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The Soul's Journey

Automatic Sacred Writing I

a 4 Session Workshop for Accessing the Answers Your Seek!

WHEN: Mondays August 10 (7-10 PM), 17, 24, and 31st 2015 (7-9 PM)
WHERE: 4010 Lake Ridge Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Sacred messaging Autowriting IIMy partner Alex, and I are so excited about this Automatic Sacred Writing program, because it’s all about you tapping into your deeper wisdom to get the answers you seek! This practice is a powerful path to Self-discovery and awe! The last time we offered this program was in September 2013, and the insights and inspiring messages that people we’re discovering, were so profound and beautiful!

In this 4-week program, you will learn how to open yourself up to receive the answers you want , in the form of automatic or sacred writing, for your highest benefit!

During your group sessions, you will step into a sacred space that is created specifically for you, where we invite your Spirit Guides,  Ascended Masters and your Highest Self to assist you. We’ll guide you into a deep state of relaxation and connectivity, so accessing divine wisdom from your Higher Self, your Soul, or your Guides and Teachers is easy and fun. You’ll tap into the wisdom that is there for you, to answer life’s questions …

like why am I here… what is a powerful course of action from here… what do I need to know in order to experience more ease and grace in my relationship with (my partner, career, or money), powerful, soul-centered solutions  …. and so much more!


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Highly Recommend !

Working with Elari is amazing. If you are questioning anything in your life, she will help you find answers. Her methods and tools help guide you through the process of making true changes in your life. I highly recommend working with her!

-  MEGHAN ROGACKI, Virginia Beach VA



The Program I Needed

GiniI now have a definite expression of my core beliefs, who I am and what I do. And I can distill down who I am in the simplest, most direct way. This is the program I needed when I needed it. And what a great group to learn with!

- Kennth Ruch, Norfolk, VA

More Time, Ease

confidence peacefulness easeI let got of my second job, and was able to create what I wanted at my main job. I also created more time for myself. I claimed greater ease, peacefulness and confidence. I really enjoyed the group format, the sense of unity, energy expression and sharing. Thank you Elari!  

- Kim Lynn Phillips Virginia Beach, VA

I’d Recommend to Anyone!

karen_speights_web"I see that possibilities are unlimited. I loved the support, and am so clear now. I really appreciated the shared experiences too! This was such a powerful program and I would recommend it to anyone!" - KAREN SPEIGHTS Virginia Beach, VA

A Superb Resource

BrianElari is a superb resource for anyone who wants to create with enthusiasm and true power. 

-JOHN ASSARAF, Author of The NY Bestseller The Street Kid's Guide to Having It All, Appeared in  The Secret


Self Awareness & Self-Love!

GiniI got self-awareness and self-love!  I'm clear about what really matters to me, and can be fully present for myself and others!  It's a GREAT THING FOR THIS WORLD TO HAVE Elari in it. Being who she is, and what she does, she truly wants the Best for everyone! Thank you!

- Gini Bonds, Virginia Beach, VA

Connected With My True Self!

believing in yourselfI have a heightened sense of self confidence now.  I connected with my True Self!

- Phyllis Willoughby, Virginia Beach, VA


Wonderful Stuff Now Showing Up!

shellynorris_web"The messages were awesome! I have more power and confidence, and feel so supported. Things I didn't even think were possible are now possible. I am amazed by how much wonderful stuff is showing up in my life now!" - SHELLY NORRIS, Virginia Beach, VA

Quantum Leaps are Possible!

PeggyI now have a better appreciation for self, a better understanding of manifesting, and peaceful  and powerful action. And wow ... I can now verbalize what is important to me. I feel seen and appreciated, and after seeing other people blossom, I now see that giant quantum leaps are possible!

- Peggy Cross, Virginia Beach, VA


LindaWhat an amazing experience. I have worked with Elari over the past five years. Each time I work with her, I am amazed. She is definitely a visionary that passes her transformative teachings onto her clients. Thank you!

- LINDA SIMON, Palm Harbor, FL


GiniI now know that my dreams are possible, and I have crystal clarity in defining what my dream is! I appreciate most the exuberance that is exploding out of me from being planted in who I am! PLUS I love the practical steps for moving forward. Awesome!

