Power Meditation: Igniting Purpose & Passion

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Exciting News!

Alex and I are bringing the next Power Meditation Series to Monday evenings! We’ve had several requests to start up again, and we’re getting nudged to add this to our calendar. So here it is!

If you’re wondering about Power Meditation, here are some comments from the last series:

[quote]I have been studying and practicing meditation for a number of years.My experience in Alex and Elari’s Power Meditation class was truly unique. Tonight was an important turning point for me. Just one of their Power Meditation classes allowed me to make a quantum leap in my spiritual evolution. -Adrienne Birecree [/quote]

[quote]Alex and Elari create a supportive space where I can expand easily and quickly. Anytime I work with these two, I feel like I’m on a fast-track to achieving any goal I choose. I continue to be amazed by and delighted with the practical, deep results.” -Diana Tressler[/quote]

We’re especially excited about this program, because it is so connected with the private session work we do, helping people connect with greater purpose and passion, and getting results in your life with the confidence, ease and grace you desire!

These 4 sessions work together in a very powerful way.

WHEN: Mondays (7 to 9 PM) Aug. 12, 19, 26 & Sept 9

In the first two sessions, you’ll embody what truly lights you up… what is next for you, and what would have you springing out of bed in the morning!

And then in the following sessions, we’ll be guiding you into powerful meditations that prepare you for grace-filled action that is aligned with your purpose and passion.

So we’ll be getting the dreamer and the doer to dance together… just like Fred and Ginger! All of this and more will be explored, as you connect with a group of wonderful souls!

If this is calling you, please register quickly, as space is limited! We do keep the group small, so you can experience this powerful practice in a very transformative and nurturing way!


And as with all Power Meditations, you will broaden and embody your True power, that peaceful, yet unshakable quiet confidence that comes … when you live from who you truly are!

We hope to see you there!

Alex and Elari

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