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Powerful Self Expression: Sharing Who You Are & What You’re Up To!

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We create in language, it’s how we uplift and inspire others, build powerful relationships, and contribute to our families and those we work with. So if you want to have a bigger impact,  and feel the joy of being seen and understood for who you truly are … then you need to be able to communicate in a clear and compelling way!

To create what you truly want in your work,  and in your relationships means being free to express yourself authentically and powerfully! 

 Here’s What to Expect:


I’ll help you identify and clear the blocks that keep you from confidently sharing what you want to create in your life, so you can get the results you really want

I’ll take you through a series of exercises to help you Checkmarkshare yourself, your ideas, and what you do in a powerful and compelling way that feels natural to you!


You’ll discover the  1 KEY you must embrace if you want to get the results you really want.

CheckmarkHands-on practice sharing your ideas in a safe and fun environment, plus  powerful coaching  so  you can get your point across quickly and easily, no matter the environment or subject matter !


Renewed confidence and enthusiasm and the freedom to create powerfully!

In this program you’ll get freedom from feeling stopped when it’s time to talk about yourself, or something you want to create!  You’ll see that your power is not in “making things happen” but in what you are allowing yourself to see and claim about yourself! You’ll get really clear about how amazing you are and  what really  matters to you! So you’ll give yourself the freedom to be totally and wonderfully you, and that means letting yourself receive you heartfelt dreams and desires! 

So this program is for You! Let yourself play fully!


BulletOrangeSession I Thursday, July 10, 2014

In this session we went through a series of exercises to help you identify your awesomeness! You identified what you love, appreciate and admire about yourself! You claimed what you are proud of, saw your accomplishments, how much you’ve learned and the beauty of who you are being. And you started to also see what you contribute to others in a deeper way. There were no recordings from this session, because this evening was about the inner journey. You shared some powerful aspects of yourself, and claimed them in this wonderful group of souls who have gathered for this life-changing conversation. The answers to your questions form the foundation of creating a powerful message, something you truly want to share with others!


Your Powerful Practice for This Week:

Each day read though your list of things you love and appreciate about yourself and your life. Slowly read through the entire exercise as you went deeper. Read it and feel it. Add to the list as new things emerge for you. Then see yourself doing everything from this place of self appreciation and clear vision.

Listen to others from this space, speak from this space, explore from this space, solve problems from this space… have FUN and CELEBRATE from this space!!
As you go through your week, notice what becomes available to you, and see how you’re expanding! Allow this experience to work on your behalf!

All you have to do is be YOU … read the qualities you love and appreciate about yourself, claim them … and allow them to be expressed through you!

Come back prepared to stand up and share what you now see for yourself, and what matters to you! I’ll see you next week!


Session II Thursday, July 17, 2014

 Introduction, Sharing What You’re Seeing 

Length: 59:17


Discovering Your Favorite Tool for Hiding

Length: 42:28


Clearing Your Path Meditation and Attunement

Length: 23:50

Exercise After Meditation & This Week’s Practice

Length: 27:27





Session III Thursday, July 24, 2014

There’s audio of the first 48 minutes of the session. To get you present again to what you accomplished ….

You now know what you stand for… and you’re clear about what makes you happy … and what you contribute to others that is distinctly your own.  You’ve claimed an opinion…your powerful place to stand and when you are at your best …  and you now own it, and are proudly proclaiming that vantage point! And the power in this is amplified because you were able to put this on one piece of paper. Simple, beautiful and VERY powerful! Congratulations!

What I Stand for …

My core message (for the next 1-2 years) is …

What I love about this is  …

The most pressing problem this solves (the highest benefit/value) this adds is ..

And how I best share it is (my communication style is…)

Length: 48:23


Your Powerful Practice This Week:

1. Look over your  Summary of YOU Fully Self_Expressed! Be with it! Smile at your awesomeness … celebrate you!

2. Write a list of  at least 20 places or situations where  you can share what you stand for (what’s important to you) and how that makes a difference! Think about the roles you play, who matters to you, places you visit, people you know, or don’t yet know.  Where  could you share this in a powerful way?


3. Come with your list next Thursday! Be sure to bring your Summary Sheet of YOU Fully Self-Expressed


4. Continue to read your list of things you love and appreciate about yourself… And now your life ( if you have not   already done so).


It’s only when you  claim what matters to you, and when you finally say that NO MATTER WHAT …. I LOVE MYSELF AS I AM … that you can be powerfully and authentically you!  This is when you shine! This is when magic happens! This is your path to personal truth and freedom … The freedom to live your  life as you truly want it to be! This is YOU fully Self-Expressed!



Session IV Thursday, July 31, 2014


Introduction and What’s Showing Up

Length: 34:16


Places to Share our Core Message and What We Stand For

Length: 43:24


What Needs to Be Present for Manifestation to Occur

Length: 42:00

Completion: What You Now Know, What You Got from Our Time Together

Length: 16:36


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