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Welcome to the Profits with Purpose: More Purpose, More Profits, More Fun! Coaching Program!

Congratulations on joining this life-changing program!

As you’re going through your private coaching program, I invite you to see this as a powerful spiritual journey, because it is! Anytime you want to step up in a bigger way, fulfill a heartfelt dream or desire, be more fully Self-expressed, or expand your concept of what is possible … it’s a spiritual journey that’s calling you to claim more of who you truly are!


The Profits with Purpose: More Purpose, More Profits, More Fun  Coaching Program will help you claim the mindsets, habits and understanding  that’ll  allow you to consistently grow your business,  make the difference you most want to make, and do it in a fun and fulfilling way!


I’m so glad you’re saying yes to your heartfelt dreams and desires! It’s an hour to be with you on this powerful journey!
You’ll find the information and templates you’ll  need for your  next steps  on this page.

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Right Click on the Download Links and choose “Save Link or File As”  or “Download Linked File” to save the file to your computer . You may also LEFT CLICK the download link to save the files to your cellphone or tablet, depending on your operating system.


Your Tools for Creating More Purpose, More Profits and More Fun as You Make a Difference Doing What You Love :
1. Listen to the recording of your deep-dive session. Follow along with the Deep-Dive Questionnaire and write in your responses as you listen. If anything else occurs for you, add that too. Pay attention to what you’re sharing, and where the energy is as you listen and write. Highlight anything that has a lot of energy or resonance with you.
Here’s the Questionnaire in Word and in a PDF

2.  Complete Your Mission,Vision, Ideal Clients and Sales Forecast template here. 


Download the PDF Version or Download the Word version

You’ll find the instructions in the template. If you have questions, be sure to let me know!

In this step you are putting what you’ve already done in step 1, into a format that can be woven into your website, marketing materials, presentations, how you talk about your work, how you deliver your services, and what you most want to contribute to your clients. You will also move forward into the breakthroughs you need to have, so you can stand proudly and confidently in the work you do, as well as your ability to grow your business in a fun and fulfilling way!

 3. Complete the Fun and Fulfilling Work Description template
 TIME TO COMPLETE: About 45 Minutes
As you stretch you’re  also called to expand how you see yourself. Often the reason for procrastination, fear, making yourself wrong, worry, or  recurring patterns of starting and stopping are rooted here. These behaviors occur because you set a goal or intention,  that doesn’t match what you believe to be true about yourself or how life works!  And when it comes to attracting what you really want, and having more ease and funnothing matters more  than  upgrading what you believe to be true about yourself!  You are a powerful creator, and you’re going to experience the most uplifting and powerful aspects of yourself,  as you move through this program! I’ve designed it that way! So, get ready to claim more of your awesomeness!
4. Complete the Ultra-fulfilling Lifestyle Template . 
This will help you create the business and lifestyle you LOVE! So, you’ll be looking at what you want to do, and when. You’ll be creating a schedule that support your mission and vision of a life well lived!
 REMINDER: Bring your completed templates with you to your next session or if you can, email them to me the day before we’re meeting!
creating like a master
5.  Read the “How to Spread the Word About Your Amazing Services” Handout  between session three and four.  Pick one to two ways of spreading the word, something you like or love to do, and already have the skills to do!  *** Then choose when you will consistently and enthusiastically take those actions to spread the word abut your amazing services. ***   Have fun making a difference!

As  you’re drawn toward more fulfilling experiences …you’ll also be called to expand how you see yourself!

So, see yourself as already worthy, amazing , powerful, capable …. let it be fun and easy!


One beautiful, powerful , soul-nourishing step at a time!


A Very Powerful GIFT for You!!

As you follow your heartfelt dreams and desires, you are naturally called forth to expand how you see yourself. And as your business grows, you’re positively impacting more and more of those you want to serve. To grow with ease and grace, you will want to expand how you see yourself and how you see your unique gifts and abilities. In fact, as you step more fully into your calling, you will most likely discover gifts that you didn’t even know you had!

The following meditation; Expanded Self and Gifts Attunement Meditation will help you do just that!

You’ll want to set aside about 1 hour, so you can listen to the attunement meditation and then journal about your experiences and realizations.


DOWNLOAD the Expanded Self and Gifts Attunement Meditation[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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