Using The Power Of Your Soul Archetype

​Welcome to your training program!

In this training, you’ll discover your soul archetype and you’ll also learn how to quickly anchor a powerful new way-of-being,  one that is aligned with who you truly are and what you really want to experience next!

Life Purpose Coach Virginia Beach

You Will:

  • Discover some fundamental and liberating truths about yourself and your life.
  •  Get why you’re here and why you matter.
  • Find out why you are the way you are and why that is so awesome!
  •  Easily see when you’re awake or asleep to who you really are and why that is so important.
  •  See how to shine your light in a bolder, more fulfilling way.
  •  Discover a powerful way to stay connected to the best aspects of your Self
  •  Find Your Soul Archetype and more of your awesomeness!

I’m so excited that you chose to join me for this powerful program because I know what is waiting for you!

Here’s to you!

Much Love,

Elari finding your purpose programs

Here Are Your Training Materials

Time To Complete Your Program: About 2 1/2 to 3 Hours


Step 1: Watch This Video First  

Length: 28 Minutes

If the video doesn’t appear in this area, click the Refresh button in your web browser. It will look something like this = 

Step 2: Download And Complete This Workbook

Approximate Time to Complete: About 45 to 60 Minutes


Download Workbook

Step 3: Listen To The Closing

Audio Length: 37 Minutes | Total Time To Complete: 1 Hour


life purpose coachingInstructions for Downloading these Files:

RIGHT CLICK on the Download Links . Choose “Save Link or File As”  or “Download Linked File” to save the file to your computer. You may also LEFT CLICK  or TAP the download link to save the audio file to your cell phone, iPad or tablet, depending on your operating system.

Although you can listen to the audio right from this page, I recommend saving these training materials to your personal device, so you can make it part of your Personal Library of Awesomeness!

Questions about your program or coaching? Contact Elari 

Your Agreements:

By accessing this training center and clicking on any pages or downloads

You Agree To

1. Have FUN!
2. Stay open,  and let the material work for your greatest benefit.
3. Not forward or reproduce the program materials. They are for your personal use only.


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