How to Keep those Powerful Insights from Disappearing

When was the last time you read, or heard something that gave you an aha moment?  This is one of those…this is it…powerful insights that’s an answer to something you’ve been searching for.  Maybe it’s the missing ingredient to aligning with a goal that’s calling you, or perhaps it’s an observation, that if integrated, would help you shift a disempowering habit. Well, have you ever noticed that even though that aha moment might have made you sit up a little straighter, or listen more closely, that solution often disappears? It doesn’t have the impact you really want, and not much changes.

So how do you keep those powerful insights from disappearing?

To start, when you read, or hear  something that would help you in some way, don’t just move onto something else, after reading or hearing it. If you do, that insight stays on the mental, or conceptual level. That means it will have little impact for you, other than being an interesting piece of information, that collects dust. I’ve found this to be one of the most important things to observe about yourself.

What do you do with the information that can really make a difference for you?

Do you file it away for “later” …

tell yourself that you already “know” it …

do something with it, or

breeze by it, dismissing it as too simple?

If you want that idea to make a difference, slow down, in order to speed up. Because until you allow yourself  to truly  “get” that insight, beyond the conceptual level, so it can make a difference, you’ll keep repeating the old ways of being and doing, even those that aren’t aligned with what you really want to create! I’ve been here and done it myself!  Fortunately, there’s a simple way to embody those powerful insights, so we can make use of them quickly and easily!

(1) When you have an aha moment, take a few minutes, breathe deeply, and with a clear mind, consider what you’ve heard or read.  And if you can’t do this at the present moment, schedule time to do this for yourself, as soon as possible!

Ask yourself; what would shift for me if I were to take this idea or belief on? What would I do differently? What experiences or results would be possible?  Then make a very important choice.

(2) Claim it for yourself.  You can do this by declaring what you’re allowing yourself to experience now.

So that might look something like:


>> I am now choosing to learn quickly  and easily!

>> I am willing to believe in myself, and my abilities, without limits our conditions!

>> I now see myself as happy and productive!

>> I used to believe that I had to struggle in order to have this. And I am now choosing to believe in myself, and my heartfelt dreams and desires! I am allowing this good to come to me now. And so it is!

(3) Now see yourself in action with this new way of being and doing. Imagine yourself having mastered this new idea, or having that heartfelt desire. Feel it done. When you can see or feel it, as possible, by taking the time to embody what you’re learning or creating, it can materialize naturally for you!

You keep the powerful aha insights from disappearing by slowing down, so they can go beyond the conceptual level! You make powerful insights yours when you claim them for yourself, and then do something with it!

You are amazing, celebrate that!


P.S. If you have my book, Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself  Shifts Everything, check out page 55, the section “A Beautiful Mind” for more guidance in the ease and grace department! You’re awesome, claim it!      

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