourself stepping into the answers, or to the right side of your mind, or your heart, as you begin writing.  As you practice, you will reach a point where asking and receiving become instantaneous!

6. Automatic messaging, as we use it, is designed for accessing higher wisdom to help you in everyday life. It is also a powerful tool for your spiritual awakening and evolution. The more you use it, the more you will fall in love with life!

7. Above all, have fun and remember you are always in control of your body and personal space!


On behalf of Alex and I, it’s our desire that this practice expands joy for you, so you experience life as you truly desire it to be!

We are honored to be part of your journey! Thank you for joining us on this grand adventure!

Walk in Beauty,

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Your Session Recordings and Personal Mantra and Practice

audio_listenINSTRUCTIONS: RIGHT CLICK on the Download Link and choose “Save Link or File As” to save the file to your PC . Depending on the device, you may need to LEFT CLICK the download link to save the audio files to your device. To listen from this page, just press play on the audio player.

Session 1 Monday August 10

Being a Clear and Open Channel, Relaxing Guided Meditation

Length: 8:48


Relaxing and Enjoying…Getting to Know Your Sacred Writing Guide

Length: 19:03


This Week’s Practice:

Do at least 3 20-minute Automatic Writing sessions with your Sacred Writing Guide. Explore where you want to go, how you want to use your gifts, and by all means ask for assistance. Be open to discovering your unclaimed gifts!If you’re drawn use the recordings on this page. Be okay with whatever comes or whatever you experience. Anything is fine, because it is part of your process of expansion.

Expect the best and come prepared to share!

Session 2 Monday August 17

We are seeing a smooth and powerful flow for you! We covered a lot of ground in this session. Most importantly, you received a gift from your Sacred Automatic Writing Guide! Use that symbol now to help you attune to the guidance you seek. This tuning is based on what you truly want to create out of being in this program. It is powerful and meant for you. Think of it as both a tuner and switch, telling your mind to relax and allow an easy flow of the answers you seek!

Here’s this week’s practice:

Part I. Your affirmation for the week is “I am and all is well!” Say this to yourself throughout the day, and be with it. Notice how you feel. See what emerges.   “I am and all is well!”


Part II: Use your symbol now to go into your sacred automatic writing at least 3 times, daily is better.

Create a list of questions you would like to explore based on what you want to get out of this program.

Toward the end of the week, look at what you’ve written, and ask yourself; what will I do with what I’m receiving? How can I apply what I am seeing … so it makes a difference in my life or the life of another? If you read something that excites you, share it with someone!

As we discussed honing your questions so they give you what you truly want is a very important piece to Sacred Automatic Writing.  Use open ended questions, based on what you want to know, create, see, get, understand, or feel. Ask, and it IS given! As you receive the answers, sometimes other questions naturally emerge. Go with the flow, and enjoy the unfolding!


Here are some examples of powerful questions.

  1. What is an easy and practical way for me to______?
  2. Why do I feel _____ about ____? What is it I need to see?
  3. How can I best help ______ through his/her challenges?
  4. What steps could I take to align with_____?
  5. Where would be the best places to ______?
  6.  Why is this situation showing up for me right now? What can I learn from it that will serve me? (another way to say this is-how can I transcend it (quickly/easily?)
  7. What is the purpose of_____?
  8. How can I simplify _____?
  9. Help me see what is needed to grow in this area. What do I need to see/get?
  10. What are some fun and fulfilling alternatives to_____?
  11. What is the impact of______?
  12. What are some possible solutions to______?
  13. When is the best time for me to______?
  14. Who is /what are the attributes of my ideal ______?
  15. What do I want to keep in mind in order to_____?
  16. What is a powerful  practice for ______?
  17. What is the root cause of ______?
  18. What is the best way to _______?
  19. Future Me, how can I _______?
  20. What is the best way for me to transform  ______ to  ______?
  21. Will you guide me to a book , teacher, or website so I can learn more about ______?
  22. What are the opportunities and possible challenges I may experience in these two choices?
  23. Why did I choose to be born into/with/as ______?
  24.  What is it I need to know about my current goals?
  25. Could you help me see how this relates to ______?
  26. How can I be more ________ (at peace/in the flow/trusting/freely expressed)?
  27. What is right in front of me that I do not see?
  28. What does my soul want me to know about______?
  29. What is a powerful topic for my next _____? What would be fulfilling for me on all levels?
  30. What is the best way to approach this situation with ______?
  31. What is the Highest Truth about ______?
  32. What is _______ (freedom/trust/love/sacred…)?
  33. What is the best philosophy  for me to use for ________?
  34. What’s the best way for me to contribute to ______?
  35. How can I raise my faith in ______?
  36. If you were to give me one piece of advice for _______, what would it be?
  37. Can you say more about ______?
  38. What could I add to this ________ in order to _______?
  39.  What gifts could I (claim/access/nurture) in order to _______?
  40. Find me the resources to_______.

Session 3 Monday August 24

Creativity and flow were the theme and PLAY. Let yourself experience how incredible you are. Claim it and enjoy what you’re discovering about yourself and what’s available to you!

Here Are the Session Recordings:

Introduction and Sharing

Length: 35:33


The Creativity Conversation!

Length: 30:19


Embracing Your Creativity Guided Meditation

Length: 8:20


Let’s Draw Experiences and What You Are Claiming for Yourselfie!

Length: 39:45


This Week’s Practice

Keep drawing,write, doodle 20 minutes at least 3 times between now and next session. Daily is better!  Just let it flow and have fun! Use the affirmations before you go to bed in the evening and as you think about it throughout the day! Have fun!


Try these on and use the one (s) that resonate with you to uplift, inspire and entrain your viibration to the absolute best that life has to offer!


I am so happy and grateful for my creative abilities.

I am easily inspired and allow my creativity to flow freely.

It is fun to be creative.

I receive divine guidance quickly and easily.

I am inspired!

It’s fun to be in the creative flow!



Preparing For Next Week’s Session

Next week come prepared to enter a deeply relaxed, trance state, if you choose. So rather than opening with a share, we will go right into  preparation. You can begin to prepare by hydrating, drink at least 4 glasses of water next Monday. Be present to what you are listening to. Choose only relaxing music,  and unless your job requires you to do so, don’t listen to the morning or evening news, and simply surround  yourself in white light. Breathe deeply all day long, and your affirmation of the day is I am peace.

As you  approach, please do so quietly and peacefully. Your job is to embody the white light and the energy of peace. If anything happens during the day to upset or frustrate you, acknowledge the feeling briefly, and simply state never the less I am peace.

Session 4 Monday August 31

Here’s the Theta Level Exercise we used in this session. You can use this exercise, to go into the brainwave frequency that is in tune with deeper creativity, inspiration and profound insights. As with all skills, the more you use this level, the easier it becomes to quickly step into it! Enjoy!

Length:  10:35




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