Are you choosing the right goals for you?

how to choose soul supported goals
Have you ever struggled with an important dream or a goal, something you really wanted, but it didn’t come to fruition in the way you wanted?
Maybe you made an external change, like moving into a new job or relationship. It felt good in the beginning, but then the same unwanted conditions surfaced again.

Well, get ready to find out why this happens. Let’s talk about getting ready for new horizons with the right goals for you!

In this week’s message, you’ll discover:

  • Which dreams and goals are soul-supported, and which ones are not.
  • What to ask yourself before committing to a goal or life choice.
  • The difference between needing and wanting, and the 4 reasons why it really matters.
  • How to choose from a powerful foundation and a pure fuel source!

Powerful Foundation

First, we’ll need to look at something really important, that’s often not accounted for when making important life choices. If you want to have a great experience creating something, then you have to start with a powerful foundation. The foundation is why you choose the goals that you choose! If you don’t understand “the why” or the purpose driving the goal, then you can unknowingly set yourself up for a really rough ride.

Two Powerful Keys

So, let’s look at two important distinctions, two powerful keys, that when understood, will free you from unnecessary frustration, disappointment, and self-doubt.

These two keys can be found in answering these two questions:

1. Is this the right goal for me? In other words, is this desire soul-supported?

2. Do I really want this? Even though this may seem obvious, many goals are chosen out of perceived obligation, or a “should”, rather than a genuine “I really want to”.

Let’s start with the first key — is this goal right for me?

If you read Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything! or have worked with me; you will recognize this powerful Truth;

“Your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul; they call you forth to who you truly are.”

There’s a huge difference between a heartfelt dream or desire, and a desire that is built on need  In the case of a heartfelt desire — you’re being called toward something; expansion and a joyful experience.  In the case of a need — you’re trying to move away from something unwanted, trying to prove worthiness,  and not understanding how amazing you already are! When choosing from the heart/soul, you’ll notice a sense of peacefulness and joy, whereas a choice from need carries urgency and anxiety with it.

Choosing a goal from need is a problem for four reasons:

1. You’re not coming from who you truly are — powerful, whole, perfect, complete, and capable of creating anything you desire. So, anything chosen from unworthiness will produce more feelings of unworthiness. It is not soul-supported!

2. Basing a goal on a need, rather than a desire — means you bring the cause of the unwanted condition with you! If you haven’t transformed why it shows up; it’s destined to repeat itself.

3. You are emitting the frequency of “I don’t have it yet” when you base a goal on a need. And you receive what you believe!

4. If you don’t transform the source, you’re not allowing yourself to evolve. And enjoyable, expansive growth is a fun-damental soul goal!

So, what is a heartfelt dream or desire?

A heartfelt desire is a strongly felt eagerness for an experience. Again, this means you’re being called toward something, rather than trying to escape something you don’t like.

Underneath the external desire is the actual goal — recognizing who you truly are at a soul level, embracing what you want to express in your life, and how you truly want to feel, as you move forward. It’s about being!

With a heartfelt desire, you will feel enthusiasm for the journey (what you’ll be doing along the way) as well as the destination. HINT: If you’re fixated on just “getting there”; that’s a sure sign of needing, rather than wanting! A heartfelt dream or desire is an authentic reflection of what you truly want to experience next. It’s based on joy and/or peace and comes from a powerful source — your Soul Self.

So, let’s look at the second key to choosing a soul-supported goal: do I really want this?

To see if a dream or desire is coming from your heart/your soul – ask yourself; do I really want this?

You will usually get a clear yes or no.

If you need added clarity, you can also ask yourself:

– Is there a lot of positive energy around this possibility?
– Do I see myself happily learning about it and lining up with it?
– Is this what I want to stand for, and does it support my mission?

If the desire feels like you have to force it, then it’s not a true desire; it’s a need. If, for example, you’re choosing a new job, or saying yes to a request from a friend, because you think you “have to”, then you’re choosing out of an obligation that is limiting your Self-expression in some way.

What you’re feeling for — is a pure eagerness or “rightness” for the experience. There’s no need to prove yourself behind it, nor is there a desire to hide, or to fill a void. There’s a feeling of I want to, not a feeling of I need to.

If you’re excited about the prospect of growing into a desire, if it keeps surfacing as a possibility and won’t go away — but you feel more afraid than ready — that means that you have some lining up to do, in order to feel ready.

To Recap

To choose the right goal for you, start off with a powerful foundation:  a desire that is genuine, and heartfelt. You know what that feels like now!  At a soul-level, there’s no attachment to what you choose, but you do care why you’re choosing it! Then, before committing, check in and confirm that you love the idea of learning about it, and growing into it.

If you’ve worked with me in a private coaching program, you know your purpose,  and you have a mission. So, you have a North Star to use when you’re making important life decisions. You can ask yourself; does this support my mission? You always know when it’s a yes or a no!

Here’s to your heartfelt dreams and desires!

Much Love,


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