- Kristie Knutson, Virginia Beach, VA

Here’s Your Opportunity!

KenIf you are looking to put soul and creativity back into your goals, then here is your opportunity. Elari’s approach merges insights about unleashing the human spirit with practical tools to help you align with your unique definition of success!

- KEN D. FOSTER, CEO Shared Vision Network, Author of Ask and You Will Succeed, Las Vegas, NV


whitecraneThe results were nothing short of miraculous. Thank you!

– DIANA DAY, Virginia Beach, VA

Inspiration and Purpose

purpose passion

I thoroughly enjoyed this entire program. I now have the ability to use my inner guide, and feel a deep sense of inspiration and purpose.

- Veronica John, Newport News, VA

Tennis Balls?

ChelsiBeing a Golden Retriever, I don’t attend many programs or get coaching, I’d rather chase tennis balls. But I can say that Elari’s always right on time with my dinner… which makes me happy! I'm her biggest fan!

- CHELSI, Virginia Beach, VA

Valuable for everyone

HalElari has great insights about people’s needs, and delivers practical guidance for aligning with your unique goals. A valuable resource for anyone!

- HAL URBAN, Author of Positive Words, Powerful Results, Redwood City, CA

So Much Possibility

NadineIn just 90 minutes, SO MUCH possibility has opened up for me! I am excited and motivated again, feeling the energy and optimism I once had getting fired up again. Thank you, Elari!



I Feel So Alive And Focused Now

This is an amazing program.  I feel so alive and focused now and my enthusiasm is back! I don’t second-guess myself anymore; I just choose and let the good stuff happen. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much for making this available!

-  Joan H. Detroit, Michigan



Reclaimed My Inner Power!

d_tresslerweb"Today I experienced a delightful unraveling and healing of an old clump of stuck, self-sabotaging energy. I reclaimed my inner power!"

-DIANA TRESSLER Virginia Beach, VA

So Much Easier Now!

MaggieYou have really opened my mind. Everything feels so much easier now.

- MAGGIE RUCH, Advanced Virtual Assistant Services , Norfolk, VA

A Trusted Guide

AngelaWisdom, deep understanding, and inspiration for those who yearn for something more than the ordinary. Elari Onawa, a wise woman, is a trusted guide that leads us on a step-by-step journey to success that goes well beyond the bottom line!

- REV. ANGELA PEREGOFF, President Center for Mindful Studies, Virginia Beach, VA

Immediate results

JoeP2It was an amazing session with deep insight and wisdom. The immediate result was greater ease and flow in my life. Thank you very much!

 - JOE PETTWAY Norfolk, VA

More Fun!

Okay, I'll admit it ...  I'm in training. I still want to chase those ducks away! That being said Elari's great. She's always on time with my dinner. That's how I define success! - BODHI (Zen Dog in Training)



Here’s Your Resource..

Thank YouIf you want to connect with soul-centered goals and authentic prosperity, here’s your resource. Take the challenge, make a difference and align with your most inspiring goals. 

- CHERYL BLOSSOM, Director The Institute for Inspired Living, Author of Seven Days to a New You, Reno, NV

Even More Than I Hoped For

This program was even more than I hoped for. Not only do I see myself as never before, but I was also given powerful tools for living purposefully from my new vantage point. Elari is a talented writer, coach, and mentor and especially gifted at bringing unique awareness to each individual. I finished the program with enthusiasm and appreciation for the person I am. For those on a similar journey, I highly recommend the experience of this program. I give it a rating of a sky full of stars!

-  KAREN EZELL, Awesome Being,  Omaha, NE


This Is A Must ..

AlineThis is a must for anyone who wants to connect with their heartfelt dreams and desires.

-ALINE HANLE, Author Beyond Fitness & Creator of The Cosmic Compass, Austin Texas

Unique & Effective!

SandyThank you for your unique and effective approach!

- SANDY DUMONT, The Image Architect, Norfolk, VA

Speaks to the Spirit

BelieveRarely have I seen a resource that speaks to your spirit and your bottom line in this way. This is a must if you want to thrive doing what you love!

