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Monday Evenings

Jan 26, Feb, 2, 9 & 16 2015!
(7 PM to 9 PM )

Welcome to the Power Meditation: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015 Group Page! Feel free to download the recordings or listen to them here. As with all copy-written materials, these recordings are for your private use only.

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BulletBlue2Session I Monday Jan 26, 2015


Welcome and What Is Power Meditation

Power Meditation is a practice for stepping out of the materially-focused way of relating to ourselves and the world…to a level of gently focused, intentional consciousness, so that we can transcend limitations in our thinking, and create, and anchor new beliefs, and new empowering ways of being . Power Meditation allows us to step out of the habits of reacting to external stimuli, and disempowering mental chatter, so we can create what we truly want. It also leverages the power of your subconscious mind. We recommend this practice, because it allows you to live from your inner power, regardless of what is happening around you. In this way you can be the master of your own reality.

In this series we will be using Power Meditation to anchor a powerful new way of being that harnesses the energies of the upcoming year. Each year has a unique energy blueprint to assist us in our soul growth and evolution. When we know how to harness these energies, life flows easily, and we can remain detached in a very healthy way from the drama of right/wrong survival-based thinking.  With this healthy detachment, we can see things as they truly are, and be of powerful service to ourselves and others.


Length: 23:35


Power Meditation Experience

Length 5:43


New Year, New Energy Discussion

Length: 15:59


Completion and Clearing Writing Exercise

The Purpose of completion is to acknowledge yourself for what you’ve learned and accomplished. You may also want to look at how you’ve grown, and what you appreciated about a particular aspect of your journey. In addition, when we complete (or close) something, we’re also seeing and then letting go of any judgments we may be holding about ourselves, or the events that have transpired. Doing so, allows us to create from a clear and powerful space.

Length: 19:01


Meditation: Completing Last Year, Creating Clear Space for the Year Ahead

Length: 14:56


Sharing Meditation Experience, Purpose of Cleansing (Completion)

Length: 31:57


New Year Energy Meditation

Length: 15:59


Meeting Your Power Animal Sharing Experience, Practice for this Week

Length: 32:13




Session II Monday Feb 2, 2015

We had a wonderful connection at the beginning of the session, as you shared your experiences throughout the week, and what was opening up for you! Continue to notice how peaceful you can be, even in moments of activity and conversation with others. What opens up for you as you connect with your Spirit Animal, and continue to learn about using this wonderful energy of peaceful and playful Self-responsibility? What are you gaining? Letting go? Enjoy!

The Chinese Astrology Conversation and Expanding How to Harness this Year’s Energy 

Length: 21:20


Meditation 1: Connecting with Your Animal Spirit, Name, Purpose and Clarity of Intention

Length: 14;14


Writing Exercise: What you experienced and Clarifying Your Desires for the Year Ahead (Also for Index Card Practice)

What do you want to transcend, create or transform? What do you really want?

Length: 6;22


Sharing Your Experiences 

Length: 17:53


Meditation II: Expanding Your Concept of What’s Possible. Embodying Expansion. 

Length: 21:15


Getting Present to the Expanded Experience and Closing



This Week’s Powerful  Practice

Your energy is different  now. Allow yourself to be led by this higher, expanded way of being. As you become one with the instrument you use, it uses you! In others words, life works smoothly, and all is well!

On the back of your index card, at the top, write; What smooth ( or peaceful) ways of accomplishing my goals emerged for me today? 

Carry your card with you this week.

  1. Every morning speak with your Spirit Animal; use the new energy to see your intention unfolding smoothly and easily.  2 minutes, more if you like!
  2.  Look at your card 3 or 4 times throughout the day, each time getting present to what you are allowing yourself to have… and how smooth and easy it is to have this!
  3. Before going to sleep bare witness to your expanded way of being. How is the energy helping you?  On the back of the card write one line each day to describe how smoothly you fulfilled your desires.

Have an awesome week!


Session III Monday Feb 9, 2015

 Unfolding Experiences

Length: 25:59


Defining Awesome!

Length: 53:02


Attuning to Your New Awesome Meditation

Length: 19:43


Closing and This Week’s Practice

Length: 24:47


This Week’s Powerful Practice

Each morning breathe deeply and greet your animal guide, tell your animal guide what  you are creating that day, and what you are going to let yourself receive. Look at your New Definition of Awesome!

Then each evening, write down a few words on one line on the back of your Awesome Card which capture what you experienced that day, from this new energy.  Write down the awesome experiences you are celebrating today.


Session IV Monday Feb 23, 2015

 Welcome and What’s Up!

Length: 20:21


Guided Meditation: Using this Energy to Create Beautiful Relationships

Length: 22:19



What Do You Want to Create In Your Relationships This Year? 

Follow along and journal your responses. Let the energy and insights from the previous meditation guide you!

Length: 8:12


Group Discussion, Sharing Experiences and Discoveries  

Length: 15:47


Defining Support Inside Relationships

Length: 20:22


Guided Meditation: Seeing Your New Way of Being In Relationship with Others 

Length: 9:17



Length: 3;32


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