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This is a private page for the Automatic/Sacred Writing Group meeting on Thursday evenings.

On this page you’ll find some guidelines and resources to help you broaden your ability to receive Higher Guidance in your everyday life, through the practice of automatic writing or sacred messaging. From time-to-time we’ll be adding more meditations, as well as tips and strategies. So you may want to bookmark this page.

The answers you’ll discover in your Automatic/Sacred Writing practice, will come in a variety of forms. The way you receive the information, the level of guidance you receive, and the ease with which you receive that assistance, will evolve, as you continue to practice!

And the power is in the practice!

Unlimited Possibilities

That wonderful set of circuitry in your cranium is a lot like a mega-computer, inter-dimensional receiver, and highly evolved filing and retrieval system. No computer on earth can touch the capabilities… of what you’re capable of receiving. The potential is actually limitless!

Your mind responds to your commands, much like a computer. The commands you submit are your intentions, questions and expectations. And the more you’re able to relax, and see your Automatic/Sacred Writing practice in a spirit of curiosity and play, the easier it will be to receive!

As you evolve and continue your practice, you may work with Spirit Guides, a Sacred Council and Your Soul/Higher Self, like I do, Animal Guides, Energy or Light Beings, Interstellar Beings, a Past or Future Self, one Primary Guide, Angels, your Ancestors, or Ascended Masters.

Again the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few guidelines to help you with your practice.

We recommend setting up a quiet, comfortable place to do your Automatic/Sacred writing in your home. It might be a special chair with a candle next to it, or a beautiful indoor garden. You may want to use relaxing music, meditation, inspiring images, incense, or affirmations, to evoke a relaxed peaceful state.  This is your time, and you’re doing this for you! Follow your intuition, and speak with your Guides. They will assist you, if you ask them to!
1. Always begin with the intention of drawing to you, or being with, that which is for your highest good, and the highest good of all concerned. That is rule #1! Your intention is to work with Higher Consciousness.

2. Next clear. Breathe deeply and relax completely. “I clear my Mind, I clear my field and I clear my body.  All is well!” Continue to breathe deeply and relax completely. Let go of anything that is calling for your attention. For example, if you ’re trying to remember to do something later, just write it down, get it on paper, so you can relax, and be present.

3. Know that you are immersed in Universal Mind. That Infinite Creative Intelligence within you, and all around you! Some call this the Unified Field, others call it Source Energy, the Divine, Great Spirit, or the Creator of All that Is, and Ever Shall Be. It is everywhere present.

4. The more you get present to Universal Mind, the more you have access to it! And the more awakened you become to your true power, and who you really are!
5. Once you ask a question, step into receptivity. If you stay in the question, you can’t get the answer! Seek and then find… ask and it is given, which means you have to receive it! It can be helpful to see yourself stepping into the answers, as you begin writing.  As you practice, you will reach a point where asking and receiving become instantaneous!

6. Automatic messaging, as we use it, is designed for accessing higher wisdom to help you in everyday life. It is also a powerful tool for your spiritual awakening and evolution. The more you use it, the more you will fall in love with life!

7. Above all, have fun!

LIFE IS A GIFT and IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO BE HERE!  It takes something extraordinary to be here, and there is very long line of souls who really want to be here in human form. And here you are!

You chose to be born into your beautiful body as you, and you were chosen, as well!  So let yourself  be open to thinking bigger than you may have been seeing yourself, the world, and everyone in it!

On behalf of Alex and I, it’s our desire that this practice has you fall in love with yourself, and your life in a broader, and deeper way! You may just discover, that there is so much more to life … than what we can perceive with our five physical senses.

We are honored to be part of your journey! Thank you for joining us on this grand adventure!

Walk in Beauty,




~*~ Deep Relaxation to prepare for Writing ~*~

This Meditation was recorded in Session, on Thursday October, 3, 2013.

Run-time 14 Minutes 35 Seconds

Voice: Elari



You can listen to the guided meditation on your computer by using the player on this webpage, or you can download the file to your music library, where you can import it into your iPod or MP3 player. To download the file, RIGHT CLICK the download link and choose SAVE LINK AS. If you left click the link, the recording will open the media file in another window and launch your default browser media player.


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