Here’s What Happens If We Keep Looking For The​ “Right” Answer …

There’s so much information available today, on just about every topic we can imagine.  Whether you’re looking for the best way to align with your goals, searching for a powerful relationship, or want to know how to create a thriving business, there’s no shortage of opinions, tips, and methodologies. We could spend a lifetime searching, but never find what we’re truly looking for!

As I do a lot of my work online, I encounter a lot of people who proclaim to have the best, or the “right way” to align with your goals. But here’s something to consider. There’s no such thing as “the right or best way” for everybody. In fact, the search for the right or perfect answer creates a lot of unnecessary confusion. The search for the perfect solution can create infinite spin cycles that drain our energy in “busyness”, and produce nothing more than frustration and anxiety!

So here’s the liberating truth that leads to an infinite amount of ease and grace…

 Almost any approach will work well if we claim that we’ve found the answer, and then believe in it!

This is the power and beauty of our beliefs! Anything can work, if we claim it, and are willing to see that it works!

Processes and strategies don’t matter nearly as much, as the faith you place in yourself, and in your choices. Because even the best-tested cleartransformation_webmethods will not work if we don’t believe that they will! And if we don’t own the answer, we’ll keep searching for it! I’ve been there and done that one! The subconscious mind is so powerful. It’s designed to search for, and provide evidence, each according to her beliefs!

So here’s some more great news! You can stop searching for the “right” or perfect answer. Instead choose based on your personal preferences, based on what you believe and enjoy! It’s not about getting it right or perfect. The power resides inside your beliefs, and in your joy!

Use happiness and confidence as your criteria for making the choices that are best suited to you. And once you make your choice, don’t wonder whether or not it will work. If you dwell in the land of doubt, it won’t work, no matter what you choose!

Emerson once wrote; “Whatever course you decide upon, there’s always someone to tell you that you are wrong. They’re always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action, and follow it to an end requires courage.”

Take a deep breath, and smile. Trust your choices, believe in them, and you will be rewarded!


Check out these awesome affirmations. Try them on, and choose what feels good!

– I trust myself, my choices, and believe fully and completely in my abilities!

– I choose well, for I am divinely guided!

– I love and appreciate my ability to remain present and focused on what I truly want to create.

– I am awesomely and deliciously decisive! Sweet!

– I choose with clarity and confidence!

Celebrate Your Awesomeness!


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