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Welcome to your Sacred Writing Page!

Here is your private group page to support you in this powerful spiritual practice. You may want to bookmark (add to favorites) this page, so you can come back easily. I’ll be adding some additional resources and meditations as we go along.  Enjoy!

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Enjoy this powerful practice, and let yourself be light!


To being in the miracle and magic !



Thurs. Dec. 12, 2013

>>Your Message… Your Purpose … Your Map << 

As you look at what came through you, in your drawing and writing in this session, what do you now see is possible?

How do you want to use what you’ve received? 


Here are the questions from this session.

1. What is the purpose of my drawing? What is there for me to see?

2. What is my message to the world? What so wants to be expressed through me, as me?

3. How is this message intended to impact my relationship with my family?

4.  What is a powerful way to share my message, so it makes a bigger difference with the people I am currently working with? How can I use this message to benefit the people I work with?

5. How does embodying this message effect me and my life?

6. What do I need to release and embody in order to express this message as fully as possible?

7. What is the impact of doing so? What is the impact of expressing this message more fully, for myself and others?

8. What is the next step I need to take to realize the potential I truly desire?

9. Ask any other questions you are guided to ask.

You’ve created a powerful road map for yourself and your life… to fulfill on what really matters to you. Congratulations!

And here’s what my Sacred Council gave me, as I was writing yesterday. They wanted me to share it with you, so here it is. 

“For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened’ Matthew 7:8

Move forward in calm assurance knowing that you are divinely guided, and all is well! You’ve opened a beautiful door. Have you stepped across the threshold? 

It is an honor to be with you on your journey. If you need anything, we are here for you!

Much Love,



Thurs. Dec. 5, 2013

 >>Getting a Message for Someone Meditation <<

This Meditation was recorded to lead you into a very powerful exercise of writing a special message for someone. You do not even need to know who they are.  When you write, you’ll be receiving just what the person who receives your letter needs to hear.

So, have a journal and pen handy. And give yourself  the gift of focused attention, and let the words reveals themselves! 


RUN TIME: 8 Minutes 55 Seconds


* INSTRUCTIONS To listen on your computer, you can use the audio player on this page, or LEFT click the Download link to launch the audio in your browser in a new window, using your default audio player. To download the file for later use in your music library or for use in an mp3 player, RIGHT click the DOWNLOAD link and choose “save link as”.


Thursday Dec. 5, 2013

Soul Peace Soul Truth

 Time to Greater Understanding & Peace:  20 Minutes 

Mountain Reflection

 AN EXERCISE to deepen your connectivity and understanding of the Divine within. 

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll want to complete this exercise before your meet with your Sharing Partner/Accountability Buddy. 


WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Soft Meditative Music, a Quiet Space, Journal, Drawing Pad and Pen

Read through this meditation first. Then lead yourself through it, as you listen to some soft, peaceful music. Instrumentals works best for this purpose.

In addition to getting some very powerful answers about the meaning of life, you’re also practicing your ability to set a powerful space. You can use this skill for your self and others.


Begin by cultivating a state of inner peace, so you can connect with your soul truth. Close your eyes. Focus inward in the area of your heart.

Breathe deeply and relax completely. Breath in, breath out, focusing on the gentle inflow and outflow of your breath. Feel the peace, within and around you.

Imagine that you are immersed in pure white light. This light is the higher knowing of your soul, your eternal, all knowing self, who you truly are. So this light is balancing and energizing you on every level.

Continue to breathe deeply and relax completely. And as you breathe in and out, to your personal count of 4, In ….. Out ….. In….. Out…..  release all thought. With each breath in, you are  immersing yourself in peace and divine wisdom.  With each exhalation you are quieting the mind and releasing all past conditioning and preconceived ideas about success and happiness.

This is your time to connect with your soul truth. So as you breathe gently and deeply, know that you are creating a clear channel to hear your Higher Self. So as you explore, you’ll be connected with divine clarity and higher consciousness, that part of you that sees no limitations and knows who you truly are at a soul level.

 If you notice any areas of discomfort as you go through this process, breathe gently into them with the intention of releasing tension and embodying ease. Allow yourself to feel the universal life force flowing freely and smoothly in, through and around you. Nothing can hinder this flow of divine love and soul joy.


