The Power Of Play

In this week’s message, you’ll learn how to use the liberating power of play to transform a situation that feels hard or unfulfilling. You’ll also discover why playfulness isn’t just for our little ones. It’s one of the most undervalued yet powerful gifts we can give ourselves. Play as a way-of-being and doing is also for the wise and wonderful adults who are ready to experience more of life’s magic. Yes!

Time to More Fun And Fulfillment: Just 13 Liberating Minutes!

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The Power Of Play

In this week’s message, you’ll learn how to use the liberating power of play to transform a situation that feels hard or unfulfilling. You’ll also discover why playfulness is so important to your wellbeing. It’s not just for the little one. Play as a way-of-being and doing is also for the wise and wonderful adults who are ready to experience more of what they really want in life.

Why is play so powerful?

Because you can’t have a happy ending at the end of a journey that’s harder than you want it to be. How you feel along the way, is the way you’re going to continue to experience until you do something about the way you are feeling. Happy journey, happy endings!

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. I’m also the author of  Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything! Welcome to this weeks message for living your version of awesome, welcome to “The Power Of Play”

Did you know that there are over sixty definitions for the word, play, in online dictionaries? The word, play, can be used as a noun, as in something you’d watch on a stage, and you can also use play as a verb, as a description for how you are doing something.

We can play to win. We can play for something, and

we can also play to play, for the joy of the experience.

Play in the way I am using it here is a way-of-being and doing that is best described as being light-hearted and having fun.

Play along with me! 

Do you remember what it was like to play during summer breaks as a child? Did you spend your summer hours out in the sun with friends? Did you get lost in your vivid imagination, or in a favorite book? Did you stare up at the clouds and wonder what you would be doing when you grew up? Did you organize your neighborhood friends in a game of adventure, or pretend to be a daring super-hero?

What was your favorite form of play?

What did playfulness feel like to you?

Here are some feelings I get when I ask that question … playful feels like cheerfulness. It feels light, and when I’m playful it feels that anything is possible. Playfulness, for me, feels expansive, happy, and it feels like being engaged and deeply connected to whatever I happen to be doing at the moment. It feels like doing something I genuinely want to do. And, for me, being playful feels like a smile and laughter, and playfulness is liberating and feels great. It feels like thriving. These are highly supportive and uplifting ways of doing life, wouldn’t you agree?

What playfulness doesn’t feel like is heaviness, or being over-responsible, over-worked or overcommitted. What playfulness doesn’t feel like is seriousness, stress or worry or feeling drained or frustrated, because something didn’t turn out the way I initially expected. And playfulness certainly doesn’t feel like having to control all the details of a project or experience that I’m in the process of creating.

Some people create a dividing line between work and play. I used to do that too! But in doing so, we drastically reduce our ability to experience joy in our chosen professions. And some people play only to win, or for the desired end-result or destination … and so they tie their happiness to a specific outcome and can’t enjoy the journey.

Playfulness, as a way-of-being and doing is liberating and powerful. Here’s more about that:

> Cultivating play brings forth expansiveness, new possibilities, and creativity in a way that seriousness or worry cannot do.

> Play helps us connect to the deeper and wiser aspects of ourselves so, we can make better decisions and have more fun!

> Being playful liberates us from the weight and seriousness that we, so often, take on as we navigate adulthood.

> Playfulness is a necessary ingredient for happiness and who doesn’t want to be happy, right?

> And when we’re playful we are also attracting more joyful experiences into our lives. So, life just keeps getting better and better!

Whether you’re being playful as you are communicating with your family, interacting with friends, growing your business, solving a problem, doing the dishes,  or reevaluating what you want to do with the rest of your life … when you are doing so from a place of lightness and positive possibility you will always produce a better outcome.

If we’re not having fun

then we are feeding or cultivating something else that’s far less fulfilling.


Whether it’s fun or hard, it’s a choice. And if something is feeling hard or frustrating, then we’re definitely not cultivating play.

Life’s magic, the juiciness, the joy is found in how we are playing or showing up in the sandbox of time and space.

Life is meant to be fun, so we don’t have to relegate play to just one small portion of our precious lives, or bind play and celebration to an end result. We can have fun now, and now and now.

Do you have an area in your life that could benefit from more playfulness? What if you played simply for the joy of playing because you can? What would open up for you?

Would you enjoy your life more? Could you thrive in a faster or more fulfilling way?Would you feel more engaged, happier, or more creative or more connected to your Soul Truth?

Today I am inviting you to see if anything in your life feels hard, stressful or “too serious”. Maybe there’s an area where you’re not getting the results you’d like, or you’re feeling frustrated, or overwhelmed. If so, amp up the power of play in that area!

Here’s a quick and powerful exercise to help you boost your energy, creativity and get more of the results you want through the power of play.

Here’s How This Works

Choose an area of your life that could benefit from a lighter and happier approach. Take out a journal or notebook and answer these questions slowly and playfully (of course). You are doing so with the energy of positive possibilities

Remember when I asked you earlier what it felt like to play, as a child, on summer vacation, or what playfulness personally feels like to you?

Imagine that you are feeling that now.

1. What does playfulness feel like for you? As you write down your answers, let yourself feel lighter. You’re lining up with something that feels better or more uplifting.

2. Now think of an area or situation that currently feels hard in some way. As you bring that feeling of playfulness, imagine the best journey that you can. You’re having so much fun in that area. You’re feeling amazing. Now, what becomes possible? What else? Is there anything else that opens up in this area, as your feeling of joy and playfulness expands? Keep writing whatever occurs for you, as a result of being lighter, and more energetic? What becomes possible?

Continue writing until you feel complete with your answers. Then move to the next part of this process.

3. Circle those new possibilities that have the most energy around them (from the last question).  As you look at what you circled, which is what you most want to experience, ask yourself; what’s preventing me from having that now?

Write any unwanted or limiting perspectives on a separate piece of paper and move to step four.

4. Now decide — will you let an unwanted habit, perspective or condition destroy or limit your happiness? If you are ready to release what’s not supporting you, fold up that piece of paper. And with a feeling of completion and resolve, tear that paper into tiny pieces. Tell yourself that you are done with that unwanted perspective and mean it. You are letting it go. It doesn’t serve you, as that is not what you are committed to anymore. That is not what you want to cultivate. Feel it complete.

5. Now take those new powerful and playful possibilities and nurture them. Allow them to grow. Smile, as you imagine being lighter and happier in the area you are transforming. Smile as you see things flowing in a more fulfilling way. Now play a fun game of “as if”. On the top of a new page, write down; “the most amazing things are happening … and create in your imagination and in your writing what you most want to feel and experience, as if it’s already done. Imagine that you’re writing a letter to your dearest most supportive friend. Be playful and have fun, and write your letter as you want that situation to be now!

What you are doing is very powerful and transformative. You are cultivating what you truly want. And you are also letting yourself play, you are feeding fulfillment and opening yourself up to more of life’s goodness. Remember, what you focus on expands. So, cultivate play and positive possibilities, and you will have more and more of that with each passing day.

If you’ve discovered something powerful today, share this message with others! And if you don’t already subscribe to my weekly messages for more of life’s magic and awesomeness, you can do that here on my website  Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week!

Much Love,


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