-JOHN EGGEN, President, Mission Marketing Mentors, Inc. Palo Alto, CA

Powerful Freedom to Play

DJAwesome, and empowering! I got the freedom to choose powerfully, and a new sense of play with goal setting. This was so joyful and fun, and I really love the grace and ease I now have.  I would recommend this program to everyone! And did I mention that I got the job of my dreams? Thanks Elari!  

- DJ JOHNSON Virginia Beach, VA

Just For fun!

SydneyPersonally, I’m not sure about any of this, except, Elari does know many good things, she’s great with cuddles, and has the best tasting slippers.

-SYDNEY, Virginia Beach, VA


What a difference!

CamiI wanted to tell you again what a difference your program has made for me! Since working with you, I've been promoted, and  surpassed all of my goals, and it was easy. I am in a new relationship  have recently moved, and just bought another investment property. I am so at ease now. Keep doing what you’re doing; it makes a difference!


Profound & Clear

LinaA program for creating a fulfilling life that is easy, yet profound program in scope and clarity!

- LINA PENALOSA, Washington, D.C.

I Now Believe

cristygrant_web"I now believe that I have the power to manifest all that I set my heart and mind to. Everything feels so easy and graceful now. " - CRISTY GRANT, Virginia Beach VA

Know Who I Am!

ChelsiThis was an exciting program. I learned the value of myself, know who I am and what I stand for! I went from being closed to fully open, released the fear, and am now full Self-expressed! I am thankful for the extraordinary guidance that you gave me on my journey to joy!

- Deneen Forsythe, Virginia Beach, VA

Renewed Enthusiasm

KellyI’ve had the opportunity to work with Elari firsthand and witnessed how her approach results in positive change and renewed enthusiasm. I am delighted that her tools and strategies are now available online!”

- KELLY J. HARDY, Vice President, Client Services Harris Connect, Inc. Chesapeake, VA

Creativity, Productivity & Ease!

IreneAn awesome approach for aligning with more creativity, productivity and ease.


Unlock your true potential!

BrianYour ability to see what really matters to you, and to live from that understanding, is what brings out the best in you. It’s the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Elari shows you how to unlock your true potential.

-BRIAN TRACY, Author The Way to Wealth Solana Beach, CA


Goes to the heart

GailThis goes right to the heart of why we fail to make the progress we desire.

– GAIL EVANS, Author of She Wins, You Win, Atlanta, GA

Can’t Thank You Enough

Thank YouI can’t thank you enough for your help. Your insights helped me make decisions which had an immediate impact on my ability to connect with my authentic goals and dreams. More than worth the investment!

- KRISTI PEDERSON, President Adventure In Art, Omaha, NE


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We will also help you interpret what you receive, and guide you into expanded states of awareness, as you explore this powerful practice.

There is an infinite pool of wisdom and well-being available to you; we invite you to join us for an exciting adventure into the expanded expression of You!

Automatic Sacred Writing 1
Automatic Sacred Writing 1
WHEN: Mondays Aug 10 (7-10 PM), and Aug. 17, 24 & 31st 2015 (7 PM to 9 PM)
Check-in starts at 6:45 pm. Plan on arriving then, so you can get settled and connect before we begin!

Join Me to Claim Your Awesomeness!
Price: $145

Just $145 for all 4 Sessions!

WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite pen and a new journal. An iPad or tablet will also work, if it is easy and naturally for you to use.

We look forward to the exciting information the group will bring forth!

Elari and Alex

Elari Onawa & Alex Then

Who We Are and Why We Do What I Do

Elari Onawa is alex_elaritree_webauthor of “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!”
 She’s been  coaching and leading soul-empowerment programs since 2003. Prior to starting her spiritually-based company,  she led large organizations for over 20 years, helping them align with their dreams and desires.

Alex is a Transformational Coach and Energy Healer with a thriving practice. He’s helped hundreds upon hundreds of people experience deep shifts in their lives.  His personal journey from Malaysia to the U.K., and then to the U.S. has prepared him perfectly for assisting others in their own spiritual journey.

They do this work, because they’re dedicated to cultivating a world of Self-Realization and joy!  It happens daily when people visit Shift Central (what Alex affectionately calls our work space)! Our programs are designed from the ground up to be powerful and fun, and they make a difference in your life now! We love and appreciate this opportunity to connect with you in this way!


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