With each breath in, you are inhaling peace and higher knowing. And this consciousness permeates your soul, mind and body, all the way down to the cellular level. With each exhalation you are  releasing any thoughts of hardship, struggle, or limitation.



Read aloud: “As a spiritual being, I am a clear channel for peace and divine wisdom” …….. “As a spiritual being, I am a clear channel for peace and divine wisdom” ….. You now know this is true. So as you continue to breathe deeply, in this relaxed state, you are accepting  this … on every level, that you are pure potential …  that you are at peace …  and you know that you are divinely guided in every way!

Know that your soul truth is clear to you on every level spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s easy  and natural. Higher knowing is now yours, in divine perfection. And so it is!


Continue to breath: In ….. Out ….. In ….. Out …. Gently allow spirit to breathe you.  And when you are ready, when you feel a sense of inner harmony, take the pen or crayons in your hand(s)  and feeling wide awake and energized .. PLAY!




1.  What do I need to know today for my highest good and the highest good of all those I interact with today?


2. What is my Soul Truth?


3. Ask questions for more clarity or insight , if desired, and  let the answers come!

When you are complete. close your eyes. Send gratitude outward to all who have assisted you in your journey.


Many Blessings!




When you work with your partner, share what you received for yourself out of this exercise.  And when you are meeting, or on your call, as you listen for them, as they share their experience with you.  Stepping aside as a clear channel for the highest good of all concerned, what do you get for them that would deepen their understanding or experience of  their soul truth?

Then share with each other: 

Has what you wanted to create for yourself out of automatic writing shifted in any way?

Has it grown or is it the same?

What could you give to others as a result of what you are learning? 


Share with each other and come prepared for the next session to share what opened up for you!


Friday, Nov. 22, 2013

 >>In the Sandbox Meditation <<

This Meditation was re-recorded and mixed with music to help you attune to a higher state of divine receptivity. So it opens up a freer flow of prosperity and higher connectivity  in your life. With each listening, your sense of the sacred and your ability to play will increase. And as a result, you will notice an easier flow of information, as you enter your writing practice. Enjoy!

So, have a journal and pen handy. And give yourself  the gift of focused attention, and the answers to the questions you seek! 


RUN TIME: 13 Minutes


* INSTRUCTIONS To listen on your computer, you can use the audio player on this page, or LEFT click the Download link to launch the audio in your browser in a new window, using your default audio player. To download the file for later use in your music library or for use in an mp3 player, RIGHT click the DOWNLOAD link and choose “save link as”.




Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013

>> A Message to Automatic Writers: “Let’s Explore the Power of Play!” << 

sac redwritingemailbanner_web

Our group is growing and so is the presence of something really special. That something special is the declaration you declared for yourself from this program and practice. When you say “this is now what I am allowing myself to have…” it opens up a new, expanded way of being for you! And you can access that and so much more in your practice of automatic writing.

In this space, you get to explore and play in dimensions, you may not yet  be present to! And in this exploration, there is an adventure waiting for you. This is the stuff, that life was made for… exploring and growing… playing in the sandbox of time and space in a way that brings joy to your heart!  

So it is in that spirit, that I invite you to PLAY and EXPLORE. Why not let yourself be surprised and delighted? 

To allow this openness to emerge requires only two things from you. Would you like to know what there are? They are very simple, yet powerful.


#1 Let go of any significance you might want to place on your new adventure. (It slows you down and strips the joy from your journey.)

#2 Be willing to explore with a sense of play! (What could be easier, right?)


It is in this space of play and “lightness” that we flow, and are able to experience the magic and miracles that are within and around us!  Let’s have fun and see what’s going to unfold for you!

Alex and I will see you tomorrow evening (Thursday 11/21). We’ll start at 7 pm, so plan on getting here are 6:45.

Bring a favorite journal or device, a pen, and your declaration!

With Love, 

Elari Onawa



Elari Onawa

Your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul calling you forth to who you truly are. Are you creating what matters to you in a way that really lights you up? 

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* As with all meditations, only listen to these recordings when you can be fully in a meditative state. Do not listen to them while multitasking, or doing anything which requires your focused attention. Many blessings!

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