3 Fun and Easy Ways to Quiet an Overly-Active Mind



Without present moment awareness, thoughts can drift aimlessly into the future, or back to the past. We may even find ourselves amplifying problems, instead of expanding beauty, or claiming the fulfilling moments that are always there for us. When we’re present, we can gently guide our thoughts to be in alignment with what we truly want to expand in our experience.

When we are present, we can choose ease, wisdom, or joy.

The Experience of Presence

When we’re present in the moment, we are gently noticing what’s happening within us, as we’re also observing what we are in the midst of doing and creating. We’re not stressing about the past, or what we didn’t do yet. Instead we are allowing ourselves to be in the moment, witnessing, choosing, seeing, learning, creating, and enjoying wherever we are!

When we’re fully present, we’re aware of how we feel, and what we’re thinking. Yet it’s not about monitoring thoughts. When we’re present, there’s no “efforting” there, nor is there a need to correct, or make wrong. Instead, there’s clear discernment, without the sharp sting, we can feel from the non-present self’s need to be “perfect”. I like to call the “non-present autopilot mode” — mini-me and the “present Me” – Mighty Me!

With presence, the mind is actually quiet and peaceful. And from this space, we’re able to choose what we want to expand in our experiences, in a way that’s aligned with our true desires.

How present are you? Now, imagine expanding multicolorcompassthat way-of-being, so presence becomes your new normal? What would that do for you and your daily experiences? Does that feel like it’s too far out of reach, or too difficult? It doesn’t have to be. In fact, it may be easier and a lot more fun than you think.

3 Fun and Easy Ways to Quiet an Overly-Active Mind

Use natural breaking points throughout your day to check-in and see how you’re feeling. Natural breaking points are when you stop and end activities, such as hanging up the phone, before writing an email, going to lunch, before making a decision, or after brushing your teeth, for example. Instead of jumping right into the next activity, pause for a few seconds, and just observe, without judging anything.

Here are three ways to use those natural breaking points, and expand soul-nurturing presence.

1. Take your attention away from your thoughts, and focus on your body. Are there any areas of tension? If so, take a deep breath, smile, exhale and relax. Notice how much better you feel. And you didn’t even have to “figure it out”! Continue to breathe deeply, noticing the silence, and how much more peaceful you feel. This is an easy way to train your mind to slow down, so you can hear the guidance from your soul.

2. Savor something slowly. Bring something you really enjoy into your awareness, and then spend thirty to forty seconds, (or more if you like) savoring it. Whether it’s a memory, an object, or what you’re currently thinking or doing, appreciate its qualities. Just enjoy it; then let it go. This is like candy for your soul! Plus you’re also expanding your ability to attract more of the experiences you enjoy!

3. As you walk about your office, home, or in nature — notice your surroundings. Don’t assess anything, just be with what you see.

As you develop the power of presence, you expand your sense of wellbeing, and your capacity to create what you truly want in life. It doesn’t have to be hard.

You can experience a natural rhythm of ease and awesomeness!


Much Love